Another Round Of Confessions...

I confess...Billy said to me the other day, "Babe, I'm going to need you to try to not go into labor for like another 2-3 days so I can get over this cough" aaandd I almost killed him.

(5 days until my due date people...send me some good baby vibes, would ya?!)

I confess...I wonder if kids know a big change is coming. I'm sure they can, don't you think? Cam has been very cuddly with me lately and wants me to snuggle him and sing to him before bed. It absolutely melts my heart and I'm cherishing every single second that it lasts. He's also been a little crazy around the house...proof below...ha!

I confess...I shopped the Nordstrom sale early and am anxiously awaiting my packages to show up at our door. The sale opens up to the public TOMORROW (if you have a Nordstrom debit/credit you can shop now!) so mark your calendars and get your shop on EARLY because things will sell out. If you missed it, I did a post with all my picks here but I have to add this top (I bought this in the olive color-perfect for fall!), this casual blazer which would be great for work or a night out, and this cardigan (all the heart eyes!!) to the list. There is just too much to love.

 see all my picks including baby items here!

I confess...that even though I feel so large and my body aches, being induced is absolutely my last resort. I want to give him some time to come on his own, but my doctor is concerned about my platelets dropping if we wait too long so we're really praying he decides to make his arrival soon!

I confess...I almost always drive at least 5mph over the speed limit. And I totally get annoyed at the people who don't.

I confess...it's like once Cam turned 18 months old, he's spitting our new words on the daily. It's so fun! His newest word is shoes and he says it in the cutest way ever. He also started calling my Dad "papa" and that is equally as presh. Loving this age.

(playing at the park the other day-he looks so big and goes up and down the steps all on his own now!)

I confess...I daydream about traveling to South Africa almost weekly. Oh, and to Greece and Thailand. My top 3 places I want to see in this lifetime. What are yours?!

I confess...everyone always asks me if me and Steph are still friends. And the answer is absolutelyyy! We text everyday! Our friendship hasn't changed one bit, even though we haven't seen each other in ages. I miss her so much!

I confess...tomorrow begins my maternity leave! I'm going to try to plan some posts out, so tell me-what would you be interested in hearing about once baby comes? If you have any requests, please let me know! I would love some requests!

PS: A lot of people ask me what multivitamin I give Camden. I used to give him a liquid vitamin but switched to these Smarty Pants MultiVitamin (I actually get them from the company Steph works for-use the code SMARTY20 for 20% off!) Cam is obsessed with them because he thinks they are candy, so there's no fighting with him when taking them! Everyday he smiles SO big when I give them to him and now he actually tries to say vitamin to ask for them himself!

I'm really hoping the next time you hear from me on here that it'll be baby news!! 

What are your confessions? Happy Thursday!!


Summer Essentials For Toddlers

All in favor of not wanting this summer to end? Hand.raised!

 I can't get enough. It's been one of the best summers, even if I'm waddling around 9 months pregnant during it. The weekends have been packed full with fun outdoor activities...taking Cam to the splash pad, long walks downtown, trips to the Zoo, bike rides, eating outside, playing at the park, boating at the lake, and so on.

Over the past few months I've found that there are certain things that are essential for us to keep stored in my trunk so that we always have them when we're out and about.

The first is the JJ Cole All Purpose Outdoor Blanket. I can't tell you how much use I've gotten out of this blanket! We've used it since Camden was really little, and are using it even more now that he's getting older so it's definitely worth buying. We use it for him to eat on, for me to sit down and relax when he's playing, and even to change his diaper on when we're at the park. It folds up really nicely and has a strap so that it's easy to carry. A must have for the warmer months when you spend a lot of time outside.

The next is my JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag. I knew when I got pregnant with baby #2 that I wanted to switch to a backpack diaper bag, but I really wish I would've just switched to one earlier. It's so much more convenient to be hands free and they fit so much in them. They may not be the most "trendy" thing a women in her 30's could wear, but I honestly don't even care ha! Billy even commented how he prefers the backpack style for when he carries the bag.

Both the outdoor blanket and diaper bag can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby!

I love this diaper bag for many reasons (ELEVEN pockets, the inside compartment is super spacious, plus the look of it is really nice to name a few), but I really love that it also has a shoulder strap so you have the option to carry it that way or as a backpack. Sometimes I need to just quickly grab it out of the car and that's when the shoulder strap comes in handy. This bag can be easily wiped down so you don't have to worry about stains! Highly recommend it if you're in the market for one.

