IF I had a summer bucket list, I would have crossed about 3 things off that list just this weekend alone, but I missed that boat kayak? this year (fail) so let's just pretend for a moment. Are you ready for picture overload? I hope so!

We saw and experienced so much of what our city has to offer in such a short amount of time and it was awesome...

(sidenote: Steph, this post is half written on your behalf to convince you that Ohio and Texas really aren't all that different and you can move here any day now..kapeesh?)

I came home to the cutest package in the mail from one of my best friends, Angela, asking me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding...

(the package she sent included: bottle of advil, mascara, bag of kleenex, a wine bottle, and handmade card)

Bing. Bam. Boom.... I said YES. Obviously! I was so happy. :)

I won't share the sappy card she wrote me, but it was a wonderful way to start off the weekend right then and there! (thank you Ang-I'm so excited for your big day! I love you!)

We decided to go to North Market's Wine and Food Festival with a big group of friends- Food and Wine.....Wine and Food....what more could you want? I can't think of much. Basically, you pay $25.00 per person for a ticket, which includes 10 wine tastings and a gift certificate for food (all local vendors).

Let's talk about the "10 TASTINGS" for a moment...10 TASTINGS = 20 TASTINGS AND 2 LARGE GLASSES OF WINE. You see, towards the end of the night not only do the wine tasters work up quite the buzz, but the workers behind those booth do as well and once you make friends with them, they fill your glass up multiple times and don't end up taking your drink tickets. This night was definitely a success.


Wine and Food Festival....we WILL be seeing you next year.


Opening day for the Franklin County Fair. Since my husband is a fair type of person (well, he is a fair FOOD type of person...), he was really looking forward to going and I'm always down to see some horses and act like I'm a country girl.


This fair is on the smaller side, but it was still fun to see the animals, watch dirt bike racing, and stuff our faces with fair food until we felt sick.


Fried oreos and funnel cakes were in my belly faster than I could say....

"oh my goodness, this looks so good"

There was no thinking-just eating. :)


A day of kayaking at Trapper Johns!

Trapper Johns is about a 15-20 minute drive from our house and is located on Darby Creek River. It was such a beautiful day (props to you, Ohio for being absolutely perfect all weekend!), so we loaded up our car with our kayak (we still rented one) and food to have a picnic and we were on our way.

They have kayak, canoe, and tube rentals at Trapper John's for really inexpensive. This place is awesome, we loved every minute of it. We kayaked for 2 hours down the river and stopped for just a little bit to eat lunch. We are already planning our next trip back when we have more time and can go 3-4 hours! So. much. fun.

By the time Sunday night hit I was exhausted, but decided to have my best friend Lindsay help me rearrange our living room. Update on that later, but isn't rearranging furniture so much fun? Feels like a whole new room!

Oh, and remember when I mentioned on Friday that I would be rocking my new Rad Market necklace all weekend? Well, you bet I did....
 (dress: forever 21, chambray-a&f, shorts-old navy, shoes-jack rogers, necklace in both pics: the rad market)

If you haven't entered my giveaway from Friday yet, get on it!

So, did you know Ohio had so many fun things going on?!

Hope everyone has a great Monday! (and that Tuesday comes quickly...)

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  1. All of this looks like so much fun!

  2. It was definitely gorgeous weather in Ohio this weekend!! The North Market Wine and Food Fest sounds amazing- I love visiting North Market whenever we're in Columbus!

  3. Such a fun weekend! Every picture just screams summer! Love your kayaking adventure-- I need to try that ASAP. Also, no shame in that necklace-wearing game, girl. I'd wear that on repeat all summer long! ;)

  4. Ohio really nailed it this weekend wit the weather. That festival looks like a fabulously good time!

  5. Looks like such a fun weekend! I LOVE wine/food festivals...and it's so true, once the pourers get a little tipsy they become pour happy. SCORE!

  6. Horses? Wine? Kayaks? Sign. Me. Up.

    Favorite line: I'm always down to see some horses and act like I'm a country girl. (I've trained you well sister friend.)

    Love you. Mkay. Bye now!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! :) I LOVE that necklace!

  8. what a fun weekend!! you must be the cutest kayaker ever!!!

