It's safe to say everyone is loving this warmer weather, am I right? It's crazy what a little sunshine can do! :) But what makes it even better is using my new monogram seersucker mason jar (you can get one here for only $22-so many designs!). How adorable is this? I take it with me to work in the morning and use it all day long!


J. Crew Factory and their sales lately...I just can't. Someone should block the website from me. 

(all are on promo right now!) 


One of my girlfriends, Genna, just had her baby boy Cash! We got to meet him this week and see their finished nursery, which is nautical themed.  Oh my goodness...not only is Cash perfect but the nursery couldn't be any cuter. Seriously. We are so happy for you, Genna and Justin! :)


The iced coffee addict strikes again! Has anyone tried these iced coffee K cups?! They are the only ones that I've found that I LOVE! Donut shop for the win...


Something that I hope will make you smile before heading into your weekend!

We always take Rocky running when it's nice out (sometimes I run with him and sometimes one of us rides the bike next to him-never very long but enough for him to get some good exercise in), but I've never filmed it before and have always said how I want to because he literally SMILES the entire time. I finally got a decent video of it! He just loves it and is so stinkin cute...our neighbors get a kick out of him running down the street! (and I must say, he's actually pretty fast for a little fluff ball!)

Sigh...he makes me so happy.

Have a wonderful, warm weather weekend! 

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  1. i'm drinking donut shop right now. love it. that sweet & creamy is really good too! have a great weekend!

  2. That mason jar is too cute! Those Jcrew finds...I die!! And Rocky, my heart just exploded. So precious!!!!

  3. J. Crew factory sales are killing my bank account too, why does all of their stuff have to be so cute!? I just picked up a box of those k-cups too, so good!!

  4. Stopping by from the Five on Friday linkup! Oh my gosh, that monogrammed mason jar is to die for... think I'm going to hint for someone to get me that for my wedding this Summer ;)


  5. I showed my cavapoo Charlie the video of Rocky last night and he was entranced! He is such a fast little runner!

  6. Hehehehe...his little run is soo cute! And that skirt, totally bookmarked on my computer for days and now a great promo....I just had to put myself on a shopping freeze didn't I? haha

  7. Visiting from the link-up… J. Crew factory will be the death of me!! Love your striped skirt :)


  8. That nursery is so cute! And donut shop coffee is actually my favourite KCup - usually I buy Dunkin Donuts and use the reusable Kcups though! Something about donut coffee is amazing, maybe the deliciousness goes through the air and into the coffee from the donuts but calorie free? ;-)

  9. I have already purchased the skirt in green and in navy. Sooooo want the stripe. Addicted!!

  10. Yes! This weather!!! Finally! :) so ready for spring! I'm going to need to try those k-cups! I love iced coffee!!!

  11. I LOVE iced coffee, so I'll have to pick up some of those k-cups and try them! And that video of Rocky is too adorable!

  12. I absolutely love those plaid shorts!!

  13. Do you have to add anything to that k-cup or is it good to go?


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