Grayson: 6 MONTHS OLD!

I can hardly believe it is this sweethearts half birthday! The past 6 months have gone so fast. It's true your second child's first year goes even quicker than your first...it's crazy. Grayson has brought us SO much joy and we couldn't be more thankful that he's a part of our family. I remember writing a blog post before Grayson was born saying I predicted the transition from zero children to 1 would be harder for us than 1-2, and that has absolutely been the case. Maybe it's because of Grayson's laid back demeanor or just how our experience has went, but it's definitely been easier than I expected (but that's not to say there aren't challenging days and times with 2 kids because YES.. absolutely...there are plenty.) It's been so fun watching Grayson's personality develop. Him and Camden's personalities are completely different (as of now!) Grayson is more of an observer while Camden is much more a do-er. Grayson is quiet and content in practically any situation whereas Camden was always wanting to be on the go or playing with something. 

And man, do these boys love each other! Camden cares about him so much and is always telling him he loves him, and is constantly laying right by him. When he gets out of the car for school he says, "bye baby!" without fail every single time. Grayson watches Camden like a hawk and laughs at him often. I tell all my other mommy friends that are having another boy that having brothers is the absolute BEST! (Which is what I'm sure how every other parent feels as well, and they are right too!)

Weight: His apt isn't until next week so I'm not sure but probably around 17 or 18 lbs?

Height: Same as above

Hair: Brown (look how much it has grown lately!)

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: 6 month and some 9 months

Diapers: 2's

Sleeping: 3 naps during the day (longest being from about 1145am-2) then eats at 7pm then goes to bed! Unlike Cam who is a 7am riser on the dot everyday, he will sleep in until 8 or 830 sometimes.

Likes: Sucking his left thumb // the jumperoo // peek a boo // being tickled // sitting up // cuddling // his Wubbanubs // books with music // laughing at his brother // eating! (loves his baba's)

Dislikes: Being sick :(

Eating: 6 oz every 3-3.5 hours, 6-7 oz at bedtime bottle. We also just introduced baby food and he is loving it so far! Sweet potatoes were his first food :)

Milestones: First time flying and trip to Florida (he was an angel and slept both ways!) + first time swimming and kicking his feet in the pool/ocean + Sitting up on his own + First time swinging! + Rolling both ways all over the place now + Has started eating baby food! 

Health: Most of you probably saw on my snapchat or instagram that Grayson had to be taken in an ambulance on Thursday night to Children's Hospital, but if you didn't (and for this monthly update purposes) I thought I would fill everyone in here as well. He was struggling to breathe due to a really high fever and RSV on Thursday night (it was so scary seeing him struggle so much, but we are so thankful we were still awake and noticed him fussing/being uncomfortable on our monitor before we went to bed), so he had to spend 2 nights in the hospital. It was scary how fast he took that turn because prior to that evening, he was eating + acting fine (just had a little cough.) They had him on oxygen until Friday morning, but luckily he got better and didn't need it for the rest of the stay. Because things can get much worse before they get better with RSV, they wanted to keep him an extra night just to monitor him, which was fine by us. We knew he was in the best hands - they took such good care of him (and us) there. For the circumstances, Grayson was so strong and hardly even fussed when at the hospital. He was flirting it up with the nurses + was such a little trooper. He truly is such a sweetheart.

Also, it should be mentioned that at the very same time this happened Camden got his first ear infection (and his eye was all swollen!), so Billy had to take him to the doctors for that and be home with him while I was in the hospital with Grayson. It has not been the easiest week (well, month) to say the least. Grayson was discharged on Saturday morning and has been recovering well ever since, except he is just so congested that he can't seem to get comfortable. I can just tell he still doesn't feel great which makes me so sad! I've had so much mom guilt because I'm pretty sure I gave it to him (I've had a horrendous cough) in the first place and it just eats me up that I can't heal my babies and make them better. It breaks my heart seeing him (both of them) not well. I really pray we are all are on the mend, and will be healthy again soon! Crossing my fingers. Thank you all again for the prayers - we really appreciate it!

favorite pictures this month:

and just for fun: both boys at 6 months old!


  1. Aww sweet baby boy! I can't believe he is already 6 months old! Where does the time go! What a precious little buddy. I hate he got so sick but I'm so glad he was in such good care at the hospital and with his momma.

  2. He is such a doll! And glad he's doing better after having to go to the hospital, but this time of year is just the worst with everyone passing sicknesses back and forth! :( It's so funny what you said about the boys personalities though because we are already noticing the same thing with Henry and Charlie! Henry is always seemed to want to be the center of attention whereas Charlie is just SO chill and go with the flow in true second child fashion :)


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