Friday Fashion Finds - Shop Lately?

Who's ready for a weekend full of football, bonfires, and Octoberfest?

::hand raised::

This is exactly how I plan to spend my weekend and I can't wait. The weather here has been nothing short of amazing...low 80's during the day and into the 60's at night (hello open doors and windows!)

Today, I have three new shops to introduce you to that I think you are really going to like! This definitely counts as a happy Friday, so let's get into it.

Have you heard of them? I can't believe I haven't shopped here until recently. You can't beat the prices for jewelry, scarves, bags, etc. and everything is trendy and cute.

I've been wearing this wrap bracelet and the fantasy crystal necklace {obsessed} ever since I got them in the mail. They will be perfect statement pieces for fall. 

 {fantasy crystal necklace also pictured below}

I can't tell you how much I love this heart sweatshirt. I wouldn't really call it a sweatshirt though because it is really light. It's so soft and can be paired with many things. I've been wearing it with boyfriend jeans too and it makes for a really easy, comfortable outfit.

Your new favorite online boutique with cute dresses, tops, and accessories! Not to mention, the owner Paula, is as sweet as they come and provides amazing customer service.

 That would be a gorgeous silver bow bangle: $12 (also comes in gold)
I'm actually planning on wearing this necklace for OSU game days...starting tomorrow! 

Some other favorites?

 Before I go...

Rocky wanted me to show you that he got a fancy new haircut for Chicago next week!

He is so handsome.

 Have a fabulous weekend and LET'S GO BUCKS!

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  1. I love all these pieces. Definitely adding them to my Fall Lust List. And Rocky looks so handsome! Hope he (and you all too) enjoys Chicago!

  2. I love fiding new shops! Rocky is looks daper as ever! Go Bucks!! Can't wait for this football season!

  3. i blame you for all of the money I spend! haha! you are so adorable and I just ordered the necklace. Must have it! Its amazing. Have a great weekend

  4. I love that pink and gold statement necklace! I just might have to buy it!

  5. I'm seriously loving that heart sweatshirt! It looks so soft and would love super cute with jeans and booties too. Have a great weekend Katie! :)

  6. Sessy sessy man with that new haircut!!!

  7. You seriously always have THE cutest outfits! I'm going to need you to come and help me rearrange/shop for new clothes for my closet ;)

  8. Thanks for this, I love finding out about new places to shop!

  9. I love that heart sweatshirt especially with the outfit you created to wear with it. :) Sounds like the perfect Ohio weekend!

  10. Okay, when I go broke - I'm blaming you. ;) You always introduce me to so many fun shops!

    Rocky looks super handsome!

  11. Have fun in Chicago, I am going to be there as well - one of my girlfriends and I are going on a girls shopping weekend and going to see Book of Mormon! So LOVE Chicago. Enjoy!

  12. Loving the heart shirt! And Rocky, he is soooooo cute!!

  13. Cute clothes and accessories! What are you up to in Chicago this weekend? I live here! Let me know if you have any questions or need any suggestions! :)

  14. THAT PUPPY. <3 <3 <3
    I'm dying.
    Me want.

    He is one handsome, handsome dog.



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