This Weekend I....

Andddd we're back!

Monday, Monday-why you gotta come so fast?

The good news is I actually used my camera (you know, not the iphone kind) this weekend and took entirely way too many pictures. The bad news (or the second good news) is that today you get to look at them, instead of hearing me ramble on and on. Because who really wants to listen to me this early in the morning?

Here we go, this weekend I...

-drove to the cottage with Billy and Rocky (and took shameless selfies on the ride that might have been wine induced)

 {necklace is old, but from Charming Charlie's}

-went to Mon Ami Restaurant and Winery for dinner and drinks on Friday night

It was so hot and humid out, but we still decided to sit outside for dinner and they had a live band playing most of the time while we were there and they were really good!

(don't worry-I didn't eat this whole thing by myself. Billy helped with half, but it was so good I probably could have...)

-took the jet ski out even when the lake had 4 foot waves

Hey, go big or go home, right? I could only get up to 30 mph before almost flying off into the water, but it was so fun to ride the waves! What girl doesn't enjoy an engine between her legs and being out on the water? It's the truth... #watergirl

-went to Put in Bay for Christmas in July!

Billy's cousin had his boat docked there and had some friends with their boats as well, so we hung out on them for a while before heading to dinner and to get drinks at the bars!

 {dress is from here}

-took the boat out for most of Sunday morning and afternoon, relaxed, and soaked up the sun....
{this is the clubhouse/pool area where the cottage is}

-celebrated national ice cream day with a huge bowl of ice cream approximately 20 minutes after I said I was done eating badly for a really long time (naturally...)

Sounds about right.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I'm coming with you next weekend, k?

  2. adorable dress! i've never been on a jetski - looks and sounds like it could be a ton of fun. and i don't know why, but sitting at a wooden bench/table combo with a palm tree top is the best during a night out in summer!

  3. Looks like a blast! It's amazing how much better DSLR photos are!

  4. Ah your weekend looks amazing and I will blame you when Michael gets the bill for that website you got your dress on. oops. I love boating weekends. Too bad it rained all week here in south Texas. Not fun. Hope you have a great week pretty friend.

  5. Question! You wrote about an app for traveling in once of your blog post a while back and I cannot remember what the app was called. It was you could choose where you wanted to go and it gave a list of hotels, or homes, or resorts in that area...Do you remember what it was??

  6. I love weekends on the water! Growing up at the beach I could not imagine any other way to spend weekends. Love the dress going to have to check out that shop too :) Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Okay but why don't I know someone with a boat? I need to fix this stat! Don't worry I had a giant ice cream cone last night and said I'd be good again this week until I got an offer for Benihana for dinner. I am shaking my head at myself already!

  8. You are just so gorgeous Katie! Prettiest eyes and hair everrr! :) Boating is my happy place- I wish I knew more people with boats, haha!

    We totally had ice cream last night too and "SWORE" it would be our last bad eating for awhile!

  9. Love weekends at the lake! And that winery looked divine...since you reminded me that I didn't celebrate national ice cream day properly..I shall make up for it tonight ;)

  10. My parents have a lakehouse about an hour from our house in Austin and believe it or not... we haven't gone ONCE this summer! Ugh. Seeing your pictures makes me so sad knowing what we missed this year. My brother plays select basketball and had tournaments basically every weekend so they rented it out... we are already planning for lots next summer with our little boy! Nothing like relaxing on the back of the boat...

  11. I am in love with how great your hair looks!
    Looks like an amazing weekend away! Coming back to Monday is always the worst!

  12. Four foot waves on a LAKE?! I can't even fathom that, and we live near the lake! That's crazy! You're brave. Love that dress! And only $18! No wonder it's sold out. Very cute!

  13. My kinda weekend - friends, hubs, lake, boats, booze and ice-cream!! Heaven x

  14. beautiful photos! looks like a great weekend!

  15. i love your dress, katie.

    ugh i missed out on national ice cream day...

  16. Awww.. We have a Charming Charlies about a hour or so away and the first time I went there I didn't know what to think! I'm not much for jewelry or such but I LOVED IT! Color Coordinated and such-- OH MY! What a beautiful place to go! I can't help but say that I am TOTALLY jealous-- the CRAZY and FICKLE Florida weather was ever so present ALL weekend.. (my blog explains and shows it all). Today it's back to the old, gloomy, days. Argh!

  17. It looks like you had a ton of fun! I love the colorful dress your wore, so pretty!

  18. Just found your blog, so cute & I LOVE your dress!


  19. Looks like a super fun weekend! Anytime I can get out and enjoy some lake time I am happy!

    =) Brooke


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