Halloween 2016

I am that mom sharing her kids Halloween pictures a week late...

Sorry, but there's also no way I could skip it all together! This year was bittersweet for many reasons. Camden was too young to go trick-or-treating last year (he wasn't even walking-time goes way too fast!), so he knew he needed to make up for that this year by trick-or-treating twice as hard. We "practiced" a few days prior around the house and every time I mentioned Halloween or trick-or-treat he went over to the door to try to leave, and go get all the candy right NOW! Secondly, having Grayson be with us for his first Halloween was really special, too. Babies in costumes just don't get old and I will dress him up for as long as he will let me! With that being said, we were still missing Rocky and that was hard. We would always dress him up and he loved getting attention from all the kids and neighbors. It just didn't feel quite the same without him, but we did have a great time with the boys... I mean, my little shark and nemo :)


Cam acted like he has been trick-or-treating his whole life. We couldn't believe how well he did! Even when given the opportunity to stick his hand in a bowl and grab as many candies as he wanted, he still only grabbed 1 and it was always a sucker. He was more of a eat on the go type of guy (who could blame him?), so the hour that he lasted trick-or-treating he had about 8 different dum dums. Since he doesn't get candy much, we decided to just go with it and let him go to town. He was loving it to say the least! Hearing him say "treat pwease" was just too much for this mama heart. 


We also took the boys to Boo At The Zoo for the first time. Everyone kept laughing and commenting on Cam's costume since he fit in so well with his surroundings... :)

I also decided that since I made Camden sit inside a pumpkin for Halloween last year that I had to do it again with Grayson. I'm glad I did because I can't get enough of this sweet boy and these pictures! (I'm sure both of them will be SO HAPPY WITH ME when they're older and I show them...)

And just like every other holiday, this year makes me even more excited for next year when Grayson will be able to trick-or-treat as well and Camden, I'm sure, will show him exactly how it's done!

In the meantime, Christmas is right around the corner which means bring on all the matching holiday pajamas and outfits.

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