Good Friends + Pics Galore :)

...with a side of house projects.

That's how I spent my weekend!
Fun + Productive = A good combo.
How did you spend yours?
Whatever you did, I hope it was fantastic.

Girl time is well underrated. I have the best times with my girlfriends and love that all of our guys get along so well with eachother. This weekend was one of my favorites. Friday, the girls and myself went to a place called Wine Bistro. It's a restaurant/bar with shelves and shelves of wine bottles that you can actually get up and go pick out any bottle of wine you want to drink. The price per bottle is listed on the back and the bottles are arranged by type, so it's easy to find what you're looking for or feeling to drink! Pretty cool, huh?

You can even bring in your own wine there if you want (with a corking fee, of course). We had so much fun together sharing stories and one too many bottles of wine. Afterwards, we met up with our boyfriends/husbands and went out in the Short North! :)

My girlfriend Genna and her fiance decided to have a little get together Saturday night for our girlfriend Rachel and her husbands "last night before the baby comes". Rachel's due date is soon and she is the first out of our close group of girlfriends from high school to have a baby, so obviously this is a HUGE deal. Me, Genna, Lindsay, Marissa, and Rachel have been best friends for over 10 years now and we know eachother like the back of our hands. I can't tell you how refreshing/nice it is to hang out with all of them (plus our men, too!) and laugh so hard that we are crying. Mascara running and all.. 

It's hard when all of us get together to NOT share our epic stories/old pictures (looking really unfortunate) from high school, and it usually ends with our men wondering why the heck they are with us. Just kidding...somewhat. Anyways, we spent hours talking about all the good times we've shared and it was the perfect get together to have right before Rachel and Josh welcome their baby girl in the world. :)

Lists....Billy and I's favorite way to tackle house projects. We make enormous lists of to-do's with when it all has to be done by and then just start tackling job after job. It seems to work for us and crossing things off our lists is so fun (wow, we are old). Sunday was that kind of day. We painted, sanded kitchen table (to be refinished!), worked in the yard, potted my favorite fresh herbs, got electrocuted 4 times (Did I get your attention? That was actually just Billy though. Thank the LORD he is OK!), cleaned and cleaned, then passed out after my parents had us over for an AMAZING dinner and ice cream pie for dessert. Yum in the tum. It felt amazing to check so many projects off our to-do list!

{that is mint in my oregano pot ;) I wanted to switch it up this year!}

I even got some really good mail this weekend...from my one and only Texan, Stephie. Speaking of Steph, it is her and her husbands (BBFT) 1 year anniversary today so go give her some lovin'!

Also, a special Happy Birthday to Carolyn!
Hope yesterday was fabulous girl :)

Do you make huge to-do lists too?
What did you get into this weekend?!

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Looks like you had a great (and productive!) weekend! Thanks for the birthday love!!

  2. Mmmm...wine! :) It looks like you had a great weekend!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend :) I'm a HUGE list maker - I actually recently started using WunderList for my lists. I have a wedding list, work list, and home list. It's a life changer!

  4. LOLLLL beaus request for pancakes and cinnamon rolls. DYING cannot wait for that weekend!!!!!

    you have the best weekends...seriously!! and i love the looks of that wine place!!! SOO FLIPPIN COOL!

    cant wait to see all your house projects!!


  5. I love to-do lists! And That wine bar looks amazing!

  6. Ok ALL your girlfriends are brunettes! How do I fit in this picture??!! Either way...I'm glad you love me...blonde hair and all.

    Oh wait-one girl has blonde hair too. Maybe her and I will hit if off. I hope your brunette friends accept me because I am NOT going dark.

    PS-the pic of your boys...is that an iPhone pic or a big girl camera pic? Either way-it's good but foreal..you need to start using the big girl camera STAT.

    I loves you! Glad you liked my love letter. I was going to send it message-in-a-bottle style but there's really no river from Houston straight to Columbus so I went old-fashioned with it. Hope you're okay with that...

  7. Oh ya! Thank you for all the anniversary wishes!!! MWAHHHHHHHH

  8. Love all the pics!! I had fun Friday, thank u so much for including me :) love u !! Xoxo

  9. I am for sure a "to-do" list maker! I can't function without them! Sounds like y'all had a fun & productive weekend- those are the best!

  10. Looks like a super weekend. I love your herb pots, so cute! And your shoes from the night out are great!!

  11. Looks like an awesome weekend!
    Y'all are some pretty girls! :)
    Electrocuted 4 times?! Lawd!
    Happy Monday to you!

  12. Can we talk about how gorgeous you look in your outfit on Saturday night!? I saw it on le Facebook and thought ooooooh wooork it Kate haha
    That place looks like fun and so ritttzy! ooooh la la. XOXO

  13. That wine place looks/sounds like such fun!!
    && yay for to do list getting done!!
    the pie. looks way yummy!!

    Happy Monday

  14. I love the idea of picking your wine off the shelf! Seriously, why doesn't everyone do this? Looks like a fun weekend. It snowed over here, so we made it a movie weekend but made it out to dinner. Once, for family friendly Mexican and the other, to a very nice restaurant for oysters on the half shell and crab, with my two youngest kids-not recommend normally, but it worked out.

  15. What a fun weekend!! Love all the pictures :D


  16. I love Wine Bistro!! I can't wait to go back after this pregnancy is over, hehe! Their flatbreads are amazing, too!

    I also make to-do listS. Plural. I have an app on my phone, a list at my computer, a list at work, a list in the kitchen...it's kind of ridiculous! lol But I sure do love crossing things off the lists!

  17. Weekends with friends mixed with some productivity are the best! And the Wine Bistro looks amazing.

  18. I have been a quiet reader for some time now (over a year), but I just think it is time to tell you how much I love your blog. I am 19 (a college freshman in new england) and I wake up and check your blog first thing. Your posts are fresh, fashionable, and always adorable. The girls on my hall have now become obsessed. We single gals hope that we will meet our future husband in such a way that you did. Though I do not know you and do not want to be creepy at all, I just thought you should know that us college gals adore adore your blog and will be lifelong readers! We get kind of angry when you take the occasional day off- thats how much we love it! So thank you- for all the fashion tips, diy projects, love stories, inspirational postings and most of all... all the sassiness!


  19. What an awesome group of friends you have! It's so cool that you all have been friends for so long and still are :)

    I love To Do Lists! I have a huge list going right now but very little is getting checked off. That isnt making me happy. Yay for your productive weekend though!!!!

    Hope you have an awesome week :)

  20. you and ash look so cute! girl time is WAY underrated! :)

    you look glam - as always!! does it get old me telling you how gorgeous you are? yeah, i didnt think so:)


  21. how fun! loved your outfit and shoes


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