More Than Just Good Genes.

Yesterday I posted a picture on instagram (@katiewkrysh) of Billy's cousins
and didn't know at the time that it would get 33 comments {hilarious comments} and 44 likes.
Apparently, you guys like to see good looking men with their shirts off.
What a surprise!
Who's judging? No one. 
Ok then.

Maybe I should try and get a picture of them topless every weekend I spend with them
to provide you guys with eye candy...is anyone out there objecting?

Billy and I were laughing hysterically at all the comments left on this picture...

"wow! just wow"
"hot damn"
"share the wealth"
"is this real life?"

and our personal favorite:

....and we lost it with Magic Mike cast for the sequel, or Magic Mike cast in real life.
You guys are great.

While I wish the point of this post was to just sit and discuss the good gene pool
 of my in laws, surprisingly it's not.

..anyone still reading?

It's obvious that Billy and his cousins were blessed in the looks department (lez be serious), but after this weekend and celebrating the life of their grandfather, I was reminded what truly amazing men they all are on the inside. They all take after their grandfather. They are gentlemen, genuine, kind, and hardworking - just to name a few. On top of that, they all believe that family comes firstThe fact that some of them are still single kinda blows my mind (who's down for a visit to Ohio? I like playing matchmaker!). 

Anyways, Grandpa Krysh's funeral services this weekend were beautiful and the amount of people that came to show their respects on Friday and Saturday was a true testament to the man that he was. He was hardworking, a loving husband and father(I always heard him call grandma "sweetheart" or "darling"), funny, genuine, and what the family likes to describe him as-"the real deal". He served in the Korean War, owned his own business, and raised his children and grandchildren to be outstanding people.

I see a little part of Grandpa Krysh in his kids, in Billy, and all of his cousins.
And I think that no matter if he is still physically here or not, his presence is definitely felt and will be carried on through them. 

I feel beyond blessed to have married into this family.

Sure, this past week didn't go as planned 
and I could sit here and still sulk about it,
but I've learned to find the good in the bad
and the Krysh family is my reminder of the "good" that is out there.

No if's, and's, or but's about it.
the end. 

I'll be back tomorrow to share more on the events of the weekend
 and how we spent 4th of July.
Also, if you are wondering why the heck I'm not here
 recapping our trip to Texas and am totally confused right now,

Happy Monday, friends!
{and cheers to the next cousin picture which I will try to make sooner, 
rather than later...;) }


  1. love the pic and the verb about magoo! he was a legend and an amazing man. love you babe.

  2. I definitely got a kick out of all the comments on instagram! : ) clearly you know what to post to get a good reaction. I'm sure it made those handsome boys feel good too!

  3. wow, good genes is right! Happy Monday .. I am totally DRAGGING today, yuck! When are we TRXing next???

  4. this is so sweet, and I love that you find the good even in a sad situation(I was even sad for you that you didn't get to go to TX) You are so sweet & wise. I'm sorry for your husband and his family, but it sounds like you have wonderful memories of a great man, who had great genes ;)

    have wonderful monday..

  5. which ones are single?? haha hook a sister up!!

  6. I am SO down for a trip to Ohio so you can play match maker (: I'm sorry about your husbands and your loss. I hope you two are staying strong <3

  7. I saw this pic on instagram and definitely agree that you married into a good lookin' family...but what I love more than any of that, is that you take the time to talk about what great guys they are on the inside!

  8. What a sweet post. Family is sooo so important and Grandpa K sounded like an amazing man :) I feel really lucky to have married into a great family too.

    I'm going to start brainstorming about single friends I have now... and I'm sending them your way ;)

  9. Too funny! I am married but I sure wish I could find guys good looking on the inside AND out for a few of my single friends and cousins.
    Many people can't say such wonderful things about their inlaws. You are blessed indeed!

  10. um YES THEY ARE HOT!! Middle with aviators...BRADLEY COOPER????? :-)

    you really are so lucky to have married into such an amazing family! Judging from meeting Billy, I can only imagine his brother/cousins/family are just as sweet and kind and genuine as he is. Seriously katie...what a freakin KEEPER you got!!

    i thought about you guys all wekend and hope everyone was okay. I love hearing that so many people came to see him! He really sounded like such an awesome, loved man!

    love you both!

  11. Ha, no wonder you got so many likes. Def a good looking crew.

  12. Oh My Wow! I'll gladly recruit the two juicy men on the left...single?! … & what weekend should I fly in?! ;) Also, doesn't anyone see the guy above Mr. Cooper... doesn't he look like Jonny Dep?!

  13. I missed this photo but you know I've told you before he comes from one good looking family of boys. If i'm ever single..Ohio will be the first place I go. Good thing Chicago is close. ;)

  14. Those comments are hilarious, what a great way to lift your spirits! :) May your grandfather (in-law) rest in peace

  15. they are all cute as buttons, keep up the eye candy : ) Sorry to hear about Billy's grandpa, it's always hard losing a loved one, but some times a life celebration helps things : )

  16. I literally laughed and cried reading this post! You got my vote for the Magic Mike Cast and sequal!

    The Krysh family has been in my prayers!

  17. what a great outlook to have on a tough situation!! im sure billys family feels blessed to have such a thoughtful and sweet woman in their lives! xoxo

  18. Okay sooo when I can I plan my trip to OH?! You know..my (girl) cousin lives in Columbus so we can make it a party :) Sweet sweet words about Billy's grandpa! You're a gem for seeing the good in the bad dear!

  19. So glad everything went well. Hugs to you and Billy

  20. I have to say, when I started reading this I definitely didn't think I'd end up tearing up. My grandfather is in the hospital right now so it really hit close to home.

    Lots of love coming your way girl!

  21. Oh those hotties. I mean I might be in love and headed to Ohio ASAP! Ha. I think it is so great they had such an amazing grandfather to show them what life is truly about. I am praying for your sweet family continuously.

  22. Life can be rough but there is always good if you look hard enough! Glad the services went well and that his memory was honored. Prayers for the family as they mourn their loss.

  23. So, um, I'm single and even though I'm up here in WA, I'd be TOTALLY down to meet one of these Magic Mike 'cast members'... Holler :)

  24. Great post! So sorry about his grandpa! :( I'll be sending prayers up for your family!


  25. Holy smokin hot- Magic Mike Family!!
    Looks like fun. :)

  26. Okay...now I'm happily married and all but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate this picture ;) I will also say...the one in the bottom, middle...looks like Bradley Cooper!!

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