Hey hey hey, friends! This week has completely gotten ahead of me. As you're reading this we are on our way to California for a kid free vacation! We land there at 10am! 🙌 There's no doubt about it that we are so excited, but I totally underestimated how much there is to do before leaving your little ones. I swear...I've been "preparing" to leave for the past week, and I've written way too many mom notes! I thought that since I wouldn't have to pack a million and one kid clothes, wipes, diapers, etc. etc. that getting ready to leave would be much simpler, but HA, no. Don't get me wrong, we're so thankful our families will be watching the boys so we can get away but it's still A LOT. Happy to say that as I'm typing this things are all in place, the house is stocked with groceries, and we're ready to head to wine country.

I thought for my last post this week (see also: only) I would share my favorite must haves to pack for a trip...

A hat: Wear it at the airport or if you're having a bad hair day on vacation. It's also great to have if you plan to do anything active like take a hike, go bike riding, and so on (all of which are on our list for San Francisco!)

Cozy, neutral cardigan: Throw it on the plane or if you're cold walking around at night. This one doesn't disappoint either.

Cute sneakers: Obsessed with these! Comes in grey too! These Nike Free's I turn to a lot because they will go with anything (currently only $75-all sizes still available)

Lightweight jacket: I have ALL the heart eyes for this jacket! Wear it over a dress or at night with some skinny jeans and a cute lace top.

Statement necklace: Simple and versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits!

A scarf: To wear on the plane that can double as a blanket or to dress up a casual outfit. This one happens to only be $22 and is perfect for fall!

What are your traveling essentials? Follow along during our Cali adventures over on my instagram or snapchat!! (both @katiewkrysh)



+ON BEING MIA: Earlier this week I decided to take on the project of painting our master bathroom cabinets white. They are the only ones in our house we haven't updated, so I just randomly decided to start painting them (when I get the urge to do a project I have to do it THAT INSTANT!) & I've been working on them every night this week. The painting is done now🙌, so it's just getting them back on! Sorry for the silence here on the blog!

+LABOR DAY WEEKEND: Even though it is supposed to mark the end of summer, it was pretty gosh darn good. Billy took Camden ice skating for the first time (me and Grayson enjoyed snuggling/keeping warm/watching from the side), which was really exciting for him because he has played hockey since he was little and actually still refs at this rink!

+BIG DOG OR SMALL DOG? I mentioned it before but we are discussing getting a dog for the boys soon and debating between a small dog (like Rocky was) or a bigger dog (retriever size.) We're leaning towards a bigger dog since the boys are...well...boys and can be on the rough side sometimes. It'll be a year next month since we lost Rocky (definitely feels way shorter than that-I still can't really think about that day or weekend without wanting to cry or getting a huge pit in my stomach..) so I think it'll help heal my heart a bit and make the boys really happy, especially Camden. He asks to pet EVERY single dog that he sees!

+THESE AWFUL HURRICANES: Can they just go away, now? All of 'em. Praying hard for all of you in FL and those still recovering in TX.

+PACKING FOR CALIFORNIA: I have found SO many cute things lately for our trip next week (and for fall in general) that I wanted to share some things that I'm definitely packing...

(only $44! SO good! I got a medium)

(marked way down!)

+THE BACHELOR: Did you see the announcement that it's Arie?! (from Emily's season) I'm super shocked and disappointed it's not Peter! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED HERE? I'm still holding out hope that MAYBE they will change their minds and go back to Peter? What do you guys think?

+THE BOYS: Cam started swim lessons a few weeks ago-he's in a class with 2 other kids and is loving it! Since he's old enough to be in an instructor led class (without parent in the water), me and Grayson just sit in the waiting area and watch him! After the class is done and I go in to get him, he is so proud of himself that he jumps up and down and grins from ear to ear...it's so cute! As for our little Gray, he took 4 steps last week (on our anniversary!) and will walk here and there when he wants to, but still hasn't FULLY taken off walking yet.

Tomorrow I'm tailgaiting for the Ohio State game with a girlfriend which I'm really looking forward to! Hope you all have a great weekend!



