Life Lately, according to Instagram

Hello, hello party people.

I cannot believe it's Thursday already!
I'm not complaining. 
To all 52 of you who left me comments yesterday,
you rock.
To those of you who sent me lengthy emails (about 20 of you)
with all kinds of suggestions, where to eat, routes to take, etc.
you are amazing, too.
It seems as though we have picked an amazing place to go 
and when a lot of you say Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on Earth,
that just makes me want to cry out of pure excitement. I probably could, and may.
I was seriously so happy last night because I was forced to create a spreadsheet
 (which is a planner's happy place, right?)
 with all the cities we are visiting and the things you all suggested.
I'm so thankful for each and every suggestion 
and you may have just planned our entire trip for us. ha ha. Not joking.
*I highly suggest you go back to my post and read through the comments 
to either find some new Cali friends, or save the info
for yourself if you think you will be taking a similar trip in the future! 

Last night, the hubs and I actually booked a 2 hour boat cruise in San Fran.
It includes appetizers and a wine tasting...
I know that I'm going to fall in love with this city already!

Here's what else has been going on in my life...
via the lovely Instagram.
I know some of you don't have this app, so these pictures will be new to you.
But for those who do, sorry. You'll be seeing them all again.

1. A new scarf for Lake Tahoe: the colors and pattern seem perfect for it.
2. TRX: still loving getting my butt kicked by this workout!
3. Rocky says "I need mah shades, ma" 
4. Chambray + Mint bauble necklace {from Bauble Bar}

5. Waking up to his little face every morning makes me so happy.
6. Girls at the Goat! 
7. O.O.T.D: Mixing black and navy and patterns
 (and also trying to see which shoe looked best)
8. The BEST taco salad that I would pick over Chipotle any day. Yeah, I went there.
 I'm not sure if it's possible to go a week without making it. 
That good.

*Don't forget to enter my $150 Applebees GiftCard giveaway!
That is, you want to stuff your face and not have a bill at the end of it.
My kinda night! 



  1. Ohhhh, I am IN LOVE with that bauble necklace!!

    1. Dalam menghitung masa kandungan kita telah di berlakukannya untuk mencari cara menggugurkan kandungan yang sebagian orang awam ingin mengetahui dan membeli obat penggugur kandungan

  2. OBSESSED with that mint bauble!! Is it from BaubleBar?

  3. You find the cutest things!! The little frames around the pictures are adorable! I also loooove that OOTD [totally noticed the shoes though and was like, guess I'm not the only one who wore two different shoes. I used to think it was "cool" when I was 5. Typical.]

    Anyway, I am STILL excited for you to be going to CALIFORNIA! I've never been to Tahoe though other than a layover so I can't wait to get the details when you get back so I can add it to the list and then we'll go all the time when you come visit me in CA ;)

  4. The boat cruise sounds amazing!!
    Love your outfit- that top is gorgeous on you!

  5. There are TRX things at my gym... they intimidate me/ look pointless... how do you use them?

  6. lets hang out soon.

    k, thanks.

    Oh and I went to TRX on Tuesday, and I think I might be getting better. Kinda. Thats all.

    love, A

  7. I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday, but I am super jealous of your trip! My husband and I just did a honeymoon road trip starting in SF and heading north and have since decided we have to do it again heading south. I've done a recap recently of SF and Napa/Sonoma and if you look under the category San Francisco there are several posts from when I went there for a week a couple of years ago (anna-livingonlove.blogspot.com).

    A few tips--if you're going to Alcatraz (and you should be!) get tickets early and try to be on the first ferry ride over in the morning. Grab tickets for the cable cars at a gas station or one of the other many places that sell them and hop on at a stop along the way rather than waiting in line where it turns around (Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square I'm pretty sure). In the summer it's so foggy it can feel like a constant light mist/rain so stock up on those hair supplies you got for Houston! Rent bikes for Golden Gate park--it's huge and they have places to rent them nearby. They'll give you a lock to hook it up somewhere to go inside places like the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden. Buena Vista park is nearby and beautiful also. When you drive over Golden Gate Bridge turn left, not right like everyone else is doing and park up in the mountains for the breathtaking views. Then, take that road back down and into downtown Sausalito for some Sangria and more photo ops.

    We didn't plan well for wine country and I wouldn't recommend where we did our tour. The place across the street, Sterling Vineyards, seemed to be the place to go and there's a gondola ride up to it that everyone we talked to raved about. As far as the actual towns go I'd say Sonoma was a little neater (say, for dinner) but as far as the surrounding towns where the vineyards are the Napa area was cooler. Also, the roads are beautiful (especially US-1) but pack some dramamine even if you don't typically get carsick. My husband didn't know what carsick felt like until this trip.

    My apologies for the long comment, I could talk about it all day! Have so much fun and I can't wait to read your recap!

  8. Me thinks you should share this taco salad recipe on the blog like asap.. or did you already? I can't remember! Have a good day girl!

  9. TRX scares me....hahah that pic looks INTENSE!! i need to look for a class to try! and pure barre!

    loving the pattern/color mixing! girrrl you so GLAM GLAM!

    cant wait for your trip to Cali so i can follow along like a creepy stalker

    loves u!

  10. I want to steal your scarf, your necklace, and that entire salad. Off the screen and into my mouth it shall go. Looks so freakin' good.

  11. It seems as though I MUST try this taco salad because I'm a Chipotle freak. But seriously, don't come between me and my burrito bowl or taco salad. YUM! I finally am updating my blog design and had the chance to grab your button so all my readers can see how fabulous you are!

    Have a great day!

  12. I saw your instagram! That scarf is gorgeous

  13. LOVE YOUR MINT BAUBLES. Ugh :) And why the heck are you just sooooo dang adorable, those little frames around your instagrams are too cute.

  14. How in the heck did I miss your unveiling of Labor Day weekend yesterday! SO EXCITING! SO EXCITING. That's all I can say.

  15. Two things really stood out, that necklace, and the salad!!! That salad looks amazing.

  16. Two things really stood out, that necklace, and the salad!!! That salad looks amazing.

  17. your mixed pattern work outfit may be one of my favs on you ever....spicy in the workplace! i love it!

  18. that salad looks delish! is it homemade?! loving the mint necklace also!

  19. You will LOVE San Fran...I mean, I might be a little biased since I'm from California :)

    And that salad?? Umm recipe please??


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