Scenes From Our Weekend

 {hat from gymboree & outfit from old navy-sold out online, but here's the other style}

Oh, Monday! We meet again!

What an awesome weekend, though. And maybe that picture of Cam will make you smile this morning. I kind of want to blow it up to the biggest size possible and put it in our house (#crazymomstatus..)

The weather on Friday and Saturday was beautiful here! Finally! I took Cam to one of my favorite parks and running trail, then when he was napping in the stroller I stopped at a restaurant close by and cooled off with a beer on their patio. I always wondered what running with a stroller would be like and it's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Our BOB jogging stroller is so light that it makes it pretty easy to push, but when you have a cute little distraction smiling at you the whole time it's hard to take your run seriously and not smile throughout the whole run... ;)


On Saturday, we went downtown to the North Market to walk around and to get Hot Chicken Takeover for lunch! Holy fried chicken, ya'll. This place is legit. It was so good! 

and I had to get a smoothie just because it made me feel better about eating all of the above...

I was able to work in the yard a bit on Saturday afternoon, too. And by work I mean walk around with Cam showing him our flowers that bloomed and having a mini photoshoot...

{his monogrammed romper from here-giveaway coming soon!}

My husband was kind enough to watch Cam Saturday night and I was able to have a girls night out with some of my best friends. We went to dinner then out to a bar called Tequila Cowboy, that has live music, a mechanical bull, and a karaoke bar. We had so much fun! I liked to think of it as our Nashville prep (heading there next month), but all I realized was that I just can't hang like I used to! Seriously.

PS: I get emails all the time from girls trying to find these running shoes. They are now back in stock here!

Hope you had a great weekend!  


  1. That chicken looks amazing. I'm so hungry right now that was the worst thing I could look at. Your little one is so freaking cute!

    1. it IS amazing-take my word for it! ;) thank you girl!

  2. What an awesome weekend, and yay for girls nights - we all need them every now and then! As for the mommy hangovers - killer!! x


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