As far as sunscreen goes (obviously the most important thing when your little one spends so much time outside) my absolute favorite is Mustela's SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. It offers protection for the face and body and is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic. Camden has never once got burnt when I use it on him, so it's literally the only sunscreen I will use. 

Something else I did recently that has been really helpful is put together a "car emergency kit" for each kid that has an extra set of clothes, diapers, wipes, and hat in them. These stay in my trunk and I just make sure if/when I use something that I replace it that night. I also store a sippy cup in Camden's bin, just in case I were to ever forget one since it's so hot out. His bin gets some little toys too that he can play with while in his car seat. I'm a little mad at myself for not doing this sooner!

My last summer essential? Caffeine. Because toddlers man...fun but #exhausting ;)

What are your summer essentials when out and about with your kids?

Thank you to JJ Cole for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own! 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The Best Women & Baby Picks

I'm sure most of you know by now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has started! My absolute favorite favorite favorite sale! This is typically the only time of year that I really splurge because the sale is so good. Now is the time to buy your favorite pair of boots, handbag, jacket, or denim. They also have some great workout gear and cardigans this year for sale, too!

If you have a Nordstrom debit/credit card then you can shop the sale now (sign up here), otherwise you can shop when the regular sale starts on July 22nd.

I could browse the website honestly all day looking at all the deals, but here are my absolute favorites from the sale. You can click each item below to shop! I tried to stick with the items that I know will sell out quickly, or ones that I personally own and love! I also included some baby items because people tend to forget that they have a lot of great blankets, swaddles (aden and anais marked way down!), clothes, shoes, etc. on sale for the little ones.

Here we go...hurry up and snag your favorites before they're all gone!

All of the baby items pictured have girl colors of them as well. The Little Giraffe baby blanket is never on sale and is the softest ever.

If I HAD to pick my top three finds: these jeans (AG jeans never stretch!), these boots (marked down $196), and this cardigan. The Zella leggings are a great buy too.


Life Updates

Well well well...where to begin? I guess the first thing to fill you in on is that I'm definitely still pregnant, and we're just waiting on pins and needles for baby boy to make his debut! I have been walking seriously nonstop the past week hoping that might get things rolling, but no such luck! He's pretty content it appears and hey, that's okay! (ask me how I feel about this come late next week...)

Anyway, I know a post about this past weekend is really delayed at this point but I do want to blog about it! It was just one of those good for the soul weekends. We were able to have one last date night so we ventured to the Short North for happy hour and dinner at Bakersfield. My only request was a nonalcoholic margarita and to sit on a patio and since Bakersfield had both (and chips and quesa which is Billy's fav), it was a no brainer that is where we ended up! We walked down to a chocolate shop afterwards and splurged on a chocolate mousse cake for dessert. 

I also managed to sneak away to get my hair done and decided to get some balayage highlights.  It's hard to tell because this pic came out really blurry, but here's a look! I'm really loving how it turned out!

The rest of the weekend was filled with a family coffee date in German Village and taking Camden to his favorite spots to play, including a visit to the zoo. Cam is really enjoying the zoo these days (he is in love with the petting zoo-he literally runs up to each goat and sheep to brush their hair), so it's always fun to go as a family and see the excitement in his eyes.

Now to explain what else has been going on the past few days. It's been a little crazy, and I'm not talking about Amazon's Prime Day (which I ended up scoring nothing..hashtag what a bummer!)

Throughout all of last week Camden had a little cough on and off, but it wasn't anything that sounded too serious and he was acting completely fine. On Sunday, though, I noticed that it was getting worse and he would have a few coughing spells where he would cough up to a minute or longer, and seemed to be struggling a bit more, so I decided to take him into the pediatrician Monday morning. I was fully convinced prior to the appointment that he had whooping cough (even though he's been vaccinated) and was semi freaking out. The doctor did end up wanting to test for it and it came back negative for whooping cough, but positive for a different type of bacterial illness that can cause pneumonia. He is now on a 5 day antibiotic and seems to be on the mend. This entire time (even at the doctors!) he has been such a little trooper and his normal happy self, so you wouldn't know he was even sick.

We are so happy we brought him in to the doctor when we did, and that it didn't happen in say a week from now, so that he's able to get better before his baby brother arrives.

On top of all that...yesterday I received heartbreaking news from my mom's side of the family. My Mom's sister, my Aunt Chris, went in for a routine procedure and ended up having a major stroke and blood clots/swelling in her brain. They had to do emergency brain surgery and weren't sure if she was going make it. By the grace of God, she did make it through the surgery but a lot of damage was done in her brain so they are pretty much taking it day by day, minute by minute. This is obviously devastating to my family, so if you would be so kind to please keep her + my family in your prayers, it would be greatly appreciated. She has a long journey ahead of her, but they are remaining hopeful and trying to stay positive which is the best thing you can do in situations like this.

