Five Things

This was a really busy and somewhat tough week for us. Rocky hurt one of his teeth and couldn't close his mouth due to the way his teeth were hitting each other, so our vet recommend putting him under anesthesia to have some teeth extracted and get a dental cleaning. We were so nervous for him to be put under anesthesia, but thankfully all went well and he's feeling much better now! They did have to do a biopsy on a cyst that he has in his mouth (he's had it for years and it was never a concern-but now that it's grown they wanted to check it out), so we've been on pins and needles this whole week waiting for the results from it but still haven't heard yet. Please keep Rocky in your prayers!

Clearly I'm on a big muffin kick because I made these strawberry muffins (thank you Ruthie!) last night. And just like the spinach banana muffins, they did not disappoint! They are so tasty!!

I got the best things in the mail this week for the boys- matching lunchboxes and backpacks with their names on them! Are they not the cutest things in the world?! (I covered up baby brothers so the name isn't showing...)

 They are the perfect sizes and so adorable! Love them so much! It should come as no surprise, they both come from my favorite personalized shop, Simply Made With Love. 

PS: The lunchboxes are on sale right now for only $13!! 

I just ordered Cam this water table after hearing so many great reviews about them...

I think he will love it! Now it just needs to stay warm so we can play outside all the time!


We have a date night tonight so we're going to Easton for dinner and a movie, and tomorrow I'm getting a facial! I think that means it's bound to be a good weekend! 

Happy Friday friends!


  1. The backpack and lunchboxes are so cute. I should look into getting something to take Olivia's things to daycare in besides the reusable bag we've practiced with. Have fun on your date night!

  2. Those backpacks/lunchboxes are adorable! I think I want to come have fun at that cool pirate watertable! I hope all is well with Rocky! Jess at Just Jess

  3. I LOVE SMWL! I'm curious though - what is the quality like on the lunchboxes/backpacks? While I love the look of the seersucker fabric, I feel like it's often flimsy and doesn't have much structure.

    1. It's good quality! I don't foresee any issues with them at all and I love how soft the fabric is! The lunchboxes are insulted and have a pocket on the inside.

  4. Aw I hope Rocky is feeling better! and those muffins look delicious!

    Jordan @ NorthShoreProper.com

  5. 1. LOVE those strawberry muffins... I have some in the freezer now and pop them in the microwave in the morning. I added lots of chocolate chips.
    2. I have your spinach muffin recipe ready to go soon
    3. LOVE Oh Mint backpacks! We have the duffels for the kiddos too!

  6. Oh, no! Poor, Rocky! I hope he's feeling better!

    Those muffins look absolutely delicious!

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/


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