To All New Parents

There's some things I want you to know...

-Remember that overwhelmed feeling you used to have when you stepped foot into Babies-R-Us? Soon, that'll be long gone and you'd be able to walk in there blindfolded, but somehow still find what you need (and more.)

-You won't have an answer for everything.

-You'll never sleep quite like you used to (sorry-it's the truth.)

-You'll gain confidence in your parenting abilities as each day passes.

-You'll feel lonely sometimes.

-You're tougher than you think. Your best is good enough.

-Get newborn photos done. Worth every penny.

-You know your baby better than anyone else does. Trust your instincts.

-You'll want to refer to this chart when you're confused by your baby's behavior...

("the wonder weeks"-it's amazing how accurate this is..)

-You'll fall more in love with your spouse/significant other.

-You'll get spit up on right as you get into your work clothes. Multiple times.

-Invest in a white noise machine. Just do it.

-Your priorities will change. You will change and grow.

-You'll crave breaks and "you" time and you should definitely take them. And don't feel bad about it.

-You'll feel more love, joy, and happiness than you ever thought was possible. You're about to enter the greatest chapter of your life. Soak in every moment.

It'll all be worth it.

Another FTM (first time mom)


  1. Becoming a FTM within the next 12 weeks, so thank you for this!

  2. Loved this :) Thanks Katie!!

  3. I am in week 30 with my first, so this is wonderful :) Thank you!

  4. THIS! I became a mom 3 months ago and can relate to every single thing!

  5. Oh my gosh every single one of these statements made me laugh because they are so true!!! :)

  6. awww I love this! And love seeing you grow as a mama!

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  8. great post! Love it when mamas keep it real about motherhood!

  9. All so true and so real but definitely so worth it x

  10. Thanks. My first will be here by the end of the month (hurry up!!) & this made me feel a bit calmer.


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