BEAUtiful Mess in the hizzouse!

{Wow. Did I really just say that?}

Hi friends! Sorry-you're stuck with me!
Katie paid me to write this for her today and I just couldn't say no to a few extra bucks.


She didn't pay me.  This is totally pro-bono work right here but I am for hire.
Just call my agent...  ;)
Just a little love note I sent Katie yesterday in regards to our up and coming trip.
PS-download the "Red Stamp" app stat. You'll love me forever.
I can't believe it! 
Today is the day!!

I've got this over-packing thing down to a science, what can I say?!
Y'all. The Howards are goin' to Ohio. (Oh God. We're going to Ohio?!)
I'm not sure if Columbus knows what's coming their way but we can. not. wait.

Can't wait to meet Rocky. Can't wait to see their house and beautiful deck they've worked SO hard on. To see their hometown. To meet all of Katie's IRL friends. To squish Erica & Jess when they knock on the door. And to annoy the crap out of all my Twitter/Instagram followers with an obnoxious amount of pics. I just can't handle it.

I really hope Katie's family doesn't disown her after this weekend.

I imagine myself decked out in my cowgirl boots stumbling into baggage claim after I've been over-served one too many vodka sodies on the plane ride to the O-H because, well, that's just how we roll. Shortly after, I foresee a Baywatch-style-slow-motion kinda run towards Katie & Billy sans ginormous boobies because Katie & I are obvioulsy lacking in those areas where she'll be waiting to whisk me away to the Krysh Inn for the next 5 nights. (Katie-you're picking us up in the Bentley, right?) If I know her, she'll probably grab my ass, because that's what real friends do, and then she'll scream "BBFT!!!!!!" to let to entire state of Ohio know that the Howards have officially arrived.
Your little Katiebug will be back next week with an annoying amount of pics as she recaps this epic weekend but if you're missing her today, you can find her over at my blog. ;)


-If you want to read Jess' post about the weekend...go here! It's a good one.

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  1. Oh my, how I love this post! I am predicting an ass grab...I am predicting aye lot of ass grabbing this weekend ;) Safe travels lovers! See you in a few days!!

  2. oh



    I was over the moon excited for this weekend but THIS!!!!!!!!!! THIS made me a zillion times more excited!!! And oh my goshhh steph im so happy you are an over packer too because damn girl im basically packing everything but the kitchen sink!!!

    i cannot even believe i am meeting you all. Cant even BELIEVE IT!!!

    im bringing my video camera!!!!

  3. You guys are so cute! I love how you pack, Steph! I made an OCD list last weekend for my bachelorette party and STILL ended up bringing an extra bag with "just in case" outfits! Have so much fun in Ohio - can't wait to see your pictures! Take some videos too, I know Katie has some rappin' skillz!

  4. Hope you girls have tons of fun and stay out of trouble!! Remember, what happens in Ohio, not only doesn't stay there...it ends up on your blogs, Twitter, Instagram, etc!! ;)

  5. You guys are so cute. I think you need a reality show. I would be happy to guest star sometime, haha :P

  6. Too cute! I can't wait to see how much fun you all have this weekend. I am utterly jealous of you!! I wish I could bring my far way besties in for a weekend filled with craziness!

  7. SO so fun!! I bet you 2 ladies are just dying for it to be airport pick up time!! I totally thought this morning, "oh Katie and Steph get to see each other day! Yay for them!" Nothing better than besties reuniting! Have funnnn!

  8. eeeeek. so excited for ya'll!!! you're gonna have a BA-LAST!

  9. I love all 4 of you ladies blogs! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to hear stories and see pictures! You all are too beautiful!

  10. I'm new to the blogging world but I'm loving your post. Hope you're having an awesome and exciting weekend.


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