Weekend in Photos

The weekend is over?
I think I may be in denial...
OK, I know I'm in denial.

This weekend went by wayyy too fast. We spent a lot of time around the house doing various projects (but the to-do list is getting smaller!) and talking to nice workers at Home Depot for over an hour, but Saturday afternoon we celebrated my stepbrother's 5 kids' birthdays. If you are new around here, my stepbrother has quintuplets (five!) that are now 12 years old, and they also have another baby girl named Lindsey. For their birthday party, they had a bus come that is filled with video games. The kids loved it. They also have a zipline in their backyard so everyone was taking turns on it..pretty cool, huh?

Since I'm tired beyond belief...here's my weekend via pics.

Me and my niece Mara

Lindsey..how precious is she?

new blog print that I'm kind crazy about. :)

Let's talk briefly about my super amazing hubs.
This weekend he finished refurbishing our kitchen table
 to exactly what I wanted!
The top of it is the same color as our wood floors
 and the base is an off white color.
I'm so proud of him..he did such a good job.
I will do a whole blog post on this soon once we get chairs,
so if you have a table that needs a makeover-stay tuned!
(the before pic was after he sanded it down-it didn't look that bad before!)

In exactly ONE month we will be picking up
Steph and BBFT/tubby from the Columbus airport!!!!
{and shortly after that Erica & Jess will be joining us for what I'm sure is going to be an unforgettable weekend :)}

EXCITED is an understatement, people.

How did you spend your weekend?!

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  1. I am first to comment, whoooo!
    You look so gorgeous in all your pictures, per usual...and I cannot get over your cousin having quintuplets and it's not even the first time I've heard that story! haha. Hope their birthday party was amazing {it sounds like it was!} And GO BEEELLY! That table looks amaze! What's the countdown? 3 weeks??? xoxoxo Cannot wait to see you!!

  2. Quintuplets! WOW!! That must be fun. I had 5 sisters, but can't imagine 5 of us being the same age. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  3. Quintuplets! WOW!! That must be fun. I had 5 sisters, but can't imagine 5 of us being the same age. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  4. quints?! omgosh! I just had my first baby 2 weeks ago & I could not imagine having 5 at the same time! more power to them! & that video game bus? looks sweet!

    love that blog print - where is it from?

  5. LOVE your table!! Billy did such a great job.

  6. The table looks awesome! :) Glad to see you had such a fun weekend.

  7. Looks like a wonderful weekend and I love the table! xo

  8. quints??!?! Holy Moly, your step-bro has his hands full! :-p sounds like you guys had a great weekend, have a great week this week :) love your blog!

  9. blonde moment....im looking through these pics of the birthday party and im like holy crap why have i felt like i saw these before??! then i felt really creepy and THEN i remebered i saw them on facebook alst night hahah DOY!!

    quints!! OMGOSH I love it! and lil bebe lindsey...precious!!

    video game bus WHO KNEW!! what an amazing party!!!

    1 month YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Quintuplets!! That's awesome! I don't know anyone who has quintuplets, it's always seemed like an urban legend! Haha

  11. that table looks so good! I did some painting this weekend myself and I will be happy if I never see another paint brush in my life again. Um 5 kids + 1? WOW! Props to your bro-in-law. That video game bus is such a cool idea. My nephew would seriously die if that pulled up to our house. And I loveeeeeee ziplines. I would have come just for that.I really wanted to zipline in Hawaii but never gto around to reserving it. BOO! I regret it. I guess that means I will just have to go back.

  12. Holy moly, I definitely didn't get the memo that your bro has quintuplets! Props to him and his wife for having another one after the 5! haha. The table looks fab!

  13. Quints...oh myyyyy!!!! That sounds like the best kids party in history.

  14. What a cool party! a mobile arcade and a zipline. Lucky kiddos, I bet they had a blast.

    Sounds like you had a good but busy weekend. Hope this week is pleasent and relaxing for you :)

  15. I've heard about those videogame buses for parties! Such a cool idea!

  16. Oh my gosh...I use to babysit for the quints!!!! What a small world! Gina's little brother, Nick, and I went to grade school together and they asked for volunteers to help babysit when the quints were being born. Wow, I haven't seen them in forever!! I heard they had a little one after the quints...that's so great. :)


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