Oooohh, Life Lately!

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1. Some of my favorite things: Boyfriend jeans, new gold statement necklace (Forever21), EOS balm from Erica, and the current nail polish on my fingers.

2. Sneaking mini bottles of pink moscato into the Memorial Tournament. Totally acceptable, right? When drinks are $8 a pop, I think it is. You can find these glorious mini bottles for $1.25 at Kroger. 

3. Rocky officially has a girlfriend! Her name is Tilly (and he has another one named Chloe! He's wanted in many states..) Can't you tell how much she likes him? They are adorbs.

4. Naked drink for breakfast + the last of my Magnesium pills Steph left for me.

It was a Michael Kors kinda birthday...

5. My parents gave me this gorgeous luggage wallet.
6. Billy got me this black Michael Kors watch to add to my collection.

...so thankful! Love them both.

7. I neglected to mention to you guys that when Steph and BBFT visited, we Facetimed with Kristen from All In My Twenties (at a bar, I might add.) She is hilarious! She kept making funny faces at herself that we weren't even sure if she knew we were on the other end. 
...Love ya woman.

8. New favorite Pinot Noir wine and rainbow fruit kabobs for a cookout.

9. You all need to know something.I've been making Krysta's taco salad recipe weekly .In fact, I made it Monday night and doubled the recipe so I ate it for lunch twice this week. We love it that much! You are only hurting yourself if you haven't made this yet ;)
Recipe here

10. I took my favorite spin class last night and it kicked my butt.

Oh, oops.
This isn't from Instagram but is still just as good...
Steph sent me this last night before bed. Missing her and my tubby so much!
...there were also some videos shared, but we will save those for a later date, kapeesh?

What have you been up to lately?
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Today, I'm grabbing lunch with the lovely Ashley :)
Woo-hoo for girl time and good eats. (aka Chipotle) 

Also, my good friend Genna asked me to be in her wedding this October.
I'm ordering the dress next week. 
I just love weddings, so I'm pretty excited!

Excuse the beyond random post today, my friends.
Stay tuned for my friday five and a special guest tomorrow!
hint: if you like Marley Lilly, you will LOVE her post. 



  1. Love the Kors! How does the Naked juice taste? I've wanted to try it but some of them make me nervous :)

  2. Love the new watch! Rock it! Oh, and I'm officially registered as a staulker following you on Instagram ;) @clearlycrystallynn

  3. I need to get on the instagram band wagon! I think I'd like it. You are unreal with that taco salad...unreal!!! You make me laugh. The sneaking the wine in is totally acceptable. I do the same thing at the movies!

    I wonder if I'd like spin...

  4. cute post girlie!! Obsessed with the wallet and watch by the way!

    See you in a little bit !!! xoxoxo

  5. Nothing wrong w/ sneaking in snacks and beverages to places that try to charge you out the wazoo for them! Just like movie theatres, I never buy stuff there. Just bring my own in the jumbo purse!

    Ps- you got a shoutout on my blogggg today ;)

  6. Mmmm love pink moscato and Naked juice!! Good choices!! I just moved to TX 7 months ago...it's good, you should listen to your friend!

  7. Michael Kors is my favorite. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  8. Yummm I love naked Juice!
    That watch is gorgeous, as is the wallet!

  9. If this isn't the most random post EVER, I don't know what is.

    Either way-I always love me a shoutout! HA! Especially my serious conversation I had with God last night. I think he's all in so you and Billhead can expect a UHAUL truck to pull up around this time next year. Cool? Cool.

    I'll go ahead and put down your earnest money to save you a lot close to ours. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  10. Oh I miss spin!! Lots of fun goodies in today's post!

  11. I love instagram! My username is aelbert :)

  12. fun post!

    loving your watch! and that necklace from Forever 21 is gorgeous!

    and sneaking mini bottles is perfectly acceptable and normal. i feel bad for those who don't do it.

  13. Love your new watch!! Naked juice is my absolute favorite!!

  14. LOVE that watch! So amazing! I love instagram... Follow me at court_max.

  15. Taco salad is my favorite- great way to get veggies into a meal :) I am going to have to try her recipe. Love the MK luggage wallet too! Camel is my fave leather color.

  16. So many great things on your post today. I love the MK items from your bday. I have that wallet and it is the best!

  17. How cute are you! Love the MK stuff and Rocky's GF is adorable! I need to make that Taco Salad asap.. sounds like a recipe for this weekend! Marley Lily say wha?! Can't wait! Have a great day love :)

  18. The card that Steph sent you was too cute! And you have such adorable instagram photos...you've inspired me to be better about it!


  19. that wallet is gorgeous! xx


  20. I'm so glad that Rocky & Tilly are in love! I might be coming to columbus in July for a concert so maybe they could meet IRL! :)

  21. love the card from steph :-) you guys are PRESH and i miss yall!!

    i need to try spin...like yesterday. Im still scared of how much it will hurt my hoo ha

    loooove that you are lovin on mista egg

    probably gonna make that taco salad recipe ASAP!!!!


  22. I already follow you on instagram and love doing so! My user name is StormyAnn22 :)

  23. I love the Naked Drinks! I have them EVERY morning for breakfast!!!! So yummy! I haven't had one that I didn't like yet!!!

  24. Ooohh love the Michael kors wallet. Fabulous! Your dogs are so freaking cute!! I just followed you on Instagram!

  25. 1. I have that EOS lip balm in every flavor and love all of them equally.

    2. Pink Moscato? Must try.

    And last, I love that your puppy has a girlfriend. I made my poodles have a wedding before we bred them when I was little. Glad someone else is crazy about dogs like me! :)

    I follow you on instagram...glad I do! Love your pics!

  26. How is the Pink Moscato? I've had the Red before and love it!


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