4 Halloween Firsts {Camden's First Halloween}



Being able to dress up our little man in a Halloween costume! 

I know I sound like a broken record here, but is there anything better than babies in costumes? JUST as good and fun as I imagined it to be! When we were trying to decide what Camden should be for Halloween, we saw this monkey costume and thought it fit his wild and all over the place personality perfectly! He looked so adorable in it and loved the banana rattle that came with it. I wish I could say I had planned the whole time to dress up as a banana to match him, but I actually randomly found this youth sized costume a few hours before trick-or-treat when out shopping. It was the last one left and I knew I had to get it, no matter how ridiculous I looked! Gone are the days of dressing up to actually look cute...ha.

We had so much fun dressing him up for trick-or-treat, even if the whole experience was mainly for our benefit. We took Cam to about 6 or 7 houses, went on a long walk in our neighborhood so that he could see all the costumes and kids, and then we all (Rocky too! he got a pass at wearing a costume this year) sat in our driveway and passed out candy to all the kids in our neighborhood. I know that I can speak for both me and Billy when I say it was our most memorable (and most rewarding) Halloween yet...so special.


When you're a first time mom and have a baby that can fit in a pumpkin, you take the opportunity to cut two holes for little legs to fit through, strip your baby down to just a diaper, and laugh and photograph like crazy for the next 10 minutes (or until said baby is completely over sitting in a pumpkin.) 

And this is how he really felt about it...


Nailed it! "Look at my muscles, ma!"

OK, we actually got a pretty cute one too...

Definitely going in the baby book. I'm sure Cam is going to love me for those later on in life...


Baby's first trip to the pumpkin patch!
It has always been a tradition of ours to visit at least one pumpkin patch every year, so of course this year we were more than excited to have Camden with us. He was particularly interested in standing on all of the pumpkin's and trying to climb over them...

We had a pretty good day for it but it was still pretty chilly with the wind, so we used our JJ Cole Collections Bundle Me on our stroller to go for a long walk through the patch afterwards. It's the perfect cover for the fall/winter to keep Camden comfortable and warm! He really likes when we put him in it as it's so soft! (We actually used the original Bundle Me on our car seat all the time last year when he was much smaller.)
I wanted to share/show this toddler version because it fits onto the stroller perfectly and zips up easily around him to keep him warm. I highly recommend either of them, depending on the size of your little one, for the colder months! We plan to use it all winter so that we can still take our walks outside and give Cam (and us) some fresh air!

(this is the Urban Ice color, I believe! #bundlemegood)


Attended our first trunk or treat! A church just a few minutes away from our house hosted this event last weekend and my parents decided to come with us. They had food, beverages, candy, and a hayride - it was so much fun!

Basically, it gave us another reason to put him in his Halloween costume and swoon over it...

Such a memorable Halloween for us as parents, and hopefully for Camden too! Loved every minute of it and let's be serious, I'm already looking forward to next year...

And dare I say it, Christmas. (I KNOW some of you are with me on this one)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! 


  1. gah! he looks so friggin adorable I can't stand it. love that you were the banana to match him-so cute! looks like you had a great weekend.
    and yes..i'm with you about the whole christmas thing :) can't wait! its so much more fun with little ones!

  2. Such a cute little monkey you have. This is our last holiday season without a little one and I am completely looking forward to next year!

  3. The cutest little monkey - what a special Halloween with all his first!! And I love your banana momma x

  4. Ah, Christmas! If you loved Halloween this much, trust me, Christmas will be amazing! :) Love little Cam in the monkey costume...my little one was a monkey too. I think that last picture of him and Billy is frame-worthy!

  5. I cannot believe that I've never thought to pUT any of my God daughters or Friend's kids in a pumpkin for photos!! Absolutely precious! Trying to conceive is difficult already but now factoring in having an infant that will be able sit up in a pumpkin.. oh my :)


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