Loving Lately

1) This dress from Forever 21. I've been talking to my friends and decided that it is much better to shop online at Forever 21. I've found so many great items lately online that I NEVER see, or can find, in the stores. If you have get overwhelmed in that store, try looking online. I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality of many things I've ordered lately. Not to mention, this dress was only $14.90. 
 I also ordered this dress and am in love with it.

2) I know I've mentioned my love for these Quest Bars via Twitter, but I can't remember if I've blogged about them before. My other half has, but I haz not. Please take my word for it and go to your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe (or you can order online at Amazon!) and get these two flavors as soon as possible. 

Then, bring them home, unwrap one of the bars and pop in the microwave for 8 seconds. 


(ps-these are the cleanest protein bars you will find! That I know of at least...)

  3) Last night I think I died and went to necklace heaven when opening this package from T&J Designs.

 Is this not one of the most gorgeous necklaces in all the land?
You can find it here (and you can get 30% off right now with their friends and family sale! code is "ff30tj")
I'm so excited to wear this! It can be paired with so many things...

4) Happy hours

In an effort to soak up the last of summer, after work happy hours have been been a must lately. Tonight, I'm going with my girlfriend Angela to a relatively new craft beer place called The Pint House in the Short North for happy hour. I'm the biggest fan of having all four seasons (I seriously don't know what I would do if I didn't have a good fall), but sitting outside on the patio while it's still in the upper 80's makes me feel better about truly enjoying this summer for all it's worth.

Oh, and Columbus has so many awesome restaurants/breweries, you can not go wrong with where you go!
He is pretty easy on the eyes.

5) Guess what next week marks?

Our THREE year anniversary! 

I came home earlier this week to 18 of the most beautiful roses I've ever laid eyes on as an early anniversary gesture from Billy. While I'm still in complete shock that it's been three years already, I'm looking forward to celebrating with him next week and (hopefully!) going to eat dinner WHERE we got married!!

 and just because I think it's hilarious
this is one of our first pictures ever taken together back in the day....

Sorry for the terrible quality, but it's taken with my iPhone from a scrapbook (yep, a scrapbook) that I made for Billy, haha. 

 What are you lovely lately?

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. I love shopping at Forever21 online. We were just at the one in Chicago and it reaffirmed exactly why I never go in the store. Way too overwhelming!

  2. You guys are just BABIES in that pic! The roses are gorgeous! Our anniversary is next week too, on the 30th. It will be FIVE years! And yes, the time goes by so quickly!

  3. Still jealous you're going to San Diego! I love the dress you bought though. I'm hoping soon I can fit into F21 stuff again! Those quest bars look amazing and are gluten free! They seem like they might be an expensive addiction though. You and Billy are too precious! I love your love!

  4. I agree I love forever21 online! The actual store can be so overwhelming, but I always find such gems online. Another place for really unique necklaces is https://shoplately.com.

  5. I think i need all of this cute stuff!!! and yay for san diego!!

  6. Aww wittle babies :) beautiful flowers!! Love the dress too!!

  7. those roses are stunning
    love the photo of you two - wow you look young!
    have a great weekend!

  8. LOL! The last picture is too funny! Y'all are such babies! The flowers are beautiful! I so wish we had as many breweries as y'all do! Every time you post that you're at a new one I think this! But, we're getting a new one soon... Hopefully by Fall it will be open!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

  9. I love that dress from F21! Soooo cute! I also love the booties you're wearing with it. Where did you get them?

  10. Yes, yes, yes to F21 online! And they usually have easy to find coupon codes too. Ordered some fun stuff this morning and used F21NEXTJUMP for 10% off AND free shipping, even though I only spent $35. SO MUCH WIN!!!!!

  11. With everyone raving about quest bars, I need to make the trek to GNC and get some this weekend!!!

  12. Ha I love that old picture!! I just said F21 is so much easier online because you can actually see all the product!

  13. Cute necklace! and I love F21 online, I've found tons of cute things there!

  14. I always shop online at forever 21. Going into the actual store (at least in Chicago) overwhelms me so much! Cute picture of you and your hubby! You guys are sooo little!

  15. Happy soon anniversary!!! I just starting reading this blog and I love it! I always shop online at forever 21 because in France there is no Forever 21... Too bad!
    A french girl diary

  16. I bought a pair of gray Albion fit pants a few months back and I have to say I DONT love them. Not even a little. lol Sad right? I was/am unhappy with them because when I sweat good lord to they "Show" it. None of my lululemon pants/crops/shorts ever show sweat lines between my legs or butt lol

  17. Forever 21 tests my patience so I tend to avoid the stores. there is just so much stuff and it is never in order so I also tend to give up pretty quickly. I have heard lots about the Quest bars but never had them. Might have to try them!

  18. I totally agree with the shopping at Forever 21 online! The store near us is a teeny-booper madhouse! They have more items than the little store can contain so I love to be able to window shop from the comfort of my couch! :)

  19. Aaaand I am now obsessed with t+j designs! Ordered this: http://www.tandjdesigns.com/view-all/cobalt-blue-large-resin-bib-necklace/ and this: http://www.tandjdesigns.com/view-all/pink-crystal-spike-necklace/ - onslae plus 20% off - winner winner! Thanks for the intro!



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