CJK: 11 Months Old

I have been kinda dreading publishing this post because it just means that the next monthly update will be when Cam is turning ONE! I'm not sad about him turning one at all, just more so about how insanely fast this year has gone. However, if things continue to get better and better with him like they have been this past year then I know this next year is going to be so amazing too!

Camden's personality is coming out more and more by the day. He is so funny, goofy, enthusiastic when playing, loving, and curious. I know I say it a lot but he is almost always either laughing or smiling! He is very sweet and affectionate...he loves to give big hugs to everyone. I swear he is the best hugger. This month he started to understand what the word no means and is not a fan of hearing it! He continues to sleep like a champ (7-7), will eat anything we put in front of him, and loves to sit on our laps to read books. He has already taken a few steps and is dangerously close to walking on his own. I can't believe it!

-has taken TWO steps!!
-waves "bye!" 
-can sign "more", but is really selective about when he does it  
-dances when music is playing (bounces up and down and waves his arms-so cute)
-says: mama, dada, buh bye, baba (bottle) and ball
-still has six teeth but it seems like he's working on more that haven't popped in yet
-has recently started giving kisses to animals in books! sometimes he will kiss an animal on almost every page, haha. it's really sweet!
-had his first Thanksgiving 
-favorite foods right now: pancakes and waffles, yogurt, mac and cheesecheerios, peas, pasta

-crawling around the entire house nonstop

-tupperware, he is obsessed with this big bowl we have-he puts it on his head and crawls around the house like that laughing at himself. hilarious.
-reading books
-saying "mama mama mama" over and over again until I feed him more food
-to be tickled
-to put both his hands up in the air
-his elephant rocker and rocking chair
-to cuddle on the couch with mommy watching Mickey

-having his face/nose wiped
-keeping his socks on when in the car (pulls them off the second I start driving and plays with his feet)

favorite pictures:

favorite videos:


  1. He's seriously the absolute cutest! And that laugh!! Be still my heart! I still think that picture with his beanie and plaid scarf is my favorite!!

  2. Alexander has the same dislikes! Have you tried Sesame Street? We put it on for Alexander while we get ready in the morning. He LOVES Murray and Elmo and all the singing. Camden is just so precious - I love seeing your pictures of him. He is definitely one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!

  3. Hard to believe how fast the time has gone! He is such a doll :) Henry just started walking and it's so weird that he's just like this little toddler now, so I'm sure it won't be too long before Camden starts really running around! :)

  4. ONE in ONE month!!! I can't believe it - where has your baby gone? He is a little boy now!

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  6. So stinkin cute!! I love that you include 'dislikes' and videos. He is precious.


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