Can Someone Tell Me...

...how people get Christmas shopping done before November comes around? HOW do they do it?! HOW! (this never works for me even if I tell myself I will start really early) 

...what Camden should be for Halloween? He has three costumes right now and I feel borderline insane because of it. I can't decide which one I like best!

...WHY men will walk over to the pantry looking for food and say, "there's nothing to eat!" but then when you go to the store and ask them for suggestions they don't have any. (Or is this just my man? #notbitter)

...if Brooks really has cancer or not? (#RHOC) And did Vicki know if he was lying? Oh and why am I so interested in finding out the truth behind this? 

...a good reason NOT to buy this vest? (I missed the chance last year! love!)
...why voicemail's are still a thing? (I seriously hate checking my voicemail's! is this weird? maybe?)

...if anyone liked the movie Age of Adaline as much as I did? A little sad, but I thought Blake Lively killed it! We've watched it twice. 

...why I want to buy this pair of sneakers when I already have the grey/rose gold pair? (if you don't have either pair-these are a great fall/winter casual shoe, they are so comfy!) 

...if there is anything cuter than a baby in suspenders and a bowtie? I'll answer this one-NO, there is NOT! (We had family pictures done the other night and that's what Camden wore! You guys, he looked so freaking handsome I couldn't even stand it. I can't wait to share the pics when we get them from our photographer!)

...why I think the snapchat mouse/cat/whatever it is filter is so hilarious?

 ...why these booties have to be so expensive?! (on that note-anyone know of a similar pair that are cheaper?) 

...how I've gone a good 6 months without getting a haircut? Finally got some layers put in last night and my hair feels so much lighter and healthier! Amen!

....the best gifts for a one year old? Trying to create a birthday list for Camden a little early (keyword: trying) The fact that his FIRST birthday is quickly approaching is scaring the crap outta me.

he looks so big here! ah! 

...how everyone feels about flared denim coming back in style?! Thoughts? I think this pair is really cute, but I'm not completely on board yet.

So many questions and not enough answers, friends! Anyone else wonder some strange things on a weekly basis?! Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have date night tonight and hope to make it to the pumpkin patch at some point! Cheers!


  1. So many of these I was like ‘YES!’ especially the husband who can’t find anything to eat but never has any grocery store requests… 100% the same at my house. The booties aren’t identical (I’m obsessed with the Joie ones), but Last Call has a pair of Dolce Vita ones that are really cute and around $100!

  2. not sure how i can handle the flared jeans either lol

    love the blog girl! if you get the chance i'd love for you to check out mine and give me your opinion on it! it'd mean a lot! :)

    love, rach.

  3. I can totally relate to the husband walking around complaining there is nothing to eat! It is so true! Lol

  4. I NEED To know about Brooks too, why does this bother me soooo much??! Many great points in this post, ma'am!

  5. Seriously I need an answer on Brooks?! Someone tell me!!

  6. best gift for a one year old = anything that lights up, their own set of play car keys or a tv remote, or anything that will help them stand up and walk/push!! how are our little guys going to be one in a few short months!!?? ps...I hate when people leave a voice message too!! haha

  7. These Steve Madden booties are super cute! I found them at Marshall's and would have bought them if they had my size!


    And I totally agree with you about Brooks having cancer!! But that has been the main storyline all season, and I highly doubt Vicki will come out and say anything at the reunion.

  8. Check out shopthetruck.com for an identical lookalike to the popular Jcrew vest for only $58

  9. you're so funny! so many unanswered questions, you are not alone, especially on the RHOC brooks/Vicki one! I hate not knowing, but think they have used that basically as the whole season's story line! now that they're broke up maybe she will say more about it on the reunion!? we need answers, lol!

  10. Dont even get me started with husbands and kitchens! Jason never thinks we have food then I whip up like a 5 course meal out of all the ingredients we "dont" have in the cabinet. It drives me bonkers.

  11. --You are not weird. I hate voicemail. Hate it. I have 18 voicemails right now. Oops.
    --Also need a costume for Luke. Eeek!!
    --First bday. Yep. It was hard. But it seems like it keeps getting better :)
    --I finally got more than an inch taken off my hair and got a few more layers too and it feels 10x better.
    Basically I have no answers for you...but I commiserate!

  12. These are very cute and a great deal. I got them and they are pretty comfortable too! Women's Delaney Fringe Western Boots From Target!!

  13. Haha, love how we get caught up in series!
    I just can't do the whole flare thing - not for me.

    I'm going to Houston this week - wish you were closer!!!

  14. 1) I always do my xmas shopping in December when everything is picked over. Most likely I finish on the 24th lol!
    2) The part about men looking in the cabinets/fridge and saying we have nothing to eat... Has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves! He hates going grocery shopping so I always ask him what he wants and he never knows... but, doesn't like most of what I buy... ughhh! So annoying! haha

  15. I was wondering about Age of Adeline. I hadn't heard much about it, I'll probably watch it when comes on HBO, ha.

  16. For first birthday a toy lawnmower...its hands down my sons favorite toy he plays with it multiple times per day. We have the one that blows bubbles but its not that into that I guess its not very realistic. haha.

  17. i love flare jeans, but i am not sure how great they look on me, haha!!

  18. I usually always try and get a lot of my Christmas shopping done by December, but I haven't even started this year. haha

    I have that same vest and I love it! However, I got mine from Jane or Groopdealz for half the cost. Just a tip. ;)


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