So, that would be why I've been a little MIA the past few days. Like I said last week, I DO plan to continue blogging up until the baby comes + already have some posts lined up (hello! my picks for the huge Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that starts next week, if you have a Nordstrom card you can shop it today), just maybe just not as much as I normally would so please bear with me! I'm sorry for not having a more consistent schedule around here. For more updates + baby news (when the time comes!), you can follow me on instagram or on snapchat (katiewkrysh.)

Happy Thursday!


CJK: 18 Months Old

Yesterday our sweet boy turned 1 and 1/2 years old!

The past few months with Cam have been so much fun! Between spending most of our days outside in the sun and in the water at the splash pad or waterpark, there hasn't been a dull moment yet. He has become so independent and gets the most enjoyment out of things when he can do them all on his own. He is incredibly active (keeping us on our toes-he seriously doesn't sit still), but has the absolute sweetest heart, can make anyone laugh, is always happy, and will still cuddle up on the couch for a good snuggle session. :) 

I can hardly believe this month he will become a big brother and that he won't be the baby in our family any longer (well, he will always be my first baby to me!) Even though I do get emotional about it here and there, I'm truly so excited to watch him grow into his new role and so happy that he will have a brother to grow up and make memories with. He is a leader by nature and loves helping around the house, so I'm confident he is going to make one heck of a big brother!

-has 14 teeth (just got his top incisor teeth)
-just got down to one nap per day within the past week, he goes down around 12:30 or 1 and sleeps until 3ish
-went to the cottage/lake for the first time this summer, he loved: throwing rocks into the water, golf cart rides, and going on the boat. 
-is becoming a big brother this month (!!!)
-knows animal sounds, his body parts, and says about 30-35 words (he just combined two words "all done!" recently too, other favorites that he says are "please!" and "papa" for grandpa)
-is getting good at feeding himself with a fork and spoon (and really wants you to watch him do it and tell him good job haha)
-has started saying "no noooo" (not sure where he gets that one from!) 
-hair is starting to get really curly after it's wet!
-goes up and down the stairs on his own 

-still crazy about books and balls! 
-the splash pad and being outside in general
-going to the zoo (especially the petting zoo and the aquarium) 
-saying hi to people at stores
-to do somersaults and shoot baskets 
-holding our hands, especially when it's time to go upstairs for bed and when heading outside
-to be given tasks like to help "clean" around the house, putting toys away, helping mommy or daddy with things, etc. 
-to run around with his mouth wide open (like the picture above! he is so enthusiastic /excited/happy about everything!)
-jumping on the neighbors trampoline!

-getting strapped into the car seat has been more of a struggle lately because he doesn't want to be strapped in, but he's ok once he's actually in and the car is moving
-getting changed too many times
-when it's time to come inside
-being told he can't have something (because what toddler actually enjoys this...) 

favorite pictures this month: 

We love you to the moon and back, Camden! Thank you for filling our lives with so much joy and laughter!! 


These Are My Confessions...

I confess...that I tried to go shopping for things post delivery (aka things in my normal size) and it was one of the worst ideas I think I've ever had. It was actually very depressing and had me cursing in the dressing room because I got stuck in a shirt (lol), so then I ended up in the shoe section (you know-after I got out of said shirt) which made me feel a little better since I got a really cute pair of sandals. Thanks to the shoe section for redeeming the evening...somewhat.

I confess...I'm not proud of the amount of caffeine I've been drinking lately. Absolutely essential to survive these last few weeks of pregnancy with a toddler at home.

I confess...this Lush knit tee is one of my favorites to wear with boyfriend jeans and is marked down to $19 right now (with all sizes left-hurry up!)

I confess...I'm itching to go on vacation. Probably not the best time to have this itch since I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! #wahwahwah. 

I confess...FGL's "Holy" is on repeat in my car these days.

I confess...I've found two holy grail skincare products that have done wonders for my skin, and make me feel like I just had an amazing trip to the spa. I snapchatted about them about a month ago, but had to share here too. Honestly, they are better than any other skincare product I've tried over the years (just read the reviews for them!) I will happily pay for these products time and time again in the future because they are worth every penny. The first is Colleen Rothchild's Radiant Cleansing Balm (you can buy it here too), which is a MUST try/buy. It dissolves all eye/face makeup (even mascara) and leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated. You rub it together in your hands which warms the products and massage it all over your face. Then you place the muslin cloth that comes with it over your skin for a mini facial and wipe off the balm. Obsessed! I even used it on Billy because I was raving about it so much.

