Oatmeal Yogurt Breakfast Blend

Phew. We've made it to hump day!

Rocky wanted me to first tell you all thank you for the birthday messages. He says he had a fantastic day and has the best parents in the world (this is an already well known fact). We bought him some new toys and bones, took him for a long walk and car ride, and I made him these peanut butter and oatmeal cookies in the oven....

It's safe to say he loved them.

Anyways, today I have a new favorite breakfast recipe to share!

Just like most of my other recipes, this is SO simple but tastes really yummy. I don't eat dairy that much anymore, but sometimes I want a yogurt every now and again, so this is my special treat for when I do have it. 

If you want an easy, healthy breakfast to add to your morning routine-this is it!

What You Need:

+1/2 cup oats, uncooked
+1/2 cup yogurt
+1 peach (cut into small pieces), or you can use any fruit you'd like!

 What You Do:

Combine oats and yogurt in mason jar. 

Mix well so all the oats are fully coated in yogurt. 

Add your peaches. 

Refrigerate for 8 hours.

The yogurt softens the oats overnight and in the morning you wake up with a delicious, already prepared breakfast!

note: if you aren't an oatmeal fan, make a parfait and use granola!

Easy peasy.

Has anyone made this for breakfast before? 
Give it a try!


  1. This sounds delish! Tilly does that with her tongue too, I've captured it in pics several times!

  2. So, I'm wanting to know how you read my mind today. I've been scouring Pinterest for an oatmeal/yogurt/fruit kind of recipe for breakfast. Too funny! Thanks for this! =D

  3. That looks so good. I definitely should try it!

  4. Such a good idea! Totally copying you.

  5. Yummmmm, great idea! I'll probably whip this up tonight. Thanks!

  6. Overnight oats are delicious. I always mix the oats in the yogurt and refrigerate overnight. You can also do the same thing with almond milk ;)

  7. Love his little tongue sticking out! Yummy!!

  8. I do this all the time.
    And LOVE it.
    I do it with blueberries, and raspberries.
    Glad you shared, hope many people do it :)

  9. That's sounds delish and so easy to make!! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try it. I'm sure it definitely tastes better cause it's in a mason jar, too- everything does! :)

  10. Awww.. Rocky looks SO cute! Glad he enjoyed his evening! I feel bad now that we don't get so much into Levi's birthday now so I have to step up my game! The breakfast dish looks so yummy! My fiance Rob has been quickly making grits and eating them on the way to work and I end up finding odd dishes in the car (which really gripes me).. I want to try this for him because he needs more fruit and more diary in his diet. Thanks for the idea!!

  11. This looks amazing!! Definitely want to add this to the breakfast rotation. :)

  12. I have all of these ingredients in my fridge. Trying it soon!

  13. That looks awesome! Last summer I ate yogurt & strawberries every morning for breakfast, but this summer it turns out I'm at least a little bit lactose-intolerant. It sucks. Sometimes I'll just suck it up for some froyo.

  14. That looks so amazing. I may go and grab all the ingredients to make for my husband and I both. He would love it!

  15. UM. YUM. Love this. Must try. I adore peaches and they are apparently having their "season" here in MD. <3 And Rocky with his tongue out? Adorable.


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