...if you missed part 1, read here first.

Where to begin, where to begin!

Let's get into where we stopped the rest of our trip and where we ate (obviously one of the more important matters...) 

Our next stops?

-Navy Pier
-Lake Michigan
-Architecture boat cruise (booked here)

We explored Navy Pier before we had to board for our boat cruise since they were both in the same general location. It was really crowded with tourists like ourselves (I mean, hello!) but had a bunch of different restaurants and was so pretty...you could see so much of the city!

 {one of my favorite pics from the trip-the city is just beautiful!}
Me // Steph

The architecture boat cruise was something we booked at the last minute after receiving so many recommendations about it, and I'm really happy we decided to do this. It gave a view of the city we wouldn't have seen otherwise, and you learn a lot about the history of the city and all of the buildings!


Next up was going to take a walk to Lake Michigan. Steph had it on her bucket list to swim in this lake (her feet going in was going to have to cut it since it was too cold for an actual swim), so we headed there, had a little mini photoshoot, and we were on our way.

But not before Rocky got to put his feet in the sand and run around near the water with Billy...it was priceless.

{our little family!}

This is where the trip got really awesome.

Before I left, I had heard that this bar called McGee's in Lincoln Park was an Ohio State Buckeyes bar (thank you x 1 million to those who told me this!), so I really wanted to watch some of the game on Saturday evening here to see what the hype was all about. It was just calling my name, so I forced my Texas friends along on the journey (Steph was actually wearing OSU colors ALL day, believe it or not. True friend, I tell ya. ;))

McGee's....oh my goodness.

I had NO idea that it would be fully decked out with Brutus (our mascot), flags, and Ohio State fans in jerseys everywhere. Seriously, it was PACKED! I felt so at home! Cheesy, but true. I was in HEAVEN. We didn't stay very long because it was so packed we could barely move, but it was just enough time to make me an extremely happy woman.

Cheers McGee's, cheers. If you are a Ohio State fan and in Chicago when there is a game-GO HERE! You will love it. I promise.

After we left, we went to State (also in Lincoln Park-awesome area!) for dinner. This was one of the best decisions we made....

All I have to say is this: truffle mac and cheese.

I got this dish for dinner (sorry for not having a picture but I was just in shock over how good it was) and if I had to choose my final meal (ever), it would be THIS. Just please do me a favor and go to Chicago and order it. I'm actually really wanting to cry that I'm not eating it right this very minute. ;)

State's atmosphere was awesome, too. It isn't an upscale fancy restaurant by any means, but perfect for a Saturday when you are with men who love to watch football and the prices were very reasonable and all of our food was great. I think my truffle mac and cheese was only $10, but now that I know how good it is I would probably pay $100 for it. Don't tell them that though.

Our last night ended by stopping at Social 25 to dance to an awesome band they had playing there and then somehow we ended up at Ghirardelli on Michigan Ave. for some late night ice cream and sundaes.... I mean, why not?

When in Chicago, you eat your way through the city!

And I would do it all.over.again to see our favorite Texan friends again... that 6 hour drive has nothin' on us! Where should we go next is the question. ;)

not mentioned: me running into our hotel room door and trying to open it without a key, chasing down Rasheed Wallace through our hotel lobby because my husband said he was famous (basketball player?) and Billy claiming that when he took out Rocky one night that they had a long talk together and he met his Dad, and lastly a plethora of taxi cab comments that should remain unspoken about. Good times, good times. ;)

Who has been to Chicago? Did you love it like we did?



  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the ones of you guys by the water. Taking Howie to the beach was something I always wanted to do, but didn't get the chance to. I'm not going to wait with Hemi, even if I have to sneak him on vacation one time.

  2. So there's this new think called a "hotel room key". You should probably try it before you go and bust down the door next time. ;)

  3. I need to get to Chicago for sure. It's been on my list for way too long. That architecture boat cruise would be right up my alley- how fun!

  4. Do you know they sell truffle salt?! I had it at a steak restaurant once and it was SO good. Truffle mac + cheese is SO good!

    1. PS...next up I get to see YOU in a couple weeks!!! AHHHH!

  5. i've been to chicago a few times and have yet to make it on the architectural cruise. that's definitely something i'd love to do though. and your pics of navy pier look amazing! i've yet to be in chicago when the ferris wheel at navy pier is running. guess we always go too late in the year!

  6. I've only been for a business trip, but I loved what I saw, looks like you had a lot more fun then I did!

  7. We did the boat tour in Chicago too and loved it! Sign me up for some of that truffle mac and cheese. That sounds a.mazing!!

  8. I love Chi-town! It is such a fun (and CLEAN) city to visit! That Ohio State bar looks amazing! We found an Ohio State restaurant in Hilton Head too and it reminds me of that. So fun to find home when you're away! :)

  9. I can't get over how cute it is that Rocky was included on the trip!

  10. My brother has been to Chicago twice and I am so jealous. It looks awesome!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  11. Hi Katie - looks like you had a great trip! One of my good friends lives in Chicago and I think she took us to McGee's on St. Patrick's Day this year. Chicago is such a fun city! Glad you enjoyed!

  12. Adorable family photo!! I've never been to Chicago, even though I grew up super close. Looks like you chose a great time to visit!

  13. Love the pics. The architecture is amazing there! Your red jacket is amazing, where is it from?


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