DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottles

Good morning...Howdy!...Hola...

This DIY is genius.
*and if you like wine, then the supplies will be very easy to come by!
I'm actually quite upset I didn't think of it myself, 
but leave it up to my one of my good friends (in real life!), 
miss Ashley, to make them.
Nevertheless, you get the "in" on this cute DIY project today that can be used for yourself, 
as a wedding gift, or anything your creative mind can think of!

+You may or may not see me interject here and there (in red) ;)

Hello all you KC&CO readers!

If you don't all know me by now, I am Ashley from

Katie and I went to high school together, but we never really hung
out in high school (you were so much more popular Ash) but I'm so glad that we have
reconnected and become great friends through blogging. I started reading
KC&CO and Katie made blogging seem so fun, so I started to blog myself.
I really wanted to do a fun post today (a drink of some sort), but I was
a slacker and didn't get my post together in time ... (true story)
SO my post today is a DIY Project I did a few weeks ago BUT I promise,
 it's a fun one.

I don't know about all you other bloggers out there, but all, I mean all
my friends are either getting engaged or married. 
It is definitely wedding season. 
While browsing through Pinterest, I found this very cute DIY Project that I just had to try.
 I gave these bottles to a friend of mine as an engagement present.
I pretty much followed THIS TUTORIAL HERE, but I will also walk you through the steps.

Ready, Set, Let's Go...

 Chalkboard Wine Bottles

1. First, take off any label that is on the wine/champagne bottle. I soaked the bottles in warm water and scrubbed the label off with soap & water. This took me a long time because I decided to try to take the label off BEFORE soaking (we have an amateur here!). 
Don't do that, just soak immediately and the label should come off pretty easy 
(she isn't blonde, I swear)
The bottle on the right is full of champage. 
I figured they could celebrate their engagement with some bubbly. 
You can either do this with an empty or full bottle.

2. Next, buy puffy paint (in any color) and write whatever you wish on the bottle. Let me tell you, I have not touched a bottle of puffy paint since like the 3rd grade, so my hand was a little shaky. It's best to practice what you want to write before putting it on the bottle. (You can see my numbers are a little crooked - oops!). 

3. Actually, I take that back, try to buy a solid color of paint because I used sparkly paint and when I sprayed the chalkboard paint over top, I could see some sparkles coming through.

4. I decided to write their names and the date that they are getting married on the bottles. 

5. Let dry for 45 minutes or so. You want to make sure the paint is almost fully dry. 
I was anxious to spray the bottles, so my paint was probably not as dry as it should have been 
(where is your patience missy?!).

6. Next, the fun part. Spray the bottles with chalkboard paint (You can buy paint at any craft store - I bought mine at Hobby Lobby). You obviously want to spray these somewhere outside. Make sure you shake the bottle for a good 2 minutes to mix up the paint. Also, when spraying these, don't spray too close to the bottle or else the paint will drip. You want to spray in even coats and want to spray enough to cover the whole bottle. I think I did about three coats. 
Use your judgment as to how much you need to spray to cover the whole bottle.

7. Wa-lah! You are done. Let dry. I didn't touch the bottles until the next day to make sure they were completely dry. I stuck a flower in the empty bottle as a cute touch. 

How adorable are these!?
These would make a cute centerpiece for the coffee table
 or even decoration in your bedroom, right?

I am definitely going to make myself one for the house. 
Next time, I will practice my handwriting beforehand.
I forgot how hard it is to write with puffy paint :)

I really enjoyed making these. 
I feel like I want to cover everything in chalkboard paint now. 
My boyfriend was looking for things to paint around the house after he saw how cool these turned out (Ooh, Rick) Seriously, I think he had more fun helping me with this project than me. Ha.

 Go try it ... now!

I am so glad that I finally got to guest post for Katie.
Isn't she the best!?
(why thank you, I am. Jk friends...)

Me, Jess and Katie

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Have fun making these wine bottles!

*Aren't these bottles awesome? 
Who doesn't love chalkboard paint nowadays?
Now, go say hi to Ashley
...and tell her we want that strawberry mango salsa recipe
 she recently made, ASAP. 



  1. I was going to make one of those last week and completely ran out of time! Looks cute :)

  2. These came out great! I love using chalkboard paint, but I have never thought of this. I cant wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yay, thanks for posting! LOVE you!
    SEE YOU TONIGHT!!!! :) and BTW, i was not popular ... lol

  4. What a cute idea!!! Maybe this will have to be a weekend project with some girlfriends! xo

  5. love these! my sister did it with the bottom of her wine glasses for entertaining and i love love them. will have to try this too!


  6. I did these but just used an off-white spray paint because I wanted something a little lighter. I put our anniversary date on 3 of them (Like 5 on one, 28 on the other, 11 on the third) and they look really cute on our dresser ;)

  7. Haha Katie your comments are cracking me up! Such a cute project and I obvs already follow her so I told her yesterday I want the recipe. My mouth was watering looking at the picture of it :)

  8. Cute idea! For some reason, I think mine would be the epic fail* next to your adorable bottles. LOL- I'm not crafty.


  9. What a cute idea! Will definitely be doing this as gifts.

  10. what a great and inexpensive project!! i need to try this for sure thanks for sharing

  11. hahah katie! i love your little commentary in red :-) youre the cutest

    ASHLEY THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME!! seriously girl..you've got le skillz

    puffy paint! YES i remember that!

    i am just like you...id want to cover EVERYTHING in chalkboard paint hahah...my bed...my shower...my boyfriend. would that be weird!?

    love this ashley! :-)


  12. I painted a bunch of wine bottles for my wedding centerpieces (regular paint, not chalkboard; first picture at this link: http://thecraftedcure.blogspot.com/2012/04/taking-rentership-vase-makeover.html). I loved them! However, doing puffy paint/hot glue/etc on the bottle beforehand is a great idea. And I LOVE the idea of doing it to a full bottle! Thanks for the ideas; i've got a million weddings this summer!

  13. I did this for a stock the bar shower a year ago. I didn't do the puffy paint though, just wrote on them with chalk. I love the puffy paint underneath so much better.

  14. Love the DIY wine bottles, what a cute idea!


  15. Puffy paint and wine bottles?! Sounds like a good time! Thanks for sharing. Love this! Katie- your little intro cracked me up : )


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