Camden's Quirks + 20 Months Old

20 months old...how did we get here so quickly?

I look back to pictures and videos of Camden just from a few months ago and am honestly shocked at how much he's grown (and learned) since then. Everyone warned me I would feel this way once Grayson came along. In a few months, which I'm sure will feel like weeks, he will be TWO!! He's developing his own little (or big) personality and is constantly surprising us with how much he's learning and picking up on a daily basis. But don't get me wrong, it's also a really challenging age too as the tantrums are already in full force and he wants to be on the go pretty much all the time. It's an exhausting type of love I've never experienced before that I wouldn't change for the world, even on the hard days.

I wanted to share some highlights from the past couple of months...

-talking up a storm, can repeat almost any word we ask him to. His favorite words to say right now are: vitamin (loves asking for these every morning), uh-oh, ball (still), buckeyes!, shoes, shoot (when shooting baskets in his basketball hoop), baby (absolutely loves greeting his brother every morning and says this about 20 times per day, ha), papa (for grandpa)
-says I love you now (ugh-best thing my ears have EVER hear-sounds more like rub ew)
-can say most of his colors, still working on some
-can identify colors (his first one was blue!)
-became a big brother! Can't stress enough how proud we are of him. He is so loving towards Grayson and we've only had a handful of times where we really have to watch how rough he is with him. One time he tried sitting on Grayson because he wanted to hug him, but besides that he is very gentle towards him.
-COMPLETELY done with his pacifiers...he was only getting it in his crib for naps/bedtime but he started biting through them so we used that as a way to say "uh oh-it's broke!" and that he's a big boy now and doesn't need them anymore. He whined one night for it (but he's also cutting teeth so not sure if it was because of that or because he missed paci) but that was it! So proud of him!
-getting his bottom two incisor teeth
-was in his first wedding and did such a good job being the ring bearer
-got his first boo-boo's/accident (in the bike trailer...which won't be used again...sad face)
-got hand foot mouth this past month (it was a pretty mild case but sucked!)
-first pony ride at the zoo!

Camden's Quirks:
-Whenever we pass a basketball hoop in our neighborhood he has to point and yell "ball!" at EVERY single one
-loves to be tucked into bed, he lays his head on my shoulder while I sing to him then we tuck him in tight with a blanket and he thinks it's hilarious
-he HAS to have his milk the second he comes downstairs in the morning
-his obsession with his vitamins. anytime I open the cabinet that has them in them he says "vitamins! vitamins!"
-he loves to jump on and off anything
-how he quizzes me when reading books, he will point to different things and want me to name them (just like I do to him!)
-when he yells hi on walks to everyone that passes
-how much he loves his brother (he's always looking for him/wanting to touch him!)
-his "fish face" (he scrunches up his face and puts his lips together like a fish)
-he says "no no no no no" back to us in the most sassy way

And all of this makes me realize how much of a little toddler he is now....big sigh!

Love you, our handsome Cam!


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