  9. You're killing me with the funnel cake! We had one of our local rodeos/carnivals and for some reason, someone thought it would be ok to have a fair without funnel cake...FAIL!! Oh well, it's probably better I didn't have one anyways...sigh...

  10. you had a fun weekend!! wish I would have known about the Wine and Food Fest because I kept meaning to look up when it was. Last weekend I saw it on one of my brothers friends shirts and we were talking about and I was wanting to go. Next year for sure!!!

  11. Okay remind me what part of Ohio you are from? Jon is from Cleveland and Um.... the weather never looks like this! Your backyard pics always look so beautiful and you seem to do lots of outdoorsy stuff... not the case in Cleveland haha

  12. This is a perfect weekend! Glad you had fun. I need to find a wine festival like that around me.

  13. I wanted to go kayaking this weekend & Matt said it was "too hot" so we skipped it! Seeing that y'all went makes me wish we did so bad! He's not getting out of it next time though! Looks like y'all had an amazing weekend!! Can't wait to see the living room update!

  14. Looks like an amazing weekend! PS: I LOVE that Forever 21 striped dress on you! So amazing!

  15. This is like the perfect summer post. Hands down. How fun friend. And you look gorgeous in every single pictures. Teach me your ways. Hope you have a great start to your week.

  16. I seriously LOOOOVE that striped dress! Adorbs! And my husband is so NOT a fair person, but I am, so it's like pulling teeth trying to convince him to go with me. Wish me luck!


    1. hehe just realized, it's like I'm calling my husband "unfair." I am referring to the NOUN "fair" not the adjective! lol

  17. The weather was so, SO awesome in CBus this weekend - we had fun outside with happy hours, bonfires, a bbq cookoff, and more. I had NO idea there was a good kayak/canoe place so close, I'll have to check it out.

    I remember going to this wine festival a few years ago, and it was NOT as a good of a deal - you bought tickets for like $1 each, but then the wines were 1-5 tickets EACH to try. It could get expensive really quickly, so we didn't stay long. This new setup sounds way better - more like all the ridiculous beer festivals we go to with the overly generous pourers hehe.

  18. Well didn't you just have the most exciting weekend ever. I did that on a river once too. Except I got my ass in a double one with my mom cause I knew I wouldn't want to paddle that long. That is a workout! Good thing you negated it with fried food.

  19. Fried oreos? The answer is always yes. YES.

    Also, yay for being a bridesmaid!


  20. My husband is the same way- he only cares about the food at the fair. I love your dress in that last picture!

  21. I've always wanted to go kayaking! Looks like a blast!

  22. Sounds like a great weekend! I can't wait for our fair. What's better than greasy fair food?! ;)

  23. Oh it looks like you had an amazing weekend! I'm from Texas and I think Ohio does look as awesome :) New follower from Sami's Shenanigans.

  24. Wow, Kayaking looks like a blast!!! I have never been, but I think I am going to talk my husband into it soon!

  25. I've always wanted to go kayaking but I couldn't imagine staying dry.. Is that a hard task to accomplish? I see myself falling off..

  26. i went to a fest this weekend and my husband got the fried oreos. i'm gluten free so i couldn't have them! : ( but glad you enjoyed them!

  27. My sis and I were going to go canoeing at Mohican last Wednesday, but it was all flooded because of the heavy rains. It's great that you got to go during perfect weather!


  28. What a fun weekend. The wine and food festival sounds so fun.

  29. you make me want to go kayaking now!

  30. oooooooookay. your weekend looks AMAZE! I want to go kayaking there!! so so pretty! Steph should listen to you ;)
    And I LOVE that striped dress!! you look rockin' girl!

  31. oh my gosh i love wine tastings. i've been to serious, 4-tastes-only tastings, and i've been to those where the people behind the counter just pour + chat. they're all amazing. oooo, and funnel cake! i haven't had one in too long.

  32. What a great time!
    The bridesmaid gifts are so sweet.
    I would love to attend a real fair. we don't have them in South Africa
    I love wine tastings!

  33. What a fun weekend, and I am loving the outfits!! x

  34. A few things.

    1. I want that necklace stat.
    2. What is the nude/pink nail color in the wine pic.
    3. You have fab legs and I want them instead of the short chubs I have.


  35. how freaking fun! i love your usa tank too!


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