It's finally here...the week of Christmas! Who's ready?! Things are a little crazy in our world (I'm sure the same goes for many of you!) trying to wrap things up and make what feels like one million trips to the grocery store, but I'm so ready for it to be Christmas morning! Here's what's going on lately:

Eating...far too many cookies. These Texas Kisses +  our annual cookie exchange that we had last weekend are KILLING me! So hard to say no! The treadmill has been rough on me lately and that's putting it nicely...


Planning...Instead of exchanging gifts this year, Billy and I decided to book a vacation for us instead. BEST IDEA EVER. More info on this soon! Also, Cam's first birthday party, but you guys already knew that.

 Looking forward to...Camden's first Christmas (obviously!) We had our first celebration yesterday with my Mom's side of the family and of course, he was having a ball opening his gifts. It was so fun to see him so excited! He was literally going nuts ripping off the paper, ha. We will be celebrating with my parents tomorrow night at our house, and then heading to Cleveland for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Next year when Cam is older we do plan to stay home, but this year we decided we would still go and we're really looking forward to spending time with Billy's family.

 Laughing...two words: Miss Universe. Holy crap-who saw what happened?!

Loving...our first "official" Santa picture! 

I never realized how excited I would get about taking my kid to see Santa...this picture is definitely hanging on our fridge right now, haha. 

(2) that Billy did all our wrapping this year! I am quite possibly the worst wrapper ever.

(3) my days at home with Cam. I've always enjoyed them, but this stage he's in right now and his "routine" is so much fun and just flows so easily. And taking him places is always a treat because he gets so happy over the smallest things and loves smiling at people/making friends as we walk by. 

(we went to the mall last week to go shopping but I forgot our stroller so I rented this "mall racer" (lol)..let's just say he was having a blast in it. People were cracking up at him! Nevermind the fact that I felt so dumb pushing this thing-whatever makes him happy, right?)

Recommending...this highlight and contour make up palette. I'm just learning how to contour, but I really like this one because it makes it easy to learn and has great reviews. I love NYX products!

Tonight will be spent preparing lasagna for our celebration tomorrow and getting the house ready! Who's in the same boat?!

Let's hope these next few days go quickly! 


  1. How frequently do you get to stay home with Camden? That's very nice that you get to do that!

    1. I work part time now so I'm home with him 2 days per week :) It's a great mix!!

  2. Holidays are always a busy time for us and it looks like it's no different for you all. Your son is so handsome!

    Allison http://allisons-eye.com/

  3. Your mention of the Texas cookies reminded me of your friend Stephanie in Texas. I haven't seen you mention her or her family in a while! How are they doing?!

  4. I love the idea of taking a trip instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas! My husband and I have been talking about doing that next year. Can't wait to hear where you choose!

  5. I love that palette by NYX. I have 2 of them, one for myself and one in my Freelance Kit. It's amazing to have and I love the price. I also recommend it to contour and highlighting beginners.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  6. HA! That mall racer! Love it!!!!


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