What I Wore: Peplum + Marley Lilly Clutch

(Top: Tibi /Jeans: F21 (recent) /Clutch: c/o Marley Lilly /Necklace: ebay /Shoes: Jack Rogers /Watch: Michael Kors /Bracelets: c/o StyleLoveLiving)

It's safe to say most of us ladies have a lot of love for Marley Lilly inside us.
More like, inside our wallets.
(and if you haven't heard of Marley Lilly-you best get your booty to their website..like 5 minutes ago!)

But, have you seen the Monogrammed Luxe Cross Body Clutch?
It's so nice to not have to lug around a big ole bag in the summertime. 
You can carry this clutch easily on the hotter than hot days and also stuff it in your beach bag to go with all your stuff for the day. It can be used when you dress down, or when you    are feeling fancy and want to use the gold cross body strap with it. 

Plus, they have a ton of colors available and font styles you can pick from.
Get your shop on (not to be mistaken with roll on) here.

Sidenote: I did get my "roll on" last night at my first TRX class with Ashley.
Who has done a TRX workout?!
You know, the workout where you hang from the ropes 
and do a bunch of crazy stuff on it.
The real term? TRX is a workout that you use your own body weight as resistance.
I LOVED IT. TRX is legit!
I enjoyed it way way way more than Crossfit, and I think I've found my new fav workout.
It uses so many different muscles at once and gives you a great full body workout.
Plus, it's kinda fun using ropes (don't you dare reference this to any of that 50 Shades business) instead of dumbbells to switch things up.
If your gym offers these types of classes, go try 'em! 
I'm just regretting I haven't done it sooner.

(this is an actual pic of the studio where I took mine!)

Looks fun, right?

By the way, one month from today the 2012 Olympics starts.
I am OBSESSED with watching the Olympics and it's definitely something that is on my bucket list to go to!
My favorite events to watch are swimming and women's gymnastics.
Are you excited for the Olympics too?

oh hello, Ryan Lochte. 
You're my fav.

that's all I've got.
happy hump day friends!


  1. You are too cute! I love your peplum top the the necklace that goes with it so perfectly. I've never tried TRX and don't know where to go to find one. My gym had said they were thinking about starting it, but that hasn't since happened. And I didn't know you tried crossfit! I went to one one time and can't get over the fact that some workouts only take 15-20 minutes. I just don't think I would feel like I had done a full workout if that's all I was doing...

  2. LOOOOVE the top and clutch!!! You are so adorable.

  3. You're adorable :) I LOVE that top!! And that little clutch is awesome! And it's cross body too? Those are the best!

    That class looks like it was intense. This is actually the first time I've heard of it!!

  4. i love that top! such a cute fit!

  5. Love the top and clutch!! Too cute!!

    I can't wait for Olympics to start!! Love swimming!!

  6. OB-SESSED with the Olympics. I.Can.Not.Wait!!!!!!! EEEK

  7. oh if only I could make myself spend the money for such cute awesome stuff. I just always convince myself I don't NEED it.

    And the Olympics! I am super excited. I worked in the Duke University Sports Information Office last summer and met Nick McCrory and Abby Johnston two divers that just qualified for the Olympics last week!

  8. WHERE did you get those jeans!??? LOVE!!! TRX was killer!!!

  9. You always have the most adorable
    Outfits! I love the red top!

  10. Umm hello just ordered my Marley Lily clutch last week! I can't wait to get it! :) You are adorbs as always. That class looks intense but kind of fun? Haha.

  11. I LOVE that top!! Your outfit is so cute!! I see people doing TRX all the time when I'm working out but I honestly just noticed today that that's what it was actually called. I may have to just 'man up' and take a class one morning!

  12. I just love those Marley Lilly clutches! I want one so bad but, with a name change coming in less than 11 months, I guess I'll have to wait!

  13. I am also obsessed with the Olympics. I remember when I was younger and my parents took me to the Opening Day Parade when the Olympics were in LA. It was so exciting and I have been hooked since then. My family thinks I am crazy but I enjoy watching every sport including Archery but swimming, gymnastics, and soccer are my faves.

  14. I LOVE Marley Lilly! I just ordered a monogrammed floppy and LOVE it :)

    Sidenote : Ryan Lochte is my fav too AND he's a Gator ;)

  15. That workout looks really scary!

  16. Umm that outfit is DARLING, like seriously so so cute! And I know what you mean about TRX, we do those moves with TRX straps at the gym I go to for our circuit classes and it's hard!

  17. Love the top. Love the necklace. Love the clutch. Totally envious of your cool workout---don't think I'm quite ready for that! haha

  18. Those bags are seriously adorable- I just put it on my wish list for my bday!!

  19. Love the tibi top! You're adorbs as always.

  20. Yay! Peplum! I may have to break my spending freeze to hop on this trend. Or just add it to zee birthday with list. And girlie these swimmin trials are the whip! If that's what swimming does to your body I NEED to start doing laps. Ryan is yummo!

  21. im in love with this whole ensemble...you are such a little BUG!!!!!! ;-)

    need to try that workout...ive been hearing lots about it...gotta get my butt there!!!

    ALSO yes to olympics!! i cannot wait to watch...esp gymnastics!! maybe BBFT will be there for handstanding :-)


  22. Could you be more gorgeous? These pics make me want to go shopping and to the gym like yesterday. :-)

  23. I LOVE the Olympics too! My good friend lives in London and wants to get out of town during them b/c it will be so crazy. Wish I could go visit her and go to events. Someday I'll go!

  24. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the peplum top! I'm excited about the Olympics too!


  25. oh, I have to find that! I just love Marley Lilly. Such a cute purse!

  26. im' currently DYING over peplum!! i bought a white sleeveless peplum top and allllmost wore it to a cocktail reception in vegas but decided not to...thank god i didnt because some other woman was wearing my SAME peplum top!! how dare she?! ;) i should have opted for tibi instead of the limited. that's what I get!

    I think I NEED This monogrammed goodness in my life....Dear Marley Lilly, me and my unmonogrammed wallet are headed your way!

    And giiiiiirl! I've only done a little bit of TRX in bootcamp but it is one heck of a workout!! Get you some!!

  27. We have a TRX at home and we take it to the park and do outdoor workouts on the playground. LOVE it!

  28. love the clutch! and your outfit! you are just so gosh darn cute ;)

    And I loveee the Olympics! I'm so excited for them. I am glad you said you were too. I was feeling like a nerd for a bit there. I think I am even going to have an Olympics party! too much?!...lol

  29. I just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I love reading your blog and read almost daily but this is my first time to comment :)

    My fiance is from Columbus and his whole family still lives there,I love seeing what all there is to do around town so I can plan for some fun stuff next time we are there!

    I also just got the same Marley Lilly clutch in the mail on Monday ( except I got light blue) but I love it too!

  30. I love your peplum top! I am super hippy so it's one trend I can't pull off I am always so jealous of people who can.

  31. That workout looks intense. I wish we had something like that here.

  32. cutest jeans, i can't believe they're from F21!! and that clutch is amazing, must have!


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