Five Things You Must Know About

or that I'm going to tell you about anyways...

Who's jumping for joy (or for your favorite coffee) that it's Friday? I know I am!


This weekend equals...

 Our first family trip, Camden's first flight, his first trip to the beach, and I'm sure many more firsts in the next week! We will be in the Sunshine State for 7 days, yipee! Truthfully, I can't wait to travel with our little man! But pray for us for the flight, would ya? that's really the only part I'm nervous about! I hope to blog a few times next week while we are there, but you can follow our trip via instagram or my snapchat!


On my snapchat last week I posted about how we've been making salsa in our Blendtec and that I would share the recipe! It's so super easy and delicious! It makes me never want to buy store bought salsa again...here's the recipe:

+3-4 large tomatoes
+1 small jalapeno, chopped
+1 cup cilantro
+1/4 cup onion
+1 clove garlic
+juice of one lime
+salt and pepper to taste

Put the tomatoes in the blender first then throw in everything else and blend! Don't blend too long if you like your salsa chunky-all it takes is a couple seconds! YUMMY!!


I made Camden these baby banana oatmeal bites! They are perfect for breakfast and are freezer friendly. You just need a few ingredients and pop them into a mini muffin pan - easy peasy, which I need more of in my life! ;) He lovesss them!

and just because it's funny...that face, ha! 


I fell in love with this dress (less than $20!) from F21 the other day. It reminds me of the casual sweatshirt/tunic that everyone, including myself, bought from Target last winter but is a dress. I LOVE IT! And heads up-it's back in stock online (I bought a medium) 


I just got these these amazing sunglasses in the mail that are a dupe for these $600 Dior ones! I will say the Dior pair is obviously gorgeous but for a pair that looks THAT similar and coming in at a whopping $13, I'll take the knockoffs! I love the silver on silver look, and that if I lose them (because seriously? WHERE are all my sunglasses?!) I won't be too upset about it!

PS: We finished the detox I mentioned last week! About halfway thru I ended up promising Billy we could do 7 days, instead of 10, if he stuck with it with me and we did that! Woohoo! He was getting sick of the protein powder taste after 5 days (and so was I at times-after that many smoothies you could still taste the protein powder over the fruits we used), and we were definitely craving more food by that point so I'm glad we just did the 7! 

Have a great weekend loves! 

And don't forget to cheer for Ohio State!

I mean it...

DO IT! ;)

K, that's all. xo!


  1. I hope your little family enjoy your time away, and I can't wait to hear more about your vacation! I am sure Camden will do great on the flight and I wish I was joining I need a beach vacay!

  2. OBSESSED with SnapChat! What is your username so I can follow you? KatieKrysh, i'm assuming, but I dont want to go following some creeper wanna-be! Hehe.
    Enjoy yalls trip!

  3. Hope you have a blast on your trip. I love catching up on snapchat. I am sure Camden will learn to be an expert flyer.

  4. I on day 5 of that detox and I agree.. the protein taste is getting pretty bad. I promised myself if I can make it until next Friday I will be able to go out for chips & gauc w/ the girls on Saturday!

  5. I have a 9 month old so those baby banana oatmeal bites look perfect for him! Thanks for sharing!


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