Adidas Iniki Sneakers, RUN! This color is almost sold out but one other color is still available!
Chloe Leather Crossbody seriously in love with this beautiful bag! full review coming on this one, also love the tan color
Paige Ultra Skinny Black Jeans, currently 30% off!  
Olive Skinny Pants. on sale for $39, I just got these and can't tell you how much I love them. The fit is amazing and they're super soft and flattering! 
Thermal Button Front, 8 colors available
Steve Madden Lancer Sneaker, Target has these in black in the store for only $27, but not available online!

Happy Shopping! 


Anniversary Celebrations

This weekend we had so much fun celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary, which is actually today! Yesterday morning we went to the North Market and got some yummy donuts + a juice. We love just walking around and then taking the boys to a park nearby after. My parents are currently in Alaska, so even though we knew going out to a nice dinner may be a little less relaxing and a lot more rowdy with our boys in tow, we decided to give it a go. Dinner out with 2 kids is MUCH harder than it is with 1, especially because Grayson wants to be eating something CONSTANTLY! He doesn't stop...I swear. ha.

We went to Milestone 229 and all our food was delicious! We got pizza, calamari, and spare ribs...loved them all. We come here often because it has a huge patio and it is right next to a big splash park//fountains that the boys really like to go to. We leave in a few weeks for our trip to California so we will really be able to celebrate (aka not scarf down our food in 5 minutes) then!

I wore this romper (also obsessed with this one + this jumpsuit) and these Jack Rogers sandals. The sandals are currently on sale for $39, normally $49!

Happy Anniversary Billy! I love you so much and am so thankful to have you by my side for good times, bad times, and especially all the awesome memories we've created over the years. Thank you for the being the best spouse + daddy!



LISTENING TO: Kind of ashamed to admit how much I LOVE the song "No Promises" 🙋

WONDERING: Does the 'putting your kids zipper sleeper pajamas on backwards so that they can't get them off' actually work?! Asking for a friend... And that friend is me. Sooo Camden has been taking off his zippered pajamas (we had been putting him in these vs two piece sleep sets because he always takes the pants right off) AND his diaper at bedtime. Multiple times in a row. I feel like just being consistent and putting them back on him each time he does it might be the way to go, but what if he just keeps on doing it? He is one persistent little boy, I'm tellin' you guys. What should we do? Weight in... :)

LOVING: I realized the other day I never blogged about these sandals I found last week that are identical to a designer pair that retail for $70. They are SO comfortable! {my color is currently sold out but they STILL have black available! I ordered a half size up}

 (cardigan is from Marshalls)

+this $39 ruffle sleeve dress! (comes in 2 other colors) 

+the most gorgeous color of yoga capris 😍 OBSESSED with these...

RECOMMENDING: this kids carpet play mat for little ones! The boys flipped over it and have been playing with it so much since we got it. It's a really great size (much bigger than other ones I've seen) and is perfect for a play room...

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Weird and really random but I just saw that THIS IS US starts back up NEXT MONTH! Did you guys see that?! Super excited! Our SEVEN year anniversary is also this Monday💗

Billy has been super busy at work lately (which is a good thing), but he's been gone a little more at night so I've been so tired in the evenings and haven't got a chance to blog much this week. Does anyone else find it really hard to get on the computer at night? Going to try to get some posts done during nap time! Happy Wednesday everyone!




This week I got this top in the mail and I've already worn it twice. It's such a good basic tee that will transition well into fall (throw a cardigan overtop and still see the cute tie front) that is super soft. $39, true to size, I got a small. Need the other colors! 


I can't describe how much I love this video of my boys! They love to play together and are always cracking up at each other... so. many. feels.


Some of my favorite jeans are from Abercrombie. They are really flattering, don't lose their shape, and are on sale often...like right now for only $44! :) I love this pair of high rise jeans...


The other night Billy covered bedtime and I snuck out for dinner with some girlfriends...can't go wrong with a fun brewery and stopping for ice cream after! Now that I'm a SAHM I really try to get out at least one evening per week, even if it means just running a few errands by myself. Truly keeps this mama sane!

For my local gals, both RAM Restaurant + Brewery and Johnson's are in Dublin  + SO good!


Pretty sure I'm gonna need a space like this in our next house (me along with everyone else, right?) #GOALS!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! PS: Thanks for the comments and feedback on my last post!




This was extremely hard the first week that I started...I loveee my Starbucks with cream. LOVE it. I have never been a black coffee drinker (and honestly didn't think I could give it up), but after that first week I've gotten used to it and it's rare that I actually miss it. I swear if I can do it, you can too. Promise.


I did a big review on my apple watch here, but what I didn't know then was how helpful the sharing workouts between your friends would be. When I went to Colorado a few months ago, my cousin and her husband showed me how you can add your friends (how did I not know this?) to get notifications on their workouts. Once I got home I immediately added them (and others) and it helped motivate me SO MUCH. Seeing how many calories my friends burn, or what workout they did that day, really helps hold me accountable and gives me the motivation I need to get MY workout done.

My personal daily move goal is 500 calories and to exercise for 30 minutes. Being a stay at home mom I have a big advantage in that I can workout while the boys nap. I've learned to get my workout done FIRST (and talked to Billy about how I was going to focus on my workouts for a while vs. cleaning) during this time so that it's done for the day. Typically I will still have time to pick up the house + plan dinner, etc. after my workout.

{shoes (lots of colors and sizes here), leggings}


If you're not sure what this is, in simple terms it means you eat during a specific time frame...like 11-7 or 12-8. You skip breakfast and wait to eat until that time. There are so many studies out there showing how beneficial this is, and I believe it! Ever since I started doing this I've decreased my body fat and my cravings reduced. The key is to make sure you are still getting your daily nutrients + calories and to not just eat less! This is a good article about it if you're interested in learning more.


I've read a lot lately about how important your gut health is. I take this one that I really like, but I'm sure there are better ones out there. Some have also been known to help you lose weight, too. 


This is NOT as hard as it sounds, especially if you own a big ole water bottle or a Yeti (Walmart actually sells the brand Ozark Trail that works just as good, and they're only like $9!) There are 128 oz in a gallon so that means I need to drink a little over 4 of my Yeti's (which is 30 oz.) I'm a naturally really thirsty person, though, so it may be harder for some of you but it's definitely worth a try.

What changes have you made recently? Share with me! Happy Wednesday! 


Grayson William: 12 Months Old

If you can't tell, getting pictures of Grayson sitting still has become close to impossible! Baby (not so much anymore) boy doesn't have time for photoshoots! Life is MUCH more busy with 2 very mobile active boys, but even so I still think one year old is one of the greatest ages. 

Since I've done so many other posts for his birthday, I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet. The monthly updates like this are so much fun to look back on and see how much he's changed over the months! Grayson is gentle. sweet. happy. silly. sensitive. and fiesty (when it comes to his food!) He isn't quite walking on his own yet, but boy can get around and has perfected getting around the house with his push toys, so I'm sure walking will be soon enough. It's funny how with the first (at least this is how I was with Camden) you are so anxious for these milestones to come, and then with the second you're so much more laid back about it all and not wanting them to grow up! 

Milestones//Special Moments: Completely off of bottles and is drinking whole milk at breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with a Nuk sippy) // First real word besides mama, dada, and baba (for bottle) was BALL!! :) (Go figure!) // Can crawl up the steps // Standing on his own without support // Trying to take steps! // 8 teeth

Weight/Height: 23 lbs, 31 inches tall (95th percentile for height, 40th for weight)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown 

Clothes: 18-24 months 

Diapers: Still 4's

Sleeping: 2 naps still- 1st is 9-10am, 2nd is at 12pm-3ish, I think we may be getting close to dropping that first nap.

Likes: His push toys (he loves to push Camden around on this airplane that we have) // He loves drinking water // Music // Stacking cups or bowls // Animal books // Crawling up the steps // Trying to get into cabinets :) // Being rocked to bed

Dislikes: Having his diaper changed and when his food is all gone (nothing has changed there!)

Thank you, Grayson, for being patient with us this past year as we navigated life as a family of four and for being the absolute sweetest, cutest, most lovable addition our family could have ever imagined or asked for! WE LOVE YOU so so much!!!

12 months of Grayson:



We've made it to Friday, friends!

I get asked a lot about what stores I shop at the most. Nowadays, I'm almost always shopping online and I RARELY go shopping at the mall (we do visit to go to the play center for kids or to get Chik-Fil-A, of course!)

One of my favorite online shops to find affordable outfits is Red Dress Boutique. This is not sponsored in any way...I just have found a lot of cute things from them recently and over the years. Actually, practically every time I go on their website I'm adding something to my cart! They just added some new things for fall that are really cute.

I thought I'd share some of my favorites (you can click each picture to shop!) for a good ole' friday finds post! Oh and as far as sizing goes-I've found that their dresses run true to size but I normally size up in the rompers or jumpsuits for added length... 


Toddler Meal Ideas

Happy Thursday!

Today is obviously not the fanciest of topics, but has been a much requested one! Toddler meals... such an exhilarating and complicated topic! That being said, I think a lot of us can relate that it's nice to see new ideas on what to feed our kids (or try to get them to eat.) I'm always scouring for new easy ideas to add into our rotation.

I just have to say a few things before getting started...

+These plates and silverware are my favorite (along with the .79 cent ones from Target coming in a close second)
+Camden likes very plain foods (he's not huge into seasonings and stuff right now) and I always feed Grayson the same thing he's eating
+I don't claim these to be the healthiest meals in the world
+Not pictured in these pictures are dips that often accompany these foods (I can get him to eat almost anything I put on his plate by just putting some ketchup or ranch on it, ha)
+All of these really get an F for presenation, but in my defense I'm usually trying to get their plates ready as fast as humanely possible since both boys are normally practically grabbing at my legs to give it to them...

grilled chicken breast, broccoli, tator tots

 porkchop (marinated in talian dressing), zucchini, applesauce

johnsonville turkey and cheddar sausages (my boys love these so we have them often), tator toys, peas

 mac and cheese, rotisserie chicken, rice, mixed vegetables

quesadilla (filled with chicken and cheese, i also put black beans in them a lot), carrots, yogurt

hamburger, watermelon, alfredo noodles

cheese ravioli, carrots, beans

chicken nuggets, pepperoni (we also eat a lot of salami), cheese, cucumbers, applesauce
 chicken, alfredo noodles, avocado 

turkey and cheese sandwich, garbanzo beans, goldfish, tomatoes 

sausage, cucumbers, canteloupe

Other favorite meals that aren't pictured:
+Peanut Butter + Jelly (duh)
+Tacos (black beans, cheese, lettuce with rice on the side and a tortilla)

Favorite Snacks:
+Veggie Chips
+Animal Crackers
+Veggies with Hummus



WONDERING: If any of you agree with me that the finale of Rachel's Bachelorette season was straight up awful? I LOVED Rachel all season long, but I just did not understand why they were spilling the winner ahead of time, and why she broke up with Peter like that. I honestly feel like she WANTED to pick Peter, but because he wouldn't propose right away she went with Bryan! I'm biased because I've been a Peter fan from the beginning, but c'mon. All of it was just hard to watch.

WEEKEND HAPPENINGS: This past weekend we took the kids to the annual Dublin Irish Festival...it's something we love to go to every year (it was also great that a nice man gave me $25 worth of beverage tokens!) and they have a huge zid zone area with bounce houses and games. They had a BLAST!! Camden insisted on going down this huge slide that 5 and 6 year old's were going on, of course... (and he wanted to do it again and again-he was not scared in the least!)

I also finally hung these up in our downstairs bathroom...

And we also went to one of our favorite bakery // coffee shops called Fox in the Snow. If you are visiting Columbus, you have to go and get the New Orleans Iced Coffee and a cinnamon roll or doughnut!

LOVING: How much stuff I've gotten rid of recently...it feels SO GOOD TO DE-CLUTTER, doesn't it?! I sold a bunch of old furniture that we had sitting in our basement and donated a bunch of clothes to Goodwill.

DISLIKING: That summer is wrapping up...definitely don't want it (and the hot weather) to end this soon. FEELS WAY TOO EARLY! Even though I love the fall, I don't want to see all the fall outfits on instagram just yet. No no...I want more splash pad days with the boys!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our anniversary is just a few weeks away {seven years!} and our trip to Napa and San Francisco is shortly after that. I have been spending the past 3 nights planning the itinerary for our trip (booking wineries, restaurant reservations, etc.) which is why I haven't had much time to blog! If you have a favorite winery in Napa/St. Helena, please send my way! :)

Oh and I just finished my toddler meal post up (AFTER FOR-EV-ER) so that will be up TOMORROW! Happy hump day you guys!