Takin It Back Old School...

{shirt-American Rag, tank-American Rag, necklace-Charlotte Russe}

{Emily, Me, Lindsay, Angela. G/f Marissa is missing-Love you Riss!}

This weekend was my girlfriend Emily's birthday and we went out on Friday evening to celebrate. These girls (plus Marissa who couldn't come) and I have been best friends since high school. I felt like I was takin' it back old school with how I wore my shirt. Notice how I tied it up? I bought the shirt like that and thought it was cute tied up, so I went with it.
I think I do recall this trend before, no? ;)

But that's not the point here today.
My point today is I like takin' things back old school. I love and value the friendships I have with my friends who I've known for over 11 years, who know me inside and out, who I've experienced so much with. I'm not sure if I mention that, or them, enough on my blog. Don't get me wrong, I love making new friends, but the fact that all of us have remained close over the years means the world to me. The relationships I have with them are true, easy, comfortable, fun, non-judgemental, and meaningful {not sure if we could all say the same during our crazy high school days..ha}

I know you have your friends who you feel the same exact way with.
Do you tell them that you value their friendship enough?
Cherish these relationships and never let them go.

I hope when we are much older the KELAM's (the nickname of our group of friends) are still sitting around drinking wine and chatting about the good times we've had together. Recently, I remembered our high school trip to Washington D.C and most importantly (for me) our trip to New York City for my bachelorette party.

Good times...good times.
KELAM's-I love us. Thankful for each of you. :)

Enough of my mumble jumble.

It's time for you to become smitten with a cute Washington D.C gal!
Her name is Kellie and she is a teacher and rockstar singer.
She just visited Portland and posted a great recap today!
Visit Kellie's blog, the Yuppie Files (AWESOME name)
 to learn more about her!

I know you guys will love her, just like I do.
{and I have to say, I've introduced you guys to some great girls so far, haven't I?! I think so!}

Hello! I'm Kellie from The Yuppie Files, & I'm pretty excited to be on Keep Calm & Carry On today. Thanks Katie for having me!

I was born & bred in Virginia, right outside of Washington D.C. I went to college at James Madison University (go Dukes!) where I met my future husband through student government.
By day I'm using my political science degree as a high school government teacher, which I absolutely love. I had lofty dreams of my DC political career from watching too much West Wing but realized pretty soon post-college it wasn't quite what I wanted & went into teaching instead, which has been the greatest decision for me.

While I love politics, my blog is my outlet for everything else going on in my life. The Yuppie Files got its name from my dad who always jokes I live in "yuppie-ville" & I figured I'd go with it.

Our latest "yuppie" addition is Abby, our puppy. She was named after Abigail Adams- not only am I a political dork but my husband is a history dork. I'm sure Mrs.Adams would be honored.

I recently returned to my first love, singing. I've sung all my life & had taken vocal lessons through college but quit when I graduated. I missed it so started back up again & even if the only thing I do is serenade Abby in our living room, I'm happy to be doing something I love.

I may be musical but my taste in music is sometimes questioned. There is nothing I love more than 80's music, but more specifically Bon Jovi. I have seen them in concert 6 times & am pretty sure I was the only college freshman rocking their poster on her dorm wall circa 2001.

Any other fun tidbits you want to know about me...
you're going to have to check out at The Yuppie Files!
Thanks again Katie- I had a blast!


  1. I love this! It's so true. My best friend in the world has been in my life since I was 10 and he was 9--there's nothing like an old school friend! :)


  2. Love the old school post- so true!

  3. You girls are so cute! And hello Kellie, nice to meet you. I'll pop over to your blog to say hi.

  4. Love the old school photos and adore your neon necklace! Just got the bubble necklace in from Ebay...featuring it today! Yay! ;)

  5. Aw, I love your outfit - so cute! I have the same type of friendships with my Highschool girls - They'll all be my bridesmaids this June :) Those type of friendships are the ones the run the course of time!

  6. Aww you look sooooo young in the pic from your bachy party!!!


  7. ahhh I LOVE oldschool! Old school friend, old school music, old school values....yep, just love old school :)

  8. Lucky gal! It's sad really but I've not got any friends from my High School Days. My closest friend is actually my Ex SIL (isn't that ironic)! I adore her though and am so glad I am blessed to have her in my life.

  9. Love old school friends! ;) I feel so lucky to have 2 really close girlfriends from high school that are stil my nearest and dearest and another 2 from college. It's tough when everyone spreads out, but the real friends are there for ya :)


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