Things To Buy Before Finding Out The Gender

Once we found out we were expecting and after the initial shock and excitement wore off just a tiny bit (it's still there!), I just wanted to run out to all the cute baby stores and start buying anything and everything baby related. I mean, you go your whole life walking by those aisles seeing all those to die for adorable outfits, or buying for your friends babies, but now is your time and you must scoop them all up! Right?

Well, for the most part and for me, wrong. You can't buy all those cute baby clothes you see because you haven't found out the gender yet (this wait is torture, I tell you!) and for the most part, gender neutral baby clothes are harder to find and typically have animals all over them. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with animals and I love them just as much as the next gal, but I just knew that our money would be better spent by just waiting until we found out so that I could buy some things I knew I loved.

That doesn't mean you can't buy anything else to get a head start, though! I turned to a couple of my girlfriends here (hi Genna and Rach!) who have recently had babies who helped me come up with a great list of things you can buy, for both baby and yourself, before finding out the gender!

If you're one of those that wants to buy things slowly over the course of the 9 months, these are the things you want to stock up on and hey, you may just feel a little ahead of the game by doing so (any little bit helps, right?)


1// Any sentimental gift you've had your eye on, or a cute stuffed animal (like this JellyCat Bunny) for the nursery.

2// Bump Nest Pillow-if sleep is important to you, just go ahead and buy this pregnancy pillow right when you found out you're pregnant and thank me later (full review coming soon!)

3// Diapers-you will be gifted some from family members so don't go too crazy, but stocking up (I've been buying size 1's) isn't a bad idea. I will just pick some up when I see some on sale and am already at the store.*Tip that came from my girlfriend that I thought was great advice: don't open the boxes until you actually go to use them because stores will let you exchange them.

4// Gerber Cloth Diapers-I heard these are the best to use for burp cloths.

5// Hats and Mittens Set-if your little babe will be born in the winter, these are a must and come in white/gray gender neutral options.

6// Board books-to display in the nursery. I have found some great book sets on Rue La La, and for a great price. Not to mention, they have other adorable baby things. I'm hooked on this site already.

7// Books for you-I read Belly Laughs in a couple hours (very easy read and she's hilarious) and am currently reading The Happiest Baby On The Block.

8// Baby wipes-You will need a lot of these suckers when baby is born, so it can't hurt to start the buying now and store them in the nursery.

Any other items you momma's out there would recommend?

If you're really on your game, you could even get the major furniture (crib, dresser, glider) for the nursery since a lot of it is gender neutral these days.

Speaking of the gender, our appointment to find out is OFFICIALLY set...JULY 16TH literally can't come soon enough!!


  1. ooh so excited for you to find out the gender- it's the most exciting! if you're just looking for baby, this is a GREAT list! i wish i had read happiest baby on the block before my baby was born because it definitely would have saved me from a couple of meltdowns! but if you're looking for yourself as well, get yourself some coconut oil, or really good lotion to prevent stretch marks! also, i had really bad heartburn, so tums aren't a bad idea either! :)

  2. When I was pregnant with Emerson, one of the best things my mother-in-law did was to buy one case of diapers a week (in various sizes). Everytime she went to Kroger, she'd pick up another pack, so she didn't have to go out of her way or anything. As a result, I never bought a single diaper until she was almost a year old! Such a thoughtful gift.

    July 16th - that's so soon!!! The wait is agonizing but totally worth it :)

  3. I dodn't even think about stocking up on diapers, burp clothes and wipes yet... good call!! I can not wait for your gender reveal!!! I already have splurged on boy clothes the day after we found out... Sorry bank account! :)

  4. Clearly I haven't popped over in a bit!!! Congratulations dear - such exciting news!!!! You'll make one adorable preggo - no doubt!

  5. Ahhh! 15 more days until you find out?? So exciting!!!

  6. Omigosh, YES on the cloth diapers as burp cloths! Definitely the best. I actually didn't buy much early on, except the crib and dresser, and I started buying our cloth diapering system.

  7. So smart! I'm an overplanner so I know the day I find out I'm pregnant I'll want to buy SOMETHING haha.

  8. Ahhh you find out the day before I do! It will definitely be an exciting week :) Are you guys doing a gender reveal party?

  9. I believe I was in the minority when we went to find out what I was having and the baby didn't cooperate so we didn't get to find out the day of the appointment. Just as a suggestion, I have heard of drinking juice or a little bit of a sugary drink to make sure baby is awake and moving. I didn't listen to that suggestion from a friend because I like to be au naturale when I go to the doctor so they don't judge me for drinking pop or coffee(all in my head of course). ha! that was a joke, as the ultrasound tech even told me to drink coffee next time before the appointment. and she gave me skittles at the appointment to try and get the baby active from the sugar along with laying on my side and doing toe touches. However, at the next appointment I had had some coffee and at first she had the umbilical chord btwn her legs and it took a while to get her to move..so I just assume I'm having a stubborn girl =) aaaand...this comment was way longer than intended. oops.

    1. haha! Rebel ;) yeah, the place we are going told me to drink something sugary before we came! I think I'll get a coffee AND skittles... because why not?! ;) too funny!

  10. The Gerber cloth diapers are amazing for burp cloths and can be bleached over & over again. I still use some of mine as dust cloths...and my son starts college next month!

  11. Aden and Anais swaddles are so worth the money!!! Our little guy is 6 months and now he cannot sleep without one in his hand!! As he is a December baby, I thought they would be too thin but paired with fleece jammies they were perfect!!

  12. Ditto on the Aden & Anais! Perfect for all seasons and they have tons of prints (I love the gray ones!)

  13. I just started Belly Laughs yesterday and am almost finished. I literally have been laughing out loud. Such a good read!

  14. These are all really great ideas!! I've thought about buying starting to buy diapers once our time comes around & this just solitified that thought!

  15. Congratulations on your amazing news!! I cannot wait to see all your posts on this new and amazing part of your life!! .. The best advice i got for buying for baby was of course stock up on essentials they always come in handy (also to get mini hand sanitizers for on the go - sometimes there's nowhere to wash your hands when you e changed a babies bottom) but to also get things in the bigger sizes again even if its just the essentials - friends and family usually buy lots of things in the tiny sizes so knowing you have plenty ready and waiting for your baby as they get older is nice to know - i did it with my little boy hes now 17 months and i have all his pjs and vests ready in 18-24 months ready for when he goes up so i just have to get outfits - it deffo takes a lot off your mind!!

    xoxo Ellie

  16. Oh man I absolutely hated that bump pillow. I bought one when I was pretty far along in my pregnancy to help support my bump when sleeping. Ligament pains with a growing bump = no good sleep. The pillow was WAY too thick. It didn't fit under my bump where I needed it. It caused more discomfort for me than it was helpful. I just stuck with a regular pillow and have been using it ever since. So much more pleasant.


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