Happy Halloween + Thank You

{pic from last 2013}

Happy Halloween!

I can't say thank you enough for all your support over losing Rocky. I really needed some time off of the blog to grieve and spend time with our family, but I read (and tried to reply to) all of your comments many different times because they were so sweet. Billy even read them all, too! I have made so many friends through blogging, and I'm really really thankful for you guys caring so much about Rocky and how we've been. 

This past week has been...lonely and difficult. The hardest part, for me, is not having him around to cuddle with when the boys are napping/after they've gone to bed, and also not seeing Camden and him love on each other. Camden has actually been searching our house for him nearly everyday, which breaks my heart all over again. I know he misses his buddy and is probably wondering where he is. They would play together so much all of the time. I'm sure he doesn't understand it now, but I told him that Rocky is in his new home in heaven now and whenever he wants to see him he can look for him in the clouds. Something that gives me a little bit of comfort is that Rocky got to know both our boys, and we have pictures to remember the memories and to show them one day when they're older.

We are trying our best to put on a happy face for trick-or-treat tonight, even though I know our minds are wishing Rocky were still with us. We were always those parents that dressed their dog up for Halloween and walked him through the neighborhood. We are really excited though to get the boys in their costumes (can't wait to show you!) and take Camden trick-or-treating. I keep talking to him about it and he runs over to the door to try to leave...he just wants to go trick-or-treating right now, ha.

Just for fun...here's a little throwback from last year. When dressing up as a banana to match your kid seemed like a great idea...


I will be back with some other posts this week, but just wanted to touch base today and say thank you and I hope that everyone has a fun Halloween!


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