CJK: 9 Months Old

So this is what 9 months old looks like, huh? 

Or wait...is it this? 

Yep, that's more like it!! I couldn't help but to bust out laughing at his pediatrician appointment that we had on Friday. Everyone says how fast babies grow during the first year and I'm pretty sure this picture does a great job showing just how much they actually do! It feels like yesterday we were just bringing him in for his first check up and now look at him...he's got the whole check up thing DOWN! Climbing and standing up all over the table and laughing (or admiring?) at himself in the mirror...THAT'S MY BOY! He is such a hoot!

Camden has learned so much this month and is such a lovable little boy! He is always so happy...it's the best. The biggest things being that he's now pulling up onto furniture, standing for short periods of time (even taking a few steps with the help of his push toy), reaches for us to pick him up, and will pass us certain toys when we ask for them! He's also learning how to mimic us more. We will put our hand over our mouth and make noises and tell him, "you do it!" and he will do it right back at us (video below!)

Also, this kid is fearless. When we lay him on our bed, he crawls so fast to the sides to try to fall off (and he would if we let him!) He does this with couches and even in the highchair, haha! He really doesn't seem scared of anything and he is very independent. 

-a little over 18 lbs, 30 inches long!
-has two bottom teeth and FOUR top teeth currently trying to come in! The top middle ones are just about all the way in and we can see the ones next to those about to as well!
-first flight and family vacation to Florida :)
-has been much more clingy and cuddly this month
-prefers to be held facing out
-sleeping 7pm-7am and takes 2 naps: morning, 1015am-12pm & afternoon, 230 or 3-4ish.
-crawls all over the place! he likes to do half normal crawling / half army crawl, ha!
-dances & bobs his head when music comes on
-gives kisses prompted & unprompted
-still eating solid foods like a champ! he shovels the food in his mouth! he's tried a lot more food this month but eggs being the biggest one. 

-hiding under blankets or behind our couches (we say "Where's Camden?!" and he gets really still like he's hiding-it's so precious!)
-story time! He's gotten so much more interested in books this month...he crawls over to sit on my lap every morning and will "pick out" which books he wants to read when I lay a few in front of him.
-giving hugs/kisses
-bouncing up and down 
-hearing his voice at different pitches! I'll be driving and I'll hear him in his car seat practicing how low and high he can make his voice go.
-making silly faces (sticking his tongue out and opening his mouth wide open being his favorite) and shrieking "ahhh!"
-swinging (video below of him cracking up)

-bibs! he hates them...tries to take them off the second I put them on him
-multiple outfit changes in one day
-having his nose or face wiped
-if we feed him food too slow! (ha) 
-when his paci's fall out of the crib 

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  1. He is seriously the cutest!!! Those mirror pictures are precious!! Love his smile!!


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