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This year, there is not much on my Christmas list and that is a really great feeling to have!
It seems like the older I get, the harder it is to think of things. Wow, I can't believe how much I sound like my parents right now? Scary! I do really need a new black coat (for our upcoming trip that I will share soon :)), a pair of warm slippers, and would love to get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Palette (I know I'm totally behind on this), but other than those items I'm stumped.

I do know that I would recommend all of the above items to you guys, though!

All 3 tops + the scarf (links are above on the names of the item) are from the fabulous Kiki La' Rue, and are must haves this holiday season. I own both the Fit To Be Tied wrap and In The Details sweater and love them both (use code "katiewore" for free shipping!). The wrap jacket is extremely flattering, warm, and even has a hood!

Also, this just in.

You can now get the beautiful pave link bracelet from Style Love Living for only $25
This bracelet looks identical to the one J. Crew is selling, but is much, much, much cheaper. 
I'm in loveeee.

For free shipping, use code: "keepcalm"

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?
Do you have any recommendations for me on what I *need* to add to my list?

Don't forget that tomorrow is another round of Saw It. Pinned It. Did It- hope you have your crafts ready!
Mine is getting there and I'm purtyyyy excited to share it with you.

PS-If I asked a small favor of you all, it would be to visit my friend Erin's blog and read her recent post about Isaac and how you can help this child and his family who is battling cancer.
Thank you in advance!

Linked up today with the super sweet Michelle from The Vintage Apple to share all of these pins and Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! Adore both of these link-ups.



  1. I just did a post yesterday about my Christmas wish list :) Hope you'll check it out! My dream gift is a pair of Paige Frye boots in grey buuut that's not gonna happen haha. I keep seeing all of you girls post about Kiki La Rue...guess it's time for me to finally check it out!!

  2. I have that black coat!! :) I wore it on Satuday tailgating! It is THE WARMEST coat you will ever own! I will be taking it with me skiing when we go to Colorado in December. Also, those mittens are super cute too, I just got a pair like them too! :)

  3. Love your wish list! I need to make one.

  4. I love that Fit to Be Tied coat! So pretty! And thank you for posting about that bracelet! I've been looking for a less expensive version for a while now!

  5. I have trouble thinking of things I want too, we must be old ;) We just got a blu-ray player a couple months ago, so I've been telling everyone just to buy us movies, lol!

    Are those J Crew Moccasins to wear out, or as slippers?! Haha- because I love them either way!

  6. I have that same black North Face jacket! I got it for my birthday last year, its perfect for skiing in Tahoe...which by the way you need to come do! :)

  7. Ohh so many things to love here! Loving the bowls and mittens!!

  8. Great list!

    I have that red wrap jacket too and it's one of my favs!

  9. I aims o glad youosted about that J Crew look-alike bracelet! I love it, but definitely needed a more price realistic version.

    Isn't KiKi La'Rue the best? I have that same scarf in red (gorgeous) and now I really feel like I need the In the Details sweater.

  10. UM. Katie! Did you know I just posted today wanting that bracelet for cheap?! Hellerrr. I'm going to get me one right NOW! You da best ;)

  11. Loving the gold plated heel.


  12. The Naked Pallette is totally on my list too! My hubby was like you know it's just eye stuff right? Hilarious. I love those mittens and nesting bowls too! You are right, every year there is less and less that I want for Christmas, time with friends and family is so much more satisfying :) Great list though fun and practical mine is very similar :)

  13. i love those slippers! they look like they could pass for being out of the house too haha :)

    i have the orginal naked palette...and i never use it! :/ but i haven't been wearing eyeshadow that much unless i do something special which is RARELY :X. i think i like naked 2 better!

  14. I sent my parents a Christmas list w/ only 3 things on it. . . the main thing I want is the naked eyeshadow too. I asked last year and didn't get it so this year I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I asked for a Stella and Dot ring and a sweater too. . . Oh and I REALLY want a Michael Kors watch - silver and gold but I will probably use xmas money to buy that! I think you have a great wish list there!!

  15. Ahh! Just ordered that scarf! Just waiting for it to come! OBSESSED!

  16. I love those mocassins. I am trying to look for a pair for my boyfriends mom but cheaper than the J.Crew pricetag haha


  17. Oooooh ahhh to those mittens. I'm all about the chunky yarn type ones this year. So cozy :)

  18. The Naked pallete is on my wish list too! I keep reminding people that it's the most important thing on my list, hoping this will secure it's spot under the tree :)




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