Dear Everything Under The Sun,

I just love this picture.
mainly because it's totally Rocky...

{Spoiled. Driving safety 101. Of course.}

Happy Friday!
Just look at that little pom face. 
I seriously come home everyday and smile at his cuteness.
Gah. Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
I'm biased, so what. 

Well, we are finally STAYING IN TOWN for a weekend, and I'm ecstatic to be able to sleep in, do whatever we want, and not make any set plans. A to the men. 
I see many movies and fro yo in my future.

Let's get right into it.
Here are my friday letters!

Dear Readers, I updated my facebook cover photo and if it didn't show up in your news feed that means you haven't "liked" me on facebook, and that is just unacceptable. ;) Will you go "like" my page? please & thanks! Dear shopping mall, I've made a promise to myself that I'm done buying summer clothes. Sorry about your luck. Bring on FALL! My absolutely favorite season of the year...for fashion and weather (don't kill me for saying that). Dear Brooks running shoes (see pic below), you continue to be my favorite. I kinda dig my new hot pink kicks..they feel like I'm walking on air. Dear Erica, I know I've told you, but thank you x543 for the beautiful flowers you had delivered to our house. You're so sweet. #amazingbloggyfriend.  Dear nails, I love to get you manicures, but lasting less than a week is just not right. Can we prolong it a little longer?! Dear Life, I'm so happy and content with you (hello cheesy lines). I'm thankful..very thankful. Dear Josh Altman/MDL, I've enjoyed our tweeting for the past 3 weeks straight during the show. Billy calls it our "date night" between me and you, and that makes me giggle (and happy that he doesn't even mind.) Dear Emily Maynard, I'm so anxious to see who you pick and have been purposely avoiding spoiler websites, even though I really want to know RIGHT NOW who you pick...Jef or Arie. I loved when you called Arie "stupid hot". I may have to use that from now on (about Billy, of course). I also wish we saw more of a funky, goofy side to you. Dear Readers (you get 2 letters), have you seen my bestie Steph's Keep Calm & Blog On shirts she has for sale? Go get yourself one before they sell out and she posts pics of just her in her zebra bra! I love mine (my shirt-not the bra). Dear Billy, you've cooked dinner twice this week due to my busy schedule - thank you. I think I'll keep you around a bit longer. ;) Dear weekend, BRING IT.

What are your letters today?

Have an amazing weekend, friends.
PS: I have an amazing giveaway coming up on Monday. Stay tuned. 


  1. I am totally jealous of your pink kicks. They are so cute.

  2. i need those sneakers in my life. They are so fresh to death!

    dont you LOVE weekends home with zero plans!?!?!

    im so happy you love the flowers and even MORE happy they are still alive and kickin!!! I was probably a gardener in another life. Not like I grew them myself..but ya know...I have a green thumb when it comes to clicking ORDER online :-) or a green pointer finger

    billy for the win for cooking din! he is such a lil keeper!!

    happy weekend katie bear!

  3. Dear Katie, you are frickin' awesome :) and I ADORE those pink shoes! I need some hot workout gear to get me motivated!

  4. Thanks for keeping me around lol, love you babe.

  5. ooo how lucky am I that I get to post under billy's comment :) haha I cant see some of the pics you posted today :(( wahh! they arent showing up. LOVE the new shoes and they are soo comfy except for the fact that I had serious charley horses last night in that class lol. I am such a complainer! the teacher probably hated me. happy friday, love u mucho! call me this weekend if are around!

  6. Dear KEWKH, thank you for being you and for putting up with me. (You know you love my texts letting you know I'm on the crapper...don't lie.) Please tell Rocky his aunt Stephy misses his sweet little pom face more than he will EVER know and please tell Billhead I miss seeing him drenching Rocky with a watering can. ("What? He likes it!") HAHAHAHAHAA

    Ugh-I really need more of y'all in my life. There's still a lot for sale by our new house. I can go drop off a check today, cool?

    No really. Could you at least consider moving to Houston? Just for like 1/2 a second?

    Love you sister pants. Like, really.

  7. Oh-and OBVIOUSLY thanks for the shoutout my little munchkin!! <3

  8. PSS-Billy's comment...hahahahaha God love that man!!

    Tell him he needs to comment on mine more often. What the hell? His Texas better half is feeling left out.

  9. PSSS-this concludes my comments for today.

  10. I want a little pom face to see every day too! I wonder if I'd be allergic to those types of pups?! I love him!!! :)

    I'm with you, I seriously am ready for fall. I love the sun and bathing suits and all that, but the weather, the clothes and obviously FOOTBALL season is my fave time of year too!

    Happy Friday ma'am!!

  11. love the letters!! & yes I agree, Fall is my favorite season & fashion season too!!! and love the shoes!!!

    Happy Friday.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. From one Pom mom to another--POMS ROCK! Best dogs EVER I don't think anyone can dispute what amazing pooches they are! :) Happy Friday!

  13. I LOVE your Brooks running shoes. I want some neon ones. I just don't NEED any right now...I need to wear some out so it becomes a necessity. And that is too fun that you tweet with Josh Altman each week!! I love that show. The other Josh is my favorite, though. He and his grandmother are too much. And I resisted spoilers too until this past week. I just couldn't resist anymore, plus we'll be on our Honeymoon when it airs so I figured it was kind of my duty to look now? Ha! Have a great and relaxing weekend Katie!!

  14. I love my Brooks running shoes too! Mine are orange and white! Just a thought for your nails...have you tried gel polish? I use it and my nails sometimes last long than my toes now! My manicure usually now stays for 2 and half to 3 weeks. Then my nails grow out so I have to get them re done but they rarely ever chip. I used to never get mine done because they would always cheap and at best last a week. Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. I am probably going to have to buy these pink shoes. I bought the pink ones Steph has, but had to send them back. I was sadz. Also, I love those flowers Erica sent. I do wish she hadn't had to send them but it was sweet of her to do so! (hugs)

  16. those running shoes look and sound AMAZE. and I am seriously so anxious to find out who emily picks! I also loved the stupid hot comment. And i think we will see some spunk from her on the MTA! have a fabulous weekend.

  17. Love the pink shoes!!!!


  18. We don't get fall round these parts' - Shopping for spring and summer is a 9 month ordeal!

  19. LOVE your new kicks lady! i have hot pink ones too and totallly love my workouts infinitely more because of them! and Erica is the sweetest - seriously most thoughtful person ever! and your little pooch is so adorable! hope your week is off to a great start!


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