The second is the Extreme Recovery Cream (can also buy here) that I like to use in both the morning and night. This cream fights fine lines and wrinkles and evens out skin tone and texture. My skin just absorbs this cream and looks so much better when I use it. Both of these products have a spa like fragrance and feeling to them, and you get a lot of product so don't be put off by the prices. If you've never listened to me rave about skincare before, now is the time because you'll soon be hooked like me if you try them!

I confess...I truly believe I won the husband lottery. Billy normally doesn't get home from work until around 6:30 at night and the second he walks through the door he drops his laptop bag and plays with Cam, and asks what I need help with. He has been BUSTING his butt around the house daily, picking up my slack, and doing all the crazy things I ask him to do. I love him so much (and don't say it enough on here.)

I confess...these running shoes and these booties (the perfect color-I want these so bad! only $60) are everything. Get yourself a pair.

I confess...Camden has started saying please and it is the cutest thing I've ever heard. He also loves to hold our hands now, which I'm sure won't last long, and makes the cutest face when he sticks his hand out to us. My favorite is when he wants to hold both me and Billy's hands when he goes upstairs to bed...so precious. He's something else.

I confess...my Dad offered to babysit Cam on Saturday so we will get another date night. Hooray for one last dinner out and a movie before baby #2 comes!

I confess...I really want a Ford Explorer for my next car....I LOVE them! I'm trying to talk Billy into getting one sooner rather than later but am failing because I don't have a car payment now so it's proving to be difficult to get him on board. Who has one and wants to give me some great reasons why we need one so I can try to convince him? 

What do you confess? Tell me one confession in the comments!!


37 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along? 37 weeks ...FULL TERM! Woo woo! (this picture doesn't do my belly justice-I feel so huge)

Size of Baby: A honeydew melon

Weight Gain: 22 lbs

Stretch marks/Swelling: None yet

Symptoms: The complete opposite of the past few weeks because I've been feeling really good, except for being so tired at the end of each day. As of the past few days I've been needing to nap when Camden naps otherwise I feel extremely burnt out. I've had a lot of BH contractions and also some menstrual type cramping here and there (feels like I'm about to get my period) a couple times and my doctor told me she thought I would be dilated upon hearing that.

Labor Signs: At my 36 week appointment last week I was 1 cm dilated, 60% effaced. This week I'm 1.5cm dilated, 70% effaced. So not much change! My gut really tells me I might go early with this one, but now that I say that he will probably be late. :) I was barely 2cm dilated when my water broke with Cam, so who really knows?! I know that no matter what, though, dilation and effacement aren't true indicators of when labor will actually happen, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up into thinking he is going to come early!

Cravings: I've actually gotten to the point now where I have to force myself to eat often because I get so full so quickly. My appetite has definitely gone down and I'm not craving as much. 

Mood: Feeling much more relaxed this time around than I was at this point with Camden. I'm not second guessing myself as much and not as nervous about labor and delivery, even with the uncertainty with the epidural (if I will be able to get it or not due to my platelets.) I'm so looking forward to meeting our second son, and keep wondering how and when it'll happen! 

 I will add this random thought here...you will NOT see me this pregnant in the middle of summer ever again, ha. Definitely not my favorite!

Nursery: Shared pictures here.

Sleep: Getting harder and harder to switch sides - my hips haven't really ached at all this pregnancy up until now. I'm also up going to the bathroom 1-2 times per night now. Getting up out of bed with this big ole belly isn't easy!

Workouts: Trying to get some decent walks in everyday and of course, chasing Camden around is a workout in itself. 

Best Moment This Week: Just making it to 37 weeks is a celebration in itself! I'm SO close and just very ready for him to make his debut! Everything at home is ready and taken care of, too. Our bags are packed...the car seat is installed...and we have plans set up for Cam and Rocky for when I go into labor

Looking Forward To: MEETING BABY BOY! Please don't be late like your brother...mmmkay? (And I'm really excited to be able to call him by his name, too! This has been WAY too hard!) My only true hope and wish for my labor this time around is that I will be able to get an epidural, but aside from that all I care about is a healthy baby and mama!

So...any predictions? Will I make it to my due date or will baby #2 come early?! What do you think?

PS: THANK YOU all in advance for hanging in there with me during all these huge transition phases in my life. I know I haven't been the most consistent with my posting, but I do plan to continue blogging so please keep checking back for updates! I really apreciate all the support and getting to know a lot of you over the years! :)