Top 10 Fall Favorites

Striped Top (under $40)
Tunic (many colors-a staple for your closet!)
Plaid Poncho
Jeans (MY FAVORITE BRAND! So comfy!)
Open Cardigan (currently 50% off-under $40)

Monday...Monday...you've come too soon once again! The weather here was all over the place this past weekend. Yesterday was beautiful, which was nice because we had my girlfriend's sons first birthday party, but Saturday it was so cold and raining all day. Did anyone watch the Ohio State game? If not, you didn't miss much! It wasn't our best game, that's for sure...

Anyway...one thing that I'm known for are my obsessive lists. I have them for pretty much everything, including shopping. I love to utilizie the 'save for later' option when shopping online because it keeps all my favorite items in one place and when I finally decide to pull the trigger on something I can find it easily. It's also great because it's easy to pay attention to the price to know when it's on sale or not! I typically have 3 or 4 items that I save for later and then when I see that it's on sale that's when I buy it (or sometimes saving it makes me realize later on that I don't want it anymore-so it can be good for saving $ too because you don't just impulse buy!) 

If I could only pick 10 things to buy for fall - these 10 would be it! My top 3? The leggings, hat, and poncho
Tell me your favorite! 

PS: How cute does Billy look with 2 babes in his arms?! Love this guy so much!
(from my friends party on Saturday-happy birthday Macklin!)


  1. Obsessed with that vest!! I have similar booties and that color is perfect for basically every outfit!

  2. I've been in search of the perfect bootie for this Fall. I love those!

  3. I love your fall roundup items! We are heading back to PA for 3 weeks and I'm determined to get a few fall clothing items!!

  4. THAT hat!! I love it! I found a cheap version at forever 21 this summer but it's more straw/summery than the one you linked to! I found a poncho I am obsessed with at Target really randomly and am obsessed. Hope you are doing great friend.


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