Why I'm Happy Spring Is Here...

Yes. yes. yes. All in favor of weekends JUST like the one we just had, say "aye!"

What an awesome spring weekend. I'm actually a little very depressed that it's come and gone so quickly (just like the others), but the one thing this weekend did do was remind me how much fun is ahead the next few months. 

I get along real well with spring and summer. Real well. Here's why:

1. Brunch (and dinners) outside on patio's. Specifically ones that involve Nutella pancake balls....also known as the most delicious little guys you will ever eat in your life. I went to brunch at Katalina's with two girlfriends on Saturday and was instantly reminded why this spot is one of my favorites...casual atmosphere, amazing food, and big patio.

 local Columbus gals-you must try them if you haven't yet!

2. Sandal weather, bright nail polish, and zero jackets...no explanation needed here.
 top / pants / sandals (see below pic!)

3. Light, refreshing cocktails on our deck. This weekend I made a new favorite cocktail for a few girlfriends...I mixed up tito's, club soda, and sliced pineapple in a big pitcher and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving with ice cubes and a splash of La Croix...it was so yummy! 

4. Fun shopping finds. I found this adorable anchor tee to wear boating this summer (bring.it.on...we are SO excited for weekends at the cottage this summer!), these sandals, and stocked up on some more of our favorite sheets/pillowcases this weekend. I swear by these sheets (you can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond)...they are even better than the Hotel Collection at Macy's (in my opinion). 

5. Sunday night dinners at my parents with this view! I'm even more excited to walk down to the vineyard (to the right of this picture) this summer and to go fishing...

6. This easy Greek Tortellini Salad recipe that I made for Billy this weekend. It is one of his favorite recipes that I make. I can't say I blame the man, it's pretty delicious.

7. Going to Mara's soccer games! This weekend Mara's team made it to the championship for a tournament here so I went to two of her games and loved being able to watch her. She has come so far the past few years and is really turning into a great little player! :)

getting so big! ah!

8. Pretty proof in our backyard that spring is in fact HERE!!

How did you spend your weekend? Are you happy spring is finally here?!


  1. I am ecstatic for Spring! This weekend was gorgeous & I hope we get more weather like it! I had a great brunch on Sunday & it was so nice to be outside!

    Crumbs & Curls

  2. Those pancake balls look amazing and I tried to spend as much time as possible outside this weekend - it was just so nice out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I'm excited for spring too! It was so nice to not have to wear a winter coat this weekend!

  4. Who doesn't love Spring and better yet, who doesn't love brunch!? Love everything about this.

  5. Ohhhh, Titos and pineapple! You're one smart cookie. I bet that was amazinggggg.

  6. Looks like a perfect spring weekend! Love your finds!

  7. LOVE that pink gingham top! So springy! It's even been weird down here in TX with unusually cold weather in Houston (today it's supposed to get down to the 40s... say what??) and I am so over it. Nothing like the rest of the country, but still annoying. And that tortellini salad looks amazing!

  8. Yes yes yes to everything about this past weekend! So much sunshine and no jackets needed. Hooray!!

  9. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face all weekend! We had the doors and windows wide open and just enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. I do NOT want to talk about the fact it's supposed to snow here tomorrow! This weekend was such a tease!

  10. Aye! ;) Those Nutella Pancake Balls - I am seriously contemplating a road trip to Columbus just to try them. (Or talking my husband into making them.) So happy the warmer weather is finally here!

  11. Those pancake balls sound so good, I have never been there before but am planning a friend's bachelorette party for in Columbus and this might be good to put on the agenda for breakfast one morning. Your parents' neighborhood looks so nice and relaxing! and a vineyard in walking distance, I would be in so much trouble!! Hope you have a great week!

  12. ...it's supposed to be in the 40's here (Indiana) tomorrow and Wednesday. SPRING TEASE.

  13. Those pancake balls look wonderful! I too was loving this weekend weather - absolutely gorgeous! Our Tues/Wed forecast is no good though. Boo :(

  14. I'm SO excited for spring! The dresses, the sandals, the flowers, and all around sunshine- I'm ready!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  15. The pancake balls, tortellini, and the drink. Yum.

  16. I'm right there with you! This was our first nice, warm weekend too. Now if only it would stay!

  17. Looks like you had such a great weekend!!! So excited for the beautiful weather :)

  18. Spring definitely showed off here this weekend too! However, old man winter is trying to sneak back in today & we do not approve!! #bringbackspring!

  19. spring has sprung!!! also loving the whole outdoor eating and springy cocktails

    wish i was on your deck again!!! :-( I MISS OHIO AND YOU GUYS


  20. i daresay you guys are having a better spring than we are! also, i need you to take me with you when you shop at Old Navy - you find the best things!

  21. Totally want those sandals!! Love love love the nude color!!


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