Final Pregnancy Thoughts // What I've Learned

No matter how many hours you spend googling (that girl up there? guilty), or reading countless articles in magazines (double guilty), there is not one description or experience out there that will explain just how your pregnancy will go. Shocking, I know! I'm sure many of us wish that would be the case because then we would know exactly what to expect, how we will feel, and how to handle all the crazy emotions you go through (it's not you-it's them!) which would be pretty awesome. BUT (a big but when it's all capitalized) in that same breath, it would take away so much of the joy you experience from learning on your own as you go!

Since I'm getting close to the end of my pregnancy, I wanted to share some things I've learned along the way and reflect on the past 9 months. I just can't say it enough how much I've enjoyed being pregnant and how thankful I am for honestly loving most of the weeks and months. I realize that I might be lucky, but I also think that having a positive attitude, keeping an open mind about pregnancy (you are carrying a child in there!), and telling yourself that you're a STRONG person and that "you got this!" can make or break your experience, too.

+Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Trust me, if I had a dollar for every question that came up in my mind daily during the last 9 months I might just I would be a millionaire by now. If you have a concern or something doesn't seem right, call the nurses at your doctor's office. Even though it might seem like you're annoying them or that your question is stupid, this is their job, and it's much better to ask than to just assume you know the answer.

+Pick a doctor who will listen to your concerns (and will answer ALL those pesky questions without making you feel silly) and one who you feel comfortable with.  Referral's from friends and family for doctors are great, don't get me wrong (that's how I found my doctor!), but just because they might like them doesn't mean you automatically should and will. I really like my doctor, but sometimes got the impression I was bothering him with questions. I would leave and feel uneasy about how he answered something and that's never a good feeling. Just make sure you love your doctor because you will be seeing them A LOT over the next 9 months!

+Start your registry ONLINE first. This will save you so much time and stress! Going into a huge Babies R Us where you might be unfamiliar with the aisles (I was) and being handed a scanner and expected to just know what to register for?! YIKES. What really helped me was starting my registry online because I already knew of some must-haves from other blogs and Pinterest that I wanted on our list. I added most of the small things online, and then saved the larger items (for example: baby monitor, car seat, stroller, etc.) for when we went into the store so that we could compare all the models and see them in person. Also, it may be easier to leave your spouse at home the first time you go in to register. Chances are they will just distract you or confuse you even more and who needs that? Plus, they will appreciate you for saving their Saturday afternoon. Bring a mommy friend instead (who has done it before and can tell you what you really need!), and then bring your spouse if/when you're really unsure about something!

+Rent books from the library instead of buying them. Save your money and rent. If you really loved a book you read and the principles in it, you could always buy it later on (or even better-look for the main points to the book online, I've found some on Pinterest!) but don't waste your money at first, not knowing if you'll love the book or not.

+EVERYONE will have an opinion. Be prepared for them to relate their pregnancy to yours! I don't think people mean to do it, it just comes naturally. You will have to learn to let the passive aggressive remarks go (or you WILL go crazy), and believe that you know what's best for you and your baby. (I found this to be the most true when it came to exercising-the older generations don't seem to understand why you want to continue working out and may not think it's good or understand it. Go by what your doctor says-not them.)

+Just because it happened to them, doesn't mean it will happen to you. People also love to scare you with their stories...or maybe some would call this "being real" and upfront about the major woof's during pregnancy. I'm all for hearing the potential not so great times because it is good to know both sides, but sometimes it's a little much. Try not to stress yourself out and read into what they went through.

+Keeping a positive attitude and exercising helped me the most. If your doctor clears you to exercise and you don't have any complications, my number one recommendation is to keep. at. it. It will boost your mood, help you feel stronger, and keep you and baby healthy. And it may be an easy concept, but just staying positive and thankful that you are pregnant and remembering that the yucky symptoms won't last forever can completely change your outlook on pregnancy!

