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Express Portofino Shirt (still love this-many neon colors!) / Old Navy 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

March is here! March is here!

This means many great things:

-No buy feb is OVER! Hallelujah.
(actually, I've learned over this past month that I need to cut back more often, so I'm really glad I did it!)
-Billy's birthday weekend starts NOW!
-St. Patricks Day (the best holiday ever!) and spring is right around the corner! But first, first comes Texas. EEK!

Anyways, let's start March off on the 'bright' side.. ;)
I love seeing all the bright clothing in the stores for spring and can't wait to get my hands on a few essentials. Except, it's always nice to know first if I can find a better deal on something. That's where shop this, not that comes into play. It's always a bummer to buy something and then a few days later, find almost the exact same item for way cheaper. Yup, it is.

Lately, I've been loving/eyeing a few pieces off of Thread Bright.
If you haven't heard of them, they pull all the latest styles from top sites across the web allowing you to see the most popular shops in one place! Think Lulu's, Planet Blue, Nasty Gal, etc. all in one spot.
How cool is that?

Here are a couple items I have my eye on:

Lastly, just a tip, if you want to see a girl with real style...head on over to Emily's blog.
She is the cutest and has killer style.

Happy weekend-ing!


  1. I am neon obsessed!!! love these colors!!!!

  2. I was inspired by your No-Buy February and decided to join you! I made it! But I have to say, I just have shopping carts full of things I am loving online, and I can't wait to hit "Check out" today! Thanks for the idea! I love the "Buy this, not that," too! Have a great weekend.

  3. You are inspiring me to shop and to add more bright colors in to my wardrobe. We'll see if I do either....but at least I'm inspired, right?

  4. I love you/hate you for introducing me to Thread Bright. I've already checked it out and am obsessed. Such a brilliant idea!

  5. Congrats on making it through your spending freeze!

  6. Love them all but my fave is that blue lace dress and for THAT price, it's a steal.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday!


  7. Love all the picks! it's always great to find more affordable pieces for things that aren't necessarily staples in your wardrobe but a fun way to add a pop to those things you splurge on!

  8. I have THREE of the Portofino shirts. I couldn't help myself, they're so perfect. However, I got them all when they were 30% off, plus a $30 off coupon, plus a $40 gift card, so I paid in about $12 per shirt. Express is expensive, but with the coupons they offer you can get good deals if you're patient!
    grey et al

  9. Great picks, girl! I'm in love with that orange shirt ... so incredibly cute :)

  10. Love the yellow sweater!


  11. Those Forever21 Neon Toe Ballet Flats are a STEAL! Thanks for this!! xo


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