Life Lately, Happy Weekend!

snow cluster necklace from first picture: here, grey resin necklace in middle picture: here

Anddd we've made it to the weekend.

It's always around this time of year that I have to check my own instagram account to remind myself what cool things I've been doing. Unfortunately, I'm not kidding. Anyone else? On top of all that I've had going on with the holidays, we have been spending most of our nights priming and painting new doors for our house (to match our pretty new trim!). It's exciting but heck, it's exhausting. There is a light at the end of that tunnel though because we are so close to being finished with them!

This weekend we have a lot on our plate as we hope to finish up all of our Christmas shopping, get the new doors put back up, watch OSU {hopefully} win their big game, and we have an ugly sweater party with friends (excited for this!). I'm also this close to purchasing this adorable check coat that's on sale and this warm plaid scarf (use code 'moremoremore' for an extra 30% off) because they are such good deals and are perfect for wearing this holiday season. I can't resist plaid lately at all! This cardigan was delivered to me the other day and I have a feeling I will be snuggling up in it as much as I can.

Also, you can shop all my favorites in one spot now which you can find on my shop page {preview below}. I update this frequently when I find new items around the web that I love and have to have. ;) Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Rocky is too precious!!! Sounds like a great weekend coming up as well! Have a great one!

  2. We will DEFINITELY beat MSU! :-) And goodness, I know how time consuming/exhausting painting trim and doors is, but sooo worth it!

  3. Bah! I wish I could get excited about football. I literally cried the other night when Auburn beat Alabama (and obviously I'm not ashamed to admit it). Anyway, little Rocky is sooo stinkin' cute and I'm loving the necklace that you posted on IG (seen at the top of today's post too). I can't wait to see your ugly sweaters-- I love those parties!

  4. I love everything on your shopping list...I was starting to highlight some favorites and couldn't pick just a few! Great finds!
    Meet @ the Barre Friday Roundup

  5. I love all the pictures of you pup! He's too cute!


  6. Ugly sweater parties are always so much fun! I love seeing the terribly awesome sweaters people find!

  7. Love the photos with the lights, he's so cute!


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