Lastly, I just have to say that having a friend who is pregnant at the same time (or a few friends!) is the BIGGEST blessing. Some of your friends who aren't pregnant might not truly understand how exciting, and nerve wracking, each and every doctors appointment is, but your pregnant friends (or mommy friends) will. I have been lucky enough to have several friends who I feel like I can turn to to ask questions and it is SO nice! If you don't have a close friend who is pregnant at the same time, reach out to a blog friend who might be or even an online baby group.

And on that same note...make sure you don't forget to communicate with your significant other. You can't expect him to understand what you're going through, or how to help you, if you aren't open with him about everything! Men can't read minds, ladies, we know this!

Oh, if I had to pick a few items that I recommend you invest in from that day you find out you're pregnant (but remember, you may not need any of these! or you might need all of them!):
-A large container of TUMS and a travel size for your purse
-A massager of some sort (to save your husbands hands)
-A belly band
-A journal
-The Bump Nest (I even took it to Florida with me in my carry on-lifesaver, I tell you)

I hope this helps some of you when your time comes! 
For those who have gone through the ups and down's of pregnancy, what helped you the most? 

PS: Congratulations to my sweet and loving husband...you've {almost} made it to the end!! I hope to return to the normal, non-hormonal wife you once knew soon, but I make no guarantees. Seriously though...THANK YOU for all your support and love the past 9 months. You were there for me when I needed to cry, when I needed an extra laugh, and most importantly were there for me when I neeeeeeded all those Tim Horton's bagels. Frozen yogurt runs. and bags of candy. You're going to be the best Daddy! I love you!


  1. Everything will be fine. You are such a strong person, don't let others crazy stories cause you fear or worry! :) PS you've got to squeeze in a post about that new camera you posted on instagram! I wanna read all about it!

    1. thank you Cassie!! I've learned to let many things go in one ear and out the other the past 9 months, haha. :) And YES...I will try my hardest to do that! It's such a great camera, you would love it! I highly recommend it as an alternative to a big DSLR (or in addition to because they are both great for their own reasons). Making a mental note to not forget about this!

  2. This is all so true & great advice!! Can't believe Camden is almost here... Sooo exciting!!!

  3. Such great advice! I simply CANNOT believe that Camden is almost here! I can't wait to see his squishy little face! Love you girl.

  4. Registering can be SO intimidating ... a new-mama friend went with me and was very helpful in telling me about all of the things I needed that I never would have known about. Great list here, Katie!

  5. Really great advice Katie. Registering was soooo intimidating the first time we went. They make you think you need everything and you most definitely do not.
    I hope these last few days of your pregnancy are relaxing and stress free!

  6. As for that soon to be non hormonal wife part...
    Those may stick around a little while longer after the baby arrives. I found the first 14 days to be so hard and so amazing all at once. Know it's normal if you happen to experience this as well. Wishing you good labor and delivery vibes! Being a mom is like nothing else in the world!

    1. I heard that, too and am kind of expecting that! I imagine my emotions will be all over the place, but hopefully not stick around for too toooo long, ha. Thank you Laura!! So excited!

  7. Eeeeee girly, I'm SO excited for you! You're SO CLOSE! Great post- I especially agree with the whole exercising throughout thing. If it's possible, it pays off immensely come labor and afterward! Excited to "meet" the little man!!


  8. Loved this post Katie! Almost show time and I can’t wait to see precious Camden!

  9. Ahhh can't wait for you to meet Camden...motherhood is the best! :)
    (Although I have so much I'd love to blog about now and it's harder to find the time for sure...but it doesn't matter because holding a sweet baby boy is the best thing ever!)

  10. So many amazing things that I hope you will remind me of when it's my turn to ask all of these questions. YAY for being so so so so close. Happy New Year's Eve. Yay for the many blessings 2015 has in store for you but especially yay for the biggest blessing of them all.

  11. Love your must haves ! We are a big fan of the belly band and journals too ! Plus a good body butter for your belly / skin :)

  12. Such great tips preggy momma and all so true - the pregnancy, birth and mommy hood experience is so unique to every different woman. Final countdown... x

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