Things That Make Me Do A Vicky "Woo-Hoo!"

Happy Friday! It's August 1st! August 1st. 
Does that mean everyone is going to start talking about pumpkin things now?! 

I remember just being 4 weeks pregnant and looking on the calendar to around this time and thinking how far away it felt. Boy was I wrong! The past few months have come and gone in what seems the blink of an eye.

Here's what I'm loving this week:
(also-I know I really need to think of a different post title. I'm sure you're all getting sick of this one, no?) 

+Billy had a double header this week and I realized how much the times have changed. In the years past for his softball games, I would be rushing to pack a Skinnygirl margarita in a to-go cup to take with me, and now I'm stuffing all the snacks I can find and a big thing of water in my purse. 

Do you see the bump down there? Getting bigger by the day it seems...

{hat is from J.Crew Factory (sold out), this is a similar option}

 +I got my diaper bag in the mail! 

I had my eye on this bag before I ever got pregnant because I saw someone wearing it one day and I immediately knew I wanted it for when my time came. I even pinned it so I wouldn't forget. However, now that my time has come I mentioned the price to Billy and he gave me major side eye (I don't blame him...), but then the stars aligned because my girlfriend Hailey (former blogger) decided to sell the very same bag because she bought it before she knew she was expecting twins. She needed a bigger diaper bag for her twin boys, and sold me hers for an amazing price! 

It was totally meant to be...at least this is what I tell myself.

Here's why this diaper bag rocks if you're in the market for one or want to save this for when your time comes (seriously-obsessed):
-it doesn't even look like a diaper bag (this was major to me-I didn't want one that screamed "diaper bag")
-must be Billy approved so that he has no problem carrying it (check)
-can be worn and used before or after baby as a normal bag (double check)
-easy to clean, this bag is wipe able! so any drool, mess, or spill can easily be wiped off and you won't notice any stains!
-large diaper compartments and has a zipper (I really don't need all my things falling out when carrying around a little babe...the magnetic closures on some bags just weren't going to cut it)

{can be bought here}

+I have re-fallen in love with Instagram. I've found so many cute shops this way (for baby and for myself) that I think I've started following 30 in the past couple days. I'm thinking that Billy needs this sweatshirt from this shop...or is it too cheesy? I'm still undecided about it.

+We are heading to the lake tonight for the weekend!

I've missed being on the boat and waking up there. It's been a little cooler here lately, which I'm not hating at all, so I have a feeling s'mores and a bonfire are in my future (that is if I have any say... :))

+We will be heading to CHARLESTON this time next week. I booked a ghost tour the other day that many of you recommended. We love history and things like this, so we hope it's good!

+Monday is our 18 week appointment and our party at my parents after! SO soon!! We are so excited and happy!
 (aka why we haven't shared the big news yet-our doctor and multiple people advised us against sharing early in case the results were inaccurate-we just want to be sure! We decided before we found out that we would keep it between us, no matter boy or girl, until our 18 week apt since that's normally when you find out anyways. Could you imagine us announcing when we found out a few weeks ago and then finding out it was wrong? It happens!)

Lastly...my friend and fellow blogger Lindsay (remember when I met her when we went to LA last year? I just now realized how much I miss this exact trip) and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for years without any success. They are now on the road to IVF and a family member set up this page to help them get there. If any of you feel so inclined, please visit her blog to find out how you can help.

I hope everyone has a relaxing, fabulous weekend!
See you Monday (ahh!!)


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  2. You lucked out on that diaper bag! What are your favorite baby stores on instagram? I always look to etsy and didn't think about IG. It's very easy to find cute clothes for my daughter, but very hard to find for my baby boy (or I'm picky?)

    1. I think I did, too! Otherwise I'm not sure I would've ever got it. :) I will send you a list via email, Stacie! A lot of them are Etsy shops and I just follow them via Insta (easier for me), but there are also some normal Insta ones as well!

  3. Love that diaper bag! I was okay with spending more for something that both me and my husband would carry and we'd use for more than one child. Totally justified!

    And about the not spilling gender early... at 13.5 weeks, we were told that they were 99% sure we were having a boy... we didn't say anything because I just wasn't convinced. I felt like it was a girl! 4 weeks later, we found out it was Anna! ;-) Good thing I hadn't spilled the beans!

  4. Very smart holding off on telling the gender early. We were told at 15 weeks it was a boy and 5 weeks later, on April Fool's Day, found out that it's a girl!

  5. Obsessed with your diaper bag!! You are lucky to get one for a great price! I have my eye on one from PBK. I'm also loving finding cute baby stores/shops via IG! Have fun at the lake this weekend! I can't wait until Monday when you announce what you are having...AHH!!

  6. might have to get that sweatshirt for my hubby!

  7. This diaper bag is so cute! It's crazy how frumpy a lot of them are! We're expecting our first in December and shopping for one is a challenge. Congrats mama!


  8. I love that diaper bag! You and Hailey both have such great taste! Definitely bookmarking that bag for the future!

    That lake view is amazing! Hope you have a great weekend! And I can't wait to hear about your trip and where to go in Charleston! 56 days till I'm headed that way! :o)

  9. I LOVE your diaper bag! You are going to be the cutest!

  10. Obsessed with that diaper bag! Pretty sure TJ would not talk to me for awhile though if I bought that! LOL. Perhaps I shall scour ebay.

  11. Cute diaper bag! You are going to be the cutest mom! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.
    Allison over at http://allisons-eye.com

  12. Yay for Monday - I cannot wait to find out!! x


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