A Tasty Trifecta

*Only 3 ingredients
*These look much fancier than they really are - very easy to make! 
*Perfect with wine

*Vegetarian (but men love them!)
*So simple
*Perfect for parties

*My fav dip
*Addicting (you will eat the whole bowl..I'm warning you now!)

recipe: There are many different versions of this dip! For the superbowl, I used this Cowboy Caviar recipe. However, I posted a different Weight Watchers version here.

I'm a firm believer in indulging and eating until your stuffed once in a while, especially during the Superbowl game. Our friends had us over to their house for a Superbowl party and there was so.much.food. I made the southwest egg rolls & cowboy caviar for the party and everyone loved them. The men even commented about the vegetarian egg rolls and couldn't stop eating them!

This recipe isn't included in the trifecta above, but I really think ALL of you need to know about these. I don't know what took me so long to make them, but they are a must in our household now...

an added bonus?
Kale is the #1 superfood right now (or so I hear..)

Kale Chips


Rip kale leaves into chip size pieces (make sure they are washed.) Put them in a large bowl and toss with 1 tbls EVOO. You don't want to use too much EVOO or the leaves will be wilty. Toss leaves with sea salt. If you want to make them spicy like I did, toss with paprika or chili flakes. Spread them on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Cook at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until crispy.

Enjoy :)

...then after you make all this food?

Plop yourself on the couch
 and be proud of what you just accomplished.

not move for hours.

Last but not least-

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Thank you everyone for entering
and for all the love you give me on a daily basis.


  1. Holy yummy, I LOVE Texas Caviar! It's the best dip in the world.

    And those egg roles look amazing! Easy peasy!

    Happy Tuesday, Katie!

  2. Everything looks wonderful, great job!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  3. I really need you to come make me those damn eggs rolls! :)

    I'm planning a Parisian themed Bridal Shower and those little brie cups will be PERFECT!

  4. All of that looks delicious! Especially those egg rolls thanks for sharing!

  5. all look deelish. I have a recipe very similar to your cowboy caviar that I brought to work on Friday and 3 people asked me for the recipe. It's seriously so easy to make but so good!!

    I must try the egg rolls. I hope the recipe is easy!!

  6. Yum yum yum! Loving the baked brie cups the most!

  7. Those little brie cups look super yummy! :)

  8. i love Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls! so looking forward to making this!

  9. Looks like we were on the same page with the egg rolls. I made some too. :)

  10. All of those recipes look seriously amazing! I want to try the baked brie cups like NOW!

  11. I just added the Bake Brie Cups to my menu for an upcoming party I am hosting. Easy, quick, and beautiful presentation = perfect!

  12. Love, love, love the new layout!!

  13. The egg rolls and dip look amazing! Can't wait to try.

  14. Mmm, cowboy caviar is SO good!! Love it.

  15. I will be trying all of these. Thank u. Xo

  16. Yummy! these all look amazing!

  17. You always make the best looking food!! I definitely want to try the egg rolls and cowboy caviar! Yum!!

  18. hey girl! new blogger & follower. love the blog!

  19. WOW! all the food looks yummy. ((:


  20. Those brie cup things were perfection Saturday night...I can't wait to bust those out at my next get together....think I can manage the Caviar dish without the avocado...I'm allergic?

  21. ok i'm seriously going to try the egg roll things......i am SO over every flavor of TV dinners....especially since i'm "attempting" to not eat any meat! oh and I want to try the kale chips....I always see Kourtney Kardashain eating them and well, everything the Kardashains do is just cool.....minus the 72 day marriage ;)


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