What I've Learned As A Mom

+You wont be able to do it all. It's OK to ask for help.
Especially in those early days, or during a transition time (new baby, a move, etc.) You are only one person, cut yourself some slack!

+Your friendships will change. You will lose some and gain others. 
Some friends may not understand your new mom life. Surround yourself with those that do, and that you know you can rely on. Having friends who know exactly what you're going through is so important.

+You will learn really quickly that everything is just a phase. 
That or teething. Always TEETHING!

+It's completely normal to WANT a break, to have "you" time.
Don't feel guilty for this. Keep doing the things that you enjoy doing - make time for yourself!

+You will become an expert at multi-tasking.
(In the past two months I've somehow learned how to feed two kids, a dog, and myself all at the same time.)

+Put your marriage first.
This one is so hard once you have kids, but probably the most important. Love your spouse BETTER than you did before. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Tell them what a good parent they are. Get a babysitter and go on those date nights. 

+You will have a new appreciation for your own mom (and other moms you know.)
It's like all of a sudden you just...get it

+Your kids will occupy your mind every minute of every day. 
And sometimes, it's plain exhausting caring for tiny humans so freaking much. But, your heart will grow like you never thought was possible.

+You can do hard things!
Just like everyone says, "the days are long, but the years are short." 


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  2. Love this! A couple of my friendships have drastically changed since I've had a baby and it makes me sad, but I just try and remember all of the amazing people that I do have that have really stepped up and been there for me!

  3. You are so beautiful with that silver dress and also your baby. You must live a happy life. Love your happy family. I have also checked your bridal look as you say marriage first. Your wedding dresses amaze.

  4. This is perfect. Friendships have changed for me too - We have a small group that has kids and we typically just go over to each other's houses for a quick dinner instead of trying to go out to a restaurant.

    This was a great list, my friend just had her baby last week and I'd love to share it with her.

  5. it's so true about all of a sudden you just get it. i was actually telling tony this yesterday. i understand letting your kid 'throw a fit' and other people see it...because every single parent goes through this so there's not reason to feel like your an awful person.

  6. All so true, and amazingly beautiful. THE toughest but most rewarding job x


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