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THINKING: That it's hard to believe I'm writing this after my first day back to work (part-time) after having 8 weeks off for maternity leave. The days and weeks when you're in the midst of them seem to go pretty slowly (where many I was like, is Daddy home from work yet? as 5pm approached), and then all of a sudden I'm a working mom again tearing up because I have to be away from my babies.  Grayson's newborn days are slowly creeping away from us and I'm not liking it (or being away from him) one bit. At least when it comes to Camden I know he is OK without me, but I haven't had to be away from Grayson yet so it's going to be difficult having so much less time with him when he's so little.

However, I know going back to work part time is whats best because I crave having a work environment to go to and having conversations that don't involve colors, numbers, or talking in a baby voice. I give SAHM's so much credit because it is not easy at all staying home with your kids, especially when you have 2 under 2. It's actually way more exhausting than my "real" job. Doesn't mean I won't be constantly staring at their pictures and missing them every minute those days that I am at work, of course.

USING: Just got my new phone case (posted about it on my last post) and am rather obsessed with it..

THANKFUL FOR: All the fun we had this past weekend! My brother in law and his wife came into town to visit and we took Camden apple picking for the first time at Orchard and Co. Camden is smitten with the both of them, it is so sweet. The orchard had a bunch of kid activities that kept him (and us) entertained and of course he ate bites out of about 6 different apples before leaving. It was so incredibly windy, but we managed to get a semi decent family picture even with completely wind blown hair and clothes.
 (trying pumpkin donuts for the first time...I think he would have ate 2 or 3 full ones if we let him)

I now have about 15 apples at home to cook with, so if you have any favorite recipes please send them my way!

Then, on Sunday my parents babysat the boys so that me and Billy could have a day date together. It was the last day for the Parade of Homes so we decided to grab lunch first and head on over to check it out. They had 16 swoon-worthy homes to take tours through, aka to completely lust after. I loved seeing how each home was decorated and decided I need a wine/coffee nook in our next home..

(loved these shelves but seriously Camden would have a field day throwing everything off of them..)
LOVING: far too much (as usual..) this top (currently $39!),  this gorgeous Macbook case, these booties! (LOVE the black color too!) This green anorak jacket I'm lusting after, too.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Really looking forward to Halloween and dressing the kids up! Also, going to Texas in November to visit Steph! (so excited!)

OVER: My phone running out of storage space what feels like WEEKLY! #eyerollemojihere

Happy Tuesday friends!!


  1. Hope being back at work is going okay my friend - some days I envy working mommas, just to be able to have that escape! x

  2. Catching up on your blog. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get to store your photos on their cloud for free. Your pics will automatically back up when connected to WiFi. It is a lifesaver for phone space :) It is super easy to go back and look at old pics. I feel like I do this weekly... reminiscing about when my daughter (same age as Camden) was a baby! And you and your husband can share a cloud so you can see each others' pics of the kids.


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