Happy hump day! It's a happy day for us for a few reasons: 1. The carpenter who we hired finished the work on our fireplace last night (I'm seriously so excited to show you guys what he did!) and the painters finish painting it today so they are pretty much ALL DONE! 2. Billy's brother and our good friend moved almost all of our entire house yesterday (the big things) for us! Do we owe them or what?! We are so thankful! We have movers coming on Friday for just our beds, a couch, and a few other smaller things. Our house is pretty much empty right now.

Anyway, since it's Christmas coming up and we bought our new house I've been seriously cutting back on shopping for myself, but that doesn't mean I don't have a wish list going with all these pretties on it...

 Dolman Sleeve Sweater (also comes in black)

I'm also debating between the Ninja Coffee Bar or a Nespresso? If you have one (or both) I would love for you to give me your input on them!

What is on your wishlist?!

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