Weekend, I Want You Back.

Disclaimer: This is not a VMA post.

However, I confess that my whole week was made by the NSYNC reunion on stage last night.

I confess I jumped up, sat about half an inch away from the TV screen, and screamed like adolescent Katie used to do back in my prime teeny bopper days.

I confess I rewinded their 60 second performance about 4 times and I threatened Billy to make sure he never, ever deletes it from our tivo. 

I confess I drove to work this morning blaring their Greatest Hits album with my windows down, with no shame. (I also confess I bought it on iTunes last night immediately after they got off stage)

But oops, who cares what I have to confess?

This is a weekend recap post. Not a confessional.

Our weekend was one for the books. The weather was perfect, I got a lot accomplished (like booking our hotel rooms for our California trip that I had put off for far too long!), but yet we still managed to have a lot of fun with friends and family.


Friday I went to happy hour with my girlfriend and got to wear my new T+J Designs necklace, that I mentioned here, for the first time. Absolutely in love with it and I got so many compliments on it.

We went to The Pint House in the Short North (my first time there) and it exceeded my expectations. They have over 75 craft beers to choose from, a great atmosphere, and we got lucky by getting one of the best tables in the place - right next to outside so that we could people watch and enjoy the weather. I'm already planning our next trip back with friends, it might be one of my new favorite spots here!!

Saturday morning we finally got to do one of my favorite summer activities that I haven't had a chance to do yet because we have been so busy...go to the Worthington Farmer's Market! It's the biggest farmers market in the state of Ohio, which means it's pretty legit. :) No but really, it's awesome! I came home with a basket of squash/zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers, apples, and sadly I passed up on buying a dip called Birthday Cake. Why I passed that up I'll never know. Something about a diet and probably eating it all in one sitting.

After the farmers market, we headed to Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe (our favorite) for brunch. Rocky and all. Can I just tell you how spoiled he is here? He got his own chair at our table, all the servers came up to pet him, and they even brought him out a plate of honeybaked ham.

I'm pretty sure he expects to go with us every time now....

Saturday afternoon/evening was actually spent in Cleveland - for the third weekend in a row. It was Billy's best friend, Cory's, surprise 30th birthday party so we couldn't miss it and I'm really glad we didn't because Billy got to hang out with a lot of his guy friends from college. They had a bonfire after dinner and then we turned around and headed back to Columbus!

On Sunday Billy had an all day hockey class so I took it upon myself to lay out for a couple hours, clean the house (a little bit), and just relax. We went to my parents house for dinner and because my Dad needed Billy's help pulling cattails out of the pond behind their house (pictured above-it was hilarious to watch them) and my stepmom had Peach Bellini's waiting for us right when we got there....

They were so yummy. We had burgers (fish for me), corn on the cob, and caprese salad for dinner and I said that it was probably one of my favorite summer dinners. Not to mention, my stepmom made THIS chocolate hazelnut cake that we had for dessert...


No, I didn't eat the whole thing but I really wanted to.

And well, you know how my night ended. I'd say this weekend was a success!

Did you see NSYNC's reunion on the VMA's?

How was your weekend?

This week marks our anniversary week...so crazy!



  1. NSYNC's reunion brought me back to middle school! That cake looks like heaven! Farmer's markets are my favorite.

  2. sounds like a perfect weekend! I missed the VMAs so I'm catching up today!!

  3. I think you should have gotten the birthday cake dip, although I would probably eat it all in one sitting too, sounds delicious! I watched part of the NSYNC clip, but will finish tonight, can't wait!

  4. I totally freaked out too! I mentioned it in my post today, but did not make the whole post about them...but I probably could have. lol. Your weekend looked so fun! And Rocky at the restaurant, too cute!

  5. Looks and sounds like the BEST weekend!!! :) NSYNC for lifeeeee!


  6. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I'm a little jealous.. well, more than a little because all I did was get covered in paint and watch my fiance sleep. I'm meal planning for this week and we are doing Meatless Monday!!

  7. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me, I too am sad its over!

  8. JT's performance was amazing last night, and getting to see the rest of the guys up there made it even better! Once a fan, always a fan!

  9. How is it I never run into your fab self at the Farmer's Market? This must be fixed. Also the reunion ,though short, made my whole entire weekend. Listening to them right now and JAMMIN.

  10. I haven't had a chance to watch the VMA's yet but it's sitting on my DVR waiting for me to get home tonight. I'm pretty sure I'll fast forward through most of it just to watch NSync and this Miley Cyrus performance everyone's all up in arms about. Yes... she's grown up and is trying too hard to be kinda slutty.. we get it :-P lol

  11. Sounds like a very busy but awesome weekend!! Brunch is one of my favorite meals & we hardly go! We must change this!!

  12. I watched a part of the VMA's and I was CRINGING at Miley Cyrus!!

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only 20 something girl who went nuts when NSYNC performed on the VMAS. I screamed, scooted to the edge of the couch so I could be that closer to the TV, instructed my husband to turn it up, and was glued to it the entire time! He said it was like I turned in to a 13 year old girl and I should be embarrassed haha...I definitely was not embarrassed, because I'm pretty sure every other girl my age did the same thing :)

    Looks like you had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful mid-west weather we had!

  14. All your food pics are making me so hungry! Haha, and YES I tweeted so many times when NSYNC came on stage!! Ugh a little disappointed about how short the reunion was but at least we got a little bit of NSYNC into our lives again :)

    <3, Charlotte

  15. You best believe I was rocking out to N'SYNC this morning too! I totally had re-downloaded their hits yesterday in preperation (flashing back to the days I illegally downloaded their live versions on Napster!) Right after my 45 seconds of pure flashback concert bliss I got really sad because I feel like that is probably the last time they will preform on stage together considering it was a blink of the eye reunion... and who knew it took Lance coming out of the closet to gain a personality! Anywho, thanks to Miley Cyrus for reminding me why I have said from day one that she is filthy! PS - I still am lusting after that chocolate cake and I don't even fancy desserts!

  16. Sounds like a good and yum-filled weekend! I love that pic of Rocky at brunch, he looks pretty pleased with himself ;)

    YAY anniversary week!!!

  17. I about freaked out when Nsync came on stage last night. I'm willing to start a petition for a reunion tour asap. As for the Miley disaster.... yikes... too much. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and the view at your parents' house is beautiful!

  18. DVR'd so I can watch my teen obsession replay over..and over..and over ;)

  19. I wrote you back on my blog but realized since I never write back in the comments, you may never read it! I said YOU will be my hero when I start stalking your blog for the many ways in which to get back in shape after baby!

  20. Oh, and that skirt with the stripes is super cute!

  21. I admit I wasdo g the same when NSync came on! My husband was dying laughing at me. I absolutely love your outfit! Where did u get it?

  22. I have had the birthday cake dip from that stand that sells the mix-in dip packets in Worthington! Pretty good. But you can just eat Funfetti icing if you get that urge;) Was I the only one who expected a little more than ONE song from the guys though? They were on for like 50 seconds! They should have played 3 songs in the amount of time Miley wasted from my life. The Daily Growler is in my neck of the woods and is a craft beer place too. Not the ambiance with a patio for summer but a fun place when you need to be inside and is a little more masculine than the Pint Room. Sounds like you had a good weekend!

  23. LOVED your date outfit! So pretty!

    And the JT performance was the BOMB!!!!

    And I was literally drooling over your chocolate cake instagram the other day! Need this in my life!

  24. Looks like a great weekend. and that cake....mmmmm had me drooling on Instagram too!


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