Boating Season! {What I Bring + a Winner}

Happy Wednesday, loves!

Summer is right around the corner {this month has seriously flown by..} and I got to thinking about my favorite summer traditions or things that we like to do.
In exactly one month, it will be my BIRTHDAY. Turning the big 2-7.
{if you need my address for gifts...let me know ;)}
So, it's only fitting to talk about something that we will be doing
 over my birthday weekend and is just overall one of my favorite things to do in the summer!

That girl with her hand up, but head cut off?
That'd be me.


My husband and his family LOVE to go boating. His grandparents have the cutest cottage on Catawba Island (right by Put in Bay - about 2 1/2 hours from us) with a boat and Billy's parents just bought a boat last year {pictured above}, so I feel really lucky that we can typically go whenever we want! Our friends also have a cottage right down the street from Billy's grandparents so it's great that we can go and hang out with them too. Billy is obsessed with boats. He would probably live on one if he could {might look a leetttle odd in our suburb}. Therefore, there will be many weekends spent at the cottage this upcoming year and I couldn't be more excited...

I mean... who doesn't like boating, fishing (yes, I fish believe it or not and I love it!), jetskiing, boozing in the sun, cooking out, listening to country music, cornhole, camping out with family + friends?

I know I do.

When all my blogger loves come in town for my birthday,
our plan is to take them to the cottage that weekend so they can experience it, too.
Glamping, anyone? (RHOC reference) 

I have a few things I NEED to have with me {and I'm not talking about a Corona Light even though that is on the list} in order to have a successful boating trip.

1. A cute coverup
 (you know, for when you've overdosed on sun exposure)
2. My favorite Ray Bans
3. A KILLER playlist full of boating songs
Think: Beer In Mexico
4. Comfortable but stylish sandals 

It doesn't take much in the summer to have fun.
As long as the sun is shining and I've got my loves around me,
I'm good to go. 

heck, I don't even do my hair most of the time...
as you can see from these pictures.

So, what are your favorite summer activites?
Share with me!

*Finally, the WINNER of my Shabby Apple giveaway is....
Haley W. at I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine...

Congratulations, girl!
We will be in touch.



  1. Ahhh! Boating is my favorite summer activity! Too bad my parents sold their boat :( Fun fact: I taught wakeboarding for 5 summers. We still go to the lakehouse all the time, but don't have very many opportunities to get out on a boat. Maybe I need to make a trip to Ohio :)

  2. I KNEW it was love at first sight! (Or maybe first email...?) Either way...I LOVE me some sunshine and the water. Seriously. You could put my in a bathtub in the backyard and everything would be just right in my world!

    I canNOT wait to go to the lake!!!!!!!!!! WWEEEEEEEE!!!

    This time next month we'll be waking up together, hungover as shit, you probably going for a run (because you're nuts like that when you're hungover) eating incredible amounts of food, drinking way too much, (me) taking way to many pictures and having THE time of our lives!!!


  3. You are the cutest. I love that you posted this. Boating essentials can really translate over into just summer essentials. Can't wait to get out on the lake!

  4. I'm jealous of all your boating adventures! I need a friend with a boat because there is nothing better than water and drinking. If I can't get to a beach then the next best thing is a boat. I'm on a boat!!! Love that cover-up by the way!

  5. my husband and i have my parents old boat and we LOVE it! we live in cincinnati and the nearest lake is 45 min away but after a long day of work (Mondays are the worst!) that 45 min drive flies by and we're on the water with a drink in our hands - nothing is better than that! have fun on the water with all the girls - you guys will have a blast!

  6. I love boating too!!! I can't wait for summer! The boat just actually came out of storage! M's parents have a 37 foot searay that they dock and we try to get down there on the weekends!!

  7. Boating season - also my favorite time of the year! In addition to your must have list, I also have to bring with me a brush and detangler b/c my hair gets super tangly. Can't wait until it's actually warm enough to wear a 'kini on the boat..hmm...maybe I can..

  8. Yay for boating and birthdays!!

  9. Love the RHOC reference! My favorite is just hanging out w/friends, having cookouts, or wine/cheese parties outside. No boats for us but the same general idea of being outside w/friends and relaxing!

  10. Your boating pics look super fun! And I love the white coverup you're featuring! Gorgeous~

  11. i love boating, it's so much fun! where is that coverup from it's adorable!

  12. I love being on the boat too during the summer!! it really is so relaxing & the best thing to do!!!

    Happy Wednesday.

  13. Yay! So excited, thanks so much Katie! xo

    My dad has a boat as well, and I absolutely love going out on it. There aren't many things out there more relaxing than sitting on a boat all day!

    Oh, and I have a May birthday too! May babies are obviously the best ;)

  14. Being on the lake is some of the best time spent during the Summer! I can't wait for Memorial Day wknd!!!

  15. Boating is so fun! I love those TB sandals. I'm looking to purchase a similar pair but just the all leather in that color, no gold. Love.

  16. I love boating, and wakeboarding and all that fun stuff! Looks like you'll be having an awesome summer, good for you! :)


  17. I love boating season, too!! Our best friends have a boat & we go out with them all the time in the Summer... we do the river here though mostly. I've heard of Put In Bay, sounds awesome!

  18. Boating is my favorite! I'm not allowed to drive jetskis anymore though after a slight incident leaving me and the boyfriend stranded for 2 hours. He revoked my jetski license after that. But i'm definitely still allowed to ride on boats. Tubing is my favorite summer time activity. Love all your pictures. Have a great week girl!

  19. i love boating! how fun! i need those raybans ASAP! its on my birthday list haha! so i have wanted those tory shoes forever, so i finally went to try them on & they did not fit right at all. i was so sad, theyre too cute!

  20. first of all? I loooove Catawba Island! jealous!
    and secondly? those sandals are too cute!

  21. 27 is a pretty good age- still mid twenties as I like to think.

    I love love love Lake Erie & especially put in bay- my husbands family has a house on the lake near cedar point and we always go to PIB when visiting- jealous you're so close!

  22. we have close birthday!! i turn 27 at the beginning of june! and you are so right about these essentials -all you need for some fun!! i have those exact TB's and I LIVE in them in the summer - so comfy!

    Favorite summer tradition back home would have to be hitting the beach! Favorite summer tradition in Atlanta....to be decided! ;)

  23. I love camping at the lake and spending time with friends there during the summer. I love your blog also. But I have an ulterior motive...how do you make those picture collages with the numbers and all? I see them everywhere and NEED to know. :) Thanks hun. have a great rest of the week.

  24. My husband grew up right outside of Sandusky and I first met him, he always blamed his sisters getting married and having babies as the reason his parents still hadn't bought a boat. :) Have fun planning your birthday weekend!


  25. There is absolutely NOTHING better than spending weekends on a boat!!!


    i cannot wait for boating season!! :-) AND to wear my sperrys and wear my forever 21 Anchor earrings and pretend im nautical hahah

    i cannotttt wait to go boating with y'all and GLAMP!!! :-) SO MUCH FUN!!

    coverup is a must as well as sunnies and the playlist yes!!

    you have such great essential boat items. omg and stephs comment got me so excited!!!


  27. I gotta have sunscreen, flip flops, beverages, and barbecues!

  28. This post makes me so jealous! I love boating.

  29. Can we all just crash your 27th birthday? I mean you're only on the opposite side of America.


  30. i seriously want those TB sandals!

    and i never went boating in ohio. i lived there for 8 years and NEVER stepped foot on a boat. so sad :( and dare i even say this...I neverrrr went to put-in-bay. one day it will happen!!!!


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