Lately {2 Smoothie Recipes, PhotoDump, Sports}

..and a special thank you.

Happy Friday, friendalings!

I feel like I have a lot to cover today. I haven't been sharing much about what's been going on in el life-o lately so I wanted to do a little update of sorts, and also share some great healthy smoothie/juice recipes I've been making.

First things first...
-I have to say thank you to my loving husband for working on our house every night for the past two weeks. I made a huge to-do list with projects and he's been working hard to get them done for me. I've been helping too on what I can, but he's been conquering most of them. So far, we have completely re-done one of our guest bedrooms, have an almost done refurnished kitchen table, and are in the process of 50 other small things.
Thank you babe for being such a good sport!

-Sports are starting back up for us. Yes, us. Billy just started softball and I love watching the man play. He is so athletic and let's be honest..that is a turn on. Also, I'm getting BACK into soccer (remember my knee injury?) My knee has made improvements and I've waited 6 months, so I hope my knee is ready to get back into it. Honestly, I've missed it so much and really pray my knee holds up. Therefore, I've decided that I'm not running the half marathon this May. I would rather be 110% ready for this soccer season and do what I love, than run it and risk screwing it up before I start playing. I'm sad about it, but I had to make a choice. Soccer (playing the sport I love) > running half marathon (to me).

{you lookin' at the butt? ...I am.}

-Other than house projects and sports, not much else is new. I've switched to working out in the mornings so I have more time at night to get things done and as hard as it is to get out of bed so early - it's worth it. Spinning makes me extremely happy.

Before summer comes, I always try and add more juices/smoothies into my diet. I use my Mom's juicer (from like 1990 but still works like new and I love that it was hers) and I love making different combo's with it.
(If you are looking for a juicer: I recommend the brand Breville.)

Here are 2 different drinks that will jump start your day (and diet!):

This juice is all fruits. Feel free to add some spinach in the mix.
Ingredients: 2 apples, 2 oranges, 1 kiwi, a handful of strawberries.
Outcome? DELISH.

Next up...

Berry Spinach Smoothie:

-3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
-1 scoop chocolate or vanilla protein powder (I use chocolate b/c well I love chocolate)
-1 cup frozen berries (I do strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
-Handful of fresh pineapple
-Handful of spinach

Add a little water for blending purposes. Blend all together!
I promise you you can't taste the spinach in this.

...and lastly-Friday photo dump.
taken via Instagram (@whalenkat)

1. My favorite summertime appetizer: tomato, basil, mozzarella tossed with EVOO, salt, pepper (and add some balsamic!)
2. Text conversations in the middle of the night with Stephy.
3. Rocky looking like a STUD.
4. New coach sandals!

5. OOTN: Girls night to Wine Bistro
6. I found these gold metallic boat shoes last year at Forever21 for $13! Love 'em. 

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Enjoy your weekend.



  1. LOVE those Coach sandals! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love getting the workouts done in the morning as well- hard to get outta bed but so worth it! I had to drop out of a race coming up for basically the same reasons as you (diff injury). It's just not worth it to push yourself and potentially cause more injury & not being able to do what you love!

  3. I've been making Spinach smoothies and mine are green because I don't add berries. The color of yours is much more appetizing though so I might have to change it up :)
    I adore those sandals! Where did you get them?? Oh and loved your outfit from your Wine Bistro night! Happy Friday!

  4. Love your taste in shoes!! I want those coach sandals!

  5. I am loving those Coach sandals! Adorable!

  6. yum - o! those smoothies look delish! and those coach sandles!? SOO CUTE! :) love u! xoxoxo

  7. Thanks for the shout out babe! i think the wood floors started a waterfall of projects for our home. Love you! see you tonight when i'm sanding away the kitchen table and your making marg pizza

  8. Working out in the morning is the best! - once you get in the routine. Great idea adding spinach to your smoothies, gonna have to try that!!

    Just found your blog & I'm a new follower :)


  9. This post is full of all things fun!

    Love the smoothies recipes those do look delish. Love those boat shoes and most of all love that summer is almost upon us!

    Have a lovely weekend lady!

  10. i definitely want to try the orange smoothie recipe! i'm over the green monster but like the idea of squeezed juices! yummy!! happy weekend friend!

  11. I really wish I could get back into soccer.


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