This WEEK!

Good mornin' all!
How was your weekend? 

I have a little bit more pep to my step this Monday morning! Why you ask?! It's here! It's here! It's here! This is going to be one amazing week. Guess what tomorrow is? Our 2 year wedding annniversary! Then we leave for Cali after that for a whole week! Fin - a - lly.

You know when you mentally 'check out' before a vacation? Well, I've hit that level (like yesterday) and am just ready to be at the airport with the hubs leaving on the plane. We are so beyond excited and have so much planned for every day and every city we are stopping in, that now I'm just anxious and ready to be there. 

*as a refresher if you missed any previous posts, our first stop is Lake Tahoe, then Napa, then San Francisco, then we are spending 2 days in Carmel. EEEEK!

Now that that's covered....here's a little bit about our weekend. We took it easy this weekend, but still managed to get a lot done and have some fun. We went out to dinner on Friday night (Billy's pick) and then on Saturday we went to Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe as our favorite brunch tradition. Have I mentioned we eat out a lot on the weekends? I think you've realized that by now, right? ;) I've showed you guys a picture of our food before from here, so it won't come as much of a surprise to you when you see my french toast (pictured below). I swear, their french toast and pancakes are heavenly. If you live in Columbus (or ever visit here), do yourself a favor and go here!

After our food coma subsided, we ran a bunch of errands afterwards and then had a movie night with my best friend Lindsay and her boyfriend. My husband has a huge obsession for pina coladas so went to the store and picked up the things we needed to make some in the blender. They were so yummy! 

On Sunday, I went thrifting! It was really random and I only went to one place, but I couldn't believe the good deals! Mainly everything I bought was under $1.00, but most of it was only .59 cents! So in that case, of COURSE we needed sundae dishes. I mean, don't we? They are just so fun. On Sunday night to end the weekend, we got together with our friends Marissa and Mike for dinner and to hang out before we leave for our trip. 

Here's a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend...

{back to my original hair color!}

{Top: Macy's, Shorts: F21, Booties: Kohls, Arm Candy: Michael Kors, Urban Outfitters}

Dear Sweet Clove,
thank you for another amazingly delicious meal.
If gift cards randomly showed up in our mailbox, it would feel like Christmas,
and we would probably eat you everyday if we could.

my thrift store finds...

and my favorite of all...
this milk glass vase! 

Here is Billy doing his own "OOTD" post. 
He called it "how to mix a workout shirt with Nike golf shorts"


my cute boys.

Oh, and I got my new Zara bib necklace in the mail!!
You can pair it with so much, but on Saturday I paired it with a casual white tshirt and shorts.

I have a great giveaway from Groop Dealz coming on Wednesday, so be on the lookout for that! I'm off to pack more Cali outfits and count down the hours....



  1. LOL to Billy's OOTD pose, go him!!! ;)

    Those coke glasses & sundae dishes are adorable!!! Good finds!

  2. Love the hair girl! Looks great.

  3. That breakfast looks sooo amazing!!! I have the same exact milk glass vase and I love it! Have fun in Cali- can't wait to hear all about your trip:)

  4. You're going to my husband's mom's neck of the woods! She's from California. They're going a couple of weeks and I am SO JEALOUS. Y'all have fun!!

  5. 1. That food looks amazing. So yummy!
    2. Loving the hair. It looks great :)
    3. I also want those Coke glasses!
    4. Have fun in California! My hubby and I there for my birthday and our 1 year anniversary. He's originally from there, so it was fun seeing where he grew up. Where in California are you going?

  6. Oh my gosh, I want that breakfast RIGHT NOW! It looks amazing!

  7. Loving your hair! You always have the cutest outfits and I am loving your collar necklace. Looks like you found some fabulous items. I bought a milk glass vase just like that recently and love it. xo

  8. haha, to your husband's OOTD ... too funny! and i also have a HUGE obsession for pina coladas.

    so exciting that you are leaving for vacation! happy early 2 year anniversary too!

    loving your outfit and the zara necklace, so cute! you make me want to break out my booties asap. too bad it is still so warm here.

    have the best time on vacation!

  9. Your hair looks amazingggggg! I'm also loving that necklace. What a fun cheery necklace to brighten up any outfit :)

  10. Loving the collar necklace! I don't usually like necklaces but that's the perfect way to dress up a t-shirt!

  11. Love that necklace...and that breakfast pic is making my mouth water...literally!! Looks like you had a great weekend:)

  12. Your trip sounds like SO much fun! Happy early 2 years as well :)

  13. Hey girl!!!
    Love love love your blog!
    So cute!!! I am actually from that area in California that you are going, HAVE fun ENJOY and if you are in San Fran and like Fried Chicken please try "Farmer Brown" amazing food!!!
    Jealous that you will be in my hometown and I am stuck in Maryland!!

  14. Sounds like a nice and relaxing weekend. I love your Zara bib. Have so so much fun in California! Can't wait to hear about it.

  15. I'm sure you have your trip planned and have already gotten a bazillion recommendations, so I won't bore you with that.... but I do have to express to you how much you must go to Sweetie Pie's in Napa -- It's the most adorable, sweet little restaurant with phenomenal homemade food, baked goods, etc. It's not just a meal... it's an experience at Sweetie Pie's and one of my most favorite places in Napa, outside of Artesa :)

  16. I can't wait to hear about Lake Tahoe, my boyfriend and I are going this fall and we have been dying to talk to someone who has gone before so we can get all the good info! Have fun!

  17. That breakfast is fat free, right?!?!

    Enjoy California!! Soooooooooo jealous!!!

  18. YAYYY!!! So excited for you two and the fun trip ahead!! Hoping it works out for us to meet up! XOXOXOX

  19. Sooo many things!
    1 - Love your outfit
    2 - that breakfast looks AMAZEEEE!
    3 - That milk glass vase reminds me of my Nanny and makes my heart smile :)
    4 - Billy's OOTD pic is off the charts. hehe!

    Have so much fun on your trip!!! :)

  20. your hair looks great dark! hope your nor cal trip is wonderful. so excited for you :)

  21. love this post! Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do! :)

  22. Cute blog! I just started following you!




  23. billys outfit pose OH YAAA BABY!!! hahaha love him and you!

    cannot wait to hear all about your week in CALI and see all the fun pics and texts and all that jazz! Carmel is going to be BEEEAUUUTIFUL!!! are y'all gonna see pebble beach i assume!? tell tiger woods i say OH HEY


  24. Have a wonderful time!! I'll be so excited to read all about your trip once I return from ours. We leave a week from today. Woohoo!!! San Fran here we come. :)

    xo ~
    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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