How To Make My Summer Count.

1. Play soccer.
....the 90 degree temps and sock tan line that I now have on my legs I could do without, but the winning 9-1 (and no knee problems!) made up for it.

 2. Cookout.
Including, but not limited to: friends, kabobs, bonfires, and s'mores {with reese cups!}

3. Spend days at the pool with miss Ashley & Lindsay 
(the Goat, where else?)
thank you Jessie for always letting me use your pool passes. 
You are a lifesaver and I love you long time.

Don't mind if I {we) do.

and sending ridiculous bathrooms shots to Steph...
don't act like you don't do these.

(coverup is from Target last year)

4. Quality time with our new hammock.
(it did get moved into the yard eventually)

We exchanged the red canvas hammock (pictured last friday) for an original rope one. 
I'm a little old school in the fact I like hammocks just how I knew them growing up...in all their ropey glory.

5. Seeing my cousin who was in town from Denver, CO.

Reunited at last :)

6. Go Fishing!

Don't count me out just yet.
This girl loves to fish and loves a good competition with Billy 
on who can catch the most fish even more.

The only thing I won't do is take the fish off the hook.
Billy can handle that part.

His tackle box he's had since he was little.
Thing is LEGIT...3 layers with multiple comparments and even fishing stickers.
Yeah, fishing stickers. So funny.

7. Grill pizza.

Oh my YUM.
How have I gone so long this year without grilling pizza?!
I must be insane. Grilling a pizza > baking a pizza in the oven. 
It has the most perfect firey taste and I think we must incorporate them at least once a week from this point on.

Gimme some tomato, basil, and mozzarella and a whole wheat crust on the grill 
and I could be set for life. 
(...until I get hungry again.)

{I swear there are tomatoes and basil 
underneath that massive mound of cheese.}

This weekend was the perfect combination of everything  we enjoy tied into a couple days. 
Isn't that what summer is all about anyways?! 
Now, I've got one last full week of work then it's....
 Texas time.
 I'm liking the sound of that. ;)

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?
How do you soak up your summer days?

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for posting, like I dont look massive in that picture lol ...hate you. JK. (all the more motivation to go to the gym today haha) I wish we could do another pool today today, I am hating being at work right now ... love uuu, happy monday! xo

  2. really katie with that Fedora?? YOU ARE ADORABLE.

    and ashley you are GORGEOUS! you ain't massive! I think I need that black ruffle bikini top you are wearing!

    katie so happy to see you playing soccer again! even with the socky tan line haha! :-)

    sounds like your weekend was full of fun! and goat-lounging! wish i was there with you guys!

    i am getting increasingly jealous of your trip to texas and i cant wait to hear how much fun you have! you biddies better text/video/call/smoke signal me when you're all together!!!!


  3. Looks like a fabulous weekend!! I LOVE fishing, I just had to touch the bait... gross!

  4. Looks like you had a classic summertime weekend, miss :) I love weekends like this one! So much fun. I also wish I could grab that hammock out of this screen and place it in my backyard!!! Enjoy relaxing in that sweet swing, lady!

  5. I am swooning over that grilled pizza! Looks delish!

  6. I think you need to let us know where you get all your cute clothes!! You always have such fantastic outfits. Love the print on those soccer shorts, as well as the coverup in the bathroom shot. Where is it from??

    My favorite things to do on weekends are definitely relax by the pool or on the beach, or hang out at the race track :-)

  7. Ok, I need to grill a pizza. Never tried it! And I am the same way when it comes to fishing..I won't bait the hook or take it off. I just feel bad for the little animals! :)

  8. haha I kept that lovely tan from mid thigh to top of my shin for most of high school and college (pre-knee surgery) thanks to soccer socks and shorts. it was fun to explain when I rocked my bathing suit. Love that plaid shirt by the way!

  9. Looks like you had the perfect weekend! And you look adorable too! I LOVE your hammock...where is it from?

  10. Grilled pizzas and s'mores yum! I'll eat at your house anytime!

  11. Looks like you know how to have fun :D

  12. I am jealous of THE GOAT! Everytime I read about it here, I swoon! I wish we had a place to go like that here in SC!

  13. Looks like you has a boss weekend missy. Glad your knee has you back in the game, I know how annoying it is when those suckers give out on you.

    Smore with Reese's...I DIE!

  14. your pool serves alcohol?!?! totally jealous right now!

  15. Looks like you had a great weekend and I love your list. Husby and I love our summer grilled pizzas and we try and fish every weekend. I am really jealous of "The Goat" too. :)
    Have a great week!

  16. sounds like all the ingredients for a perfect summer!

  17. Looks like a super fun weekend...and your cousin MUST be cool, based on her name alone! ;)

  18. Still trying to find the perfect way to spend my summer days since I'm a teacher and haven't had any down time since school ended. Reading and lessons planning sound good for this week since it's supposed to be beautiful the next few days! :)

    Your pizza looks delicious!!

  19. Everything here looks soo perfect to what I want to be doing this summer!

  20. Sounds like a perfect little summer weekend to me! Love the hammock! I'm on the hunt for the perfect one. Problem is- once I find it, I'll never get off!

  21. My summer faves are going to the pool/beach, being outside whenever it isn't miserably hot, eating crisp and refreshing fruit and summer mini trips!

  22. What a fab weekend. M plays soccer and I'm a little jealous I never learned/played. Now I'm just the lady on the sidelines pretending I'm the expert lol

    Happy Monday gorgeous


  23. Definitely going to have to try the grilled pizza!! Miami Vice? Looks delish!!

  24. Everything looks so fun! Grilling pizza is THE BEST.

  25. I am not in this blog? you liar! you just wanted me to read it. River is going to be awesome the highes are 104 with lows of 74. if you want to continue to check the weather the zip is 78838 or concan,texas. See you guys soon.


  26. I am super jealous right now. I haven't played soccer in years and would die to get back out there and see what I can still do.

  27. I want to grill a pizza so badly! It looks so good.

  28. Glad to see you gave the grilled pizza a try! SO good!

  29. You are SO cute!! Your pizza looks delicious!

  30. I am still so jealous of that pool and that pizza looks DELISH! Miami Vice's are my faveeee! :) Sounds like a great weekend sweet girl!

  31. Oh wow, I've got so much for you! First, grilling pizza?!?! Sounds amazeballs! My husband and I love to fish...well really I just like catching more fish than him and rubbing it in his face, haha! And lastly, I love me some hammock! Derek's parents have one and we love laying in it on their property...so relazing!

  32. Perfect summer!!! I am looking forward to sitting by the pool, I need to get out there :)

  33. smores with reeses? i think you just changed my life!

    and i totally think this sounds like the PERFECT Summer... i need to add a grill out, a hammock and definitely a miami vice to my summer months!!

    muah -you are presh as always. loving the swimmy suit and fedora combo!

  34. Your weekend equals perfection! I'm totally jealous of your hammock too. I so want one! Oh and Reese Cups? Do tell PLEASE!!!


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