Camden's First Easter


Easter was so much fun this year!

Sure, Camden may not be mobile yet or know what Easter means, but we do and having him here with us for his first holiday celebration was so special. I can only imagine how much fun it will be in the years to come.

We spent the morning making a big brunch and giving Rocky his Easter basket (couldn't leave him out) while Cam took his morning nap! We gave Cam his basket when he woke up and he is obsessed with this small bunny stuffed animal we got him. He kept snuggling with it not wanting to let it go...it was adorable. We spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents, which I had really been looking forward to for months, because it was the first time since Cam was born that he got to be around all his cousins (my step moms kids' kids-still following? :)) all together. Cam makes the 13th grand kid on this side of the family! All the kids are so sweet with him...we are so thankful that he has them to grow up with.

My parents gave Camden the cutest Easter basket filled with a swimsuit and rash guard, an Easter book, a bib, and a big rattle/stuffed animal whale! All of it was so cute. Can't wait to see him in a little swimmy suit this summer!

Once it was all said and done, we were seriously so exhausted, ha! First holiday in the books with baby: check! We also had a party on Saturday night for my girlfriend's baby boy, so Cam had a pretty big weekend in terms of being out and about, but he did great (other than sobbing during the cousins group picture up there) This weekend we are heading to Cleveland for another Easter celebration with Billy's fam, too. Hope everyone had a great